With a global pandemic taking the world by storm and forcing people to work from home, webinars have seen a resurgence in popularity and usage across the globe. Webinars are a great way to engage with customers and prospects alike, while providing an interactive forum to educate and show off your areas of expertise. People love webinars and they especially love webinars that are well run, properly organized, to the point, and valuable.

Webinars usually take place in real time, but recordings are sometimes used. In both cases, a specific start and end time is given in advance. Imagine yourself sitting in an auditorium, listening to a presentation, and asking questions as the event goes on. Now apply the same concept to a webinar! You have probably figured out by now that there are many ways to conduct a meeting. It used to be that meetings required everyone to be physically present in the same room at the same time. However, thanks to technology, webinar meetings have evolved to become far more efficient than in-person meetings.

Webinars are powerful. It provides a way to educate and spread an idea to a large group of people at a relatively low cost. If you aren’t familiar, a webinar is an online seminar. Better yet, a webinar is a presentation that is given on the web. The problem is how many people who’ve registered to attend?

But don’t worry! We’ve put together some simple tactics to help ensure that your next webinar is your best one ever.

Become an Expert!

 ❓ We often come across questions like ‘Do webinars still work?’, ‘Has the webinar strategy come to an end?’, and, ‘Who sits through webinars these days?’

Webinars have already been found valuable for many others. Considering that globalization has become an integral part of today’s business world, there will be an increased demand for webinars to inform customers all around the world.

With a webinar, it’s important to be well-prepared so you’re not stumbling over your words or leaving out key points, but you also don’t want to be blandly reading from a script. Instead, you should map out a detailed outline of the information you want to cover, with plenty of time factored in for questions and audience interaction.

Just like an in-person workshop or seminar, a webinar will usually consist of one host or a panel of participants presenting live for 30-60 minutes. You’ve picked your webinar topic, chosen your webinar platform, picked a date and time, and marketed your webinar to your mailing list and social media. Nowadays, with more and more people holding webinars. It is important to use social media as a tool to promote events.

Let’s do it with Twibbonize!

Long journeys involve travelling time and expenses, but a webinar eliminates the need to travel. Make it easier and cheaper for your participants to be engaged by your message. There are advantages for you as the ‘sender’ too; the costs are much lower than organising a physical event and hiring a venue, for example.

While sharing unique and valuable content is hugely important for a successful webinar, perhaps the most important decision you’ll make is what different webinar. Luckily, these are some great options! As you’ll see below, choosing the right one comes down to your webinar, the number of attendees you expect. Twibbonize can help you to realize it!

Join With Us : Fill, Complete, And Submit!

For your webinar’s registration process, you can collect details like name, email address, phone number, and other information. When someone registers for your event, they directly become a high-quality lead. That’s because they have already expressed their interest in your webinar.

If you don’t have an email list, that’s OK too — webinar registration is a fantastic way to send your shortened URL directly to your twibbonize campaign site. As we know, the webinar registration form is a great opportunity to collect key information from your audience, giving you an understanding of your attendees’ background and experience, as well as learn what they want to get out of the webinar.

Of course, even if you do everything right when it comes to promotion, you can expect that only one quarter to one third of people who register will actually attend. But that’s OK! Just by registering, they’ve identified them self as a lead and opted into your email list. You can reach out to them again with a welcoming email that attaches a shortened URL to your Twibbonize campaign site. Participants must share their special photo frame on their social media.

Twibbonize can help you create a campaign that can encourage participants to express their participation in the event you are organizing by creating a special frame that can be used and you now have many people who’ve registered to attend. Congrats!

From creating unique ways to building a brand voice, there is a lot of work that goes into branding. Webinars present you with the opportunity to enhance your brand identity online. You can build your brand identity with using social media, exactly.

See The Insight to Get Know More

Start promoting your webinar on your social channels several weeks ahead of time. Share sneak peeks of what attendees will learn in the session and invite your followers to submit questions ahead of time.

What you like about this is that it’s sort of choose-your-own-adventure. And, on a larger scale, conferences will plan out every session weeks or months in advance. As such, it doesn’t leave room for new topics and new ideas. It’s a good idea to adjust where a conference session or webinar goes based on their statement. It is a fun way to do that.

One strategy that can be done is to invite them to use captions by writing down their ideas or views on the topics that will be discussed in the webinar. Frames can be a tool to convey the main message that you want to convey as the theme of the event. You can encourage participants to deliver their motivation to attend the webinar or their opinions about the topic of the event so that waiting for the event to run until the D-day can be more memorable. It makes participants feel actively involved in the event and easy to share will potentially help bring in more potential participants.

Take A “Suprise” About Where They Ended Up

People love surprises! Teasing a surprise in your promotions is a great way to drive interest. Try giving a special prize, providing an exclusive item, or offering a limited-time discount for attendees. It is not always about merch, you can also give other rewards that are more memorable, for example, participants can get the opportunity to meet and greet or talk directly to the speakers in private.

Now you have some of our top interactions to encourage webinar engagement, you can encourage participants to share their insight in accordance with the topic of the webinar. Participants with the best insight will get a prize. The one who can come up with the most mind blowing insight, will have a chance to.

So, how to create a customer-friendly giveaway? Simple, lessen their pain, increase their joy. And the good news is, that’s exactly what Twibbonize do! Understand how Twibbonize frames could be used to simplify and enhance giveaway and competition and utilize Twibbonize’s feature to boost your giveaway process. You can find more about utilize Twibbonize for giveaway on Twibbonize Guide – Giveaway

Less Presentation – More Speaker Oriented

 ❓ Influencer marketing strategy and webinars? It’s a combination with huge potential. However, it doesn’t mean it’s flawless and easy to implement. How to organize a webinar with an influencer valuable to your target audience?

This trend can be observed in all spheres, not just webinars. People look up to influencers much more than to traditional ads. To attract more people, you can invite well-known subject matter experts in your field to host the webinar for you. The biggest benefit of inviting influencers to your event is that you can piggyback on their reputation. This, in turn, can boost your influence and authority in your field.

For webinars, you can explore different formats as well. Single speaker events, interviews, multiple speaker sessions — it’s all possible. When you host a webinar, you can pick any format that suits your goals.

If you want to be successful at webinar creation, you will need to become that influencer. You will need to show passion for your product, service, and ideas. If they are hosting your session, you can also attract their loyal followers. All in all, webinars can be a great way to build your visibility and influence. That passion will transcend through the screen and will keep your attendees glued to their chairs.

High-five! You have found your dream influencer! Now, you ONLY have to establish your cooperation with him. Have you set the dates and decided on the target groups? Great! It’s a green light to deploy the campaign. Influencers can share your webinar info on their social media.

Success! You have expanded your lead base, enhanced your brand’s image as an expert and set new trends. This enables you to increase both the reach and the impact of your message. Needless to say, it is important that your webinar can reach more people easily.

Tips for you

  • Create your frame design for every stage you need. Give enough space for participants to show themselves. Balance between a lot of information that needs to be conveyed with photo frames and other elements on your frame.
  • After that, your frame must be shared with many people. Utilize short URLs from twibbonize, you can customize your short URL that looks so good. You can use it to access your campaign site, so you don’t have to create your own links. That’s great! make it easily with Twibbonize.
  • Online registration forms give attendees an easy way to submit suggestions and questions ahead of time. This will help to make your webinar better and more collaborative. It is quite easy to set up a registration form for the event you are organizing, using Google forms. The best part is, Google forms is free and comes with your Google account. Attendees will be able to do so at their convenience, helping you receive completed submissions even faster.
  • Creating a virtual background can bring your brand many benefits, with consistent branding throughout marketing assets as the top one. Sometimes brands already have many assets (e.g. presentation slides or wallpapers) that can easily be used, maybe upon slight modifications, as virtual backgrounds. Instead of reinventing a wheel, check out what your brand already has.
  • Use a unique hashtag and share it before the webinar begins. Use the power of social media to broaden the reach of your webinar by choosing a unique hashtag. You want a hashtag that’s easy to remember, makes sense to your webinar attendees, makes sense to people who aren’t already following you. There are a lot of things to consider when you’re giving a webinar. But you want to do your best to keep your attendees engaged.
  • Fear not if you’re on a budget though, because, with a webinar promotion plan, it is still possible to get the word out for free. With uploading frames on social media, you can promote your upcoming webinar. Free!

With a clear strategy, you’ll be able to reach as much audience as possible for your webinars. Keep these effective ways in mind when promoting your next webinar to get as much reach as you can!