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Media resources where you can find the latest news, announcements, and any interesting campaign all over the world.

Twibbonize News is a newsroom where we will always provide the latest news related to activities held through Twibbonize as a simple platform where all campaigns can be big. Twibbonize has a solid newsroom presence to give insight into the trending campaigns from our users, the company’s activities, and the digital campaign industry.

In writing article about a campaign on Twibbonize or anything related with Twibbonize, there are several terms of our concern

  • Instead of “twibbon”, we prefer to call it “Twibbonize frame” of what refers to the feature or action of a campaign on Twibbonize.
  • Instead of “twibbon”, we prefer to call it “frame” of what refers to the image file of frame or the frame design

Twibbonize has been consistently recognized by respected users and partners for its outstanding campaign, event, movement, and much more interesting activity. Twibbonize News delivers an incredibly diverse collection of the nation’s best campaigns. Vivid photography, immersive layouts, and attractive covers of the article news bring the campaigns to virality and to life in stunning new ways.

We present the Twibbonize News to be accessed daily by the media editorial team.

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In Twibbonize News, we have devided the news article into several categories, such as:



This is a category for general news that keeps up-to-date with what is going on annually on a local, national, and International scale from corporate, organization, government. This news is compiling multiple frames of one event. The topic might be about the current education, political, legal, cultural, or sports events. For example, news about ASEAN Games, Independence Day, Ministry Event, a ceremony, a congress, etc.


News that is related to something interesting and a concern for a group of people based on their opinions on certain topics are categorized as controversial news. This kind of news usually has the opponent sides towards a topic or issue being told. It is also usually about something that is related to world or country problems.


News of a campaign that is held to commemorate big events or special occasions on a local, national, and international scale for a corporate/organization/community/government. The Highlight news could only contain one or more frames created for an event. The topic could be social activism movements and cultural moments to bring about the demand for social change for various political, social, environmental, religious cause. The topic is something that a group of people genuinely believe in according to the wishes of a certain group of people. The cause is in such a way that it resonates with others and engages with people on a human level.


In the Featured category, Twibbonize News will provide an in-depth news article of news categorized in ‘Highlight’. The Information will be gathered from the campaign or frame’s creator. The data collection technique carried out by the Twibbonize News team is usually through interviews before writing articles

On Frame

In the On Frame category, news about someone special who uses Twibbonize to support a certain campaign will be reviewed. The person might be a leader, CEO of a company, an opinion leader, scholar, Government Officials, politician, influencer, activist, scientist, artist, etc. On Frame news highlighting the power and use of Twibbonize through one person in order to motivate other campaigners and others to support the campaign.


Twibbonize News will provide information regarding something new on Twibbonize, especially on our product. Such information like what is new, the advantage, the background launch date, necessary picture, etc regarding Twibbonize’s new feature, new logo, new brand identity, new partner, annual company report, etc that is originally from Twibbonize’s product team will be provided on Announcement section.


It is the space where the people inside Twibbonize will share their stories. It could be our achievement or any special and interesting story from both the C-Level and the other team.


News articles that contain information about important days that will be held for the next month will be categorized in the Calendar category. Information can be presented on a national and international scale, or it can be presented per specific country. News of the Calendar category will be released at the end of the month or after the date 25th.


In this category, another campaign that is quite trending on Twibbonize or a viral issue on media that exists in Twibbonize but is not categorized as Compilation, Featured, or any other category will be provided.

In Twibbonize News, we please all of the media editors to feel free to use the news cover & cite our news articles for your publications related to Twibbonize.

Visit our Twibbonize News page and get the latest news of the trending campaign.

Press Partnership

We are open to building long-term and fruitful cooperation with your media!

We are aware that collaboration always allows us to develop a mutually beneficial relationship with each of our partners, and we are interested in potential opportunities to cooperate in various media. Let’s talk about the topic, policy areas, and the process.

Here we present to you specific guides for your media on how to use our platform. This guide contains ideas that the media can use to its full potential and may lead you to more brilliant ideas.

3rd Party to Event Partner

We know that you may receive many offers of partnership proposals. In many ways, people keep trying to approach you, especially the event organizers. Every event must be managed to achieve a certain goal. What is the event organizers need? Exposure, yes it is what people crave for today and next by getting a publication from you. That’s the power of media as a source of everything and anything. “If you want your event to succeed, get the attention of media” this word is what the event organizer holds onto. Event organizers always wanted to maximize their event publication because it might measure the success of the event. So, they want to know exactly which media is best to help them find, reach, and measure the audience.

The partnership between media and event can be realized in various ways, such as logo placement on promotion material, interviews, articles, providing data, utilizing social media, and other things that can be agreed as the point to that your media name being displayed with “supported by…”.


Being selective to give up on one article is necessary, but why don’t you be a good media? Help them to be a big one from the start! You won’t go wrong tho, because you can just give it with nothing to lose but have the more added value of this partnership. In partnership, a win-win solution is key, right? Once a company partnered with another company, they are both organically given credibility by association and furthermore. A symbiotic relationship, and for media by being a media partner you can participate in the development of innovation in the world because you keep in track and support any events managed for every day. A prestigious and respected media must have a mission to offer contextual information that is attractive and inspiring. It also requires hard work in developing this kind of partnership to ensure maximum benefit for both parties. So, please just allow Twibbonize to help you with that.

Be A Good Media Partner

Do you know another thing that media can provide for free as a media partner? It is not new and it is very easy for you to offer even though it will play a big role in the success of the event. Thousands of events in Twibbonize have been successful. If you can give them more something good, why not right?

Not all event organizers are confident to be able to have a relationship with the media because media sounds far more intimidating than how is the media actually are. If the event is just cool or interesting enough, help the event to become more attractive one. Be a media partner who will have a special Twibbonize frame for events. Display your media brand stand out in the Twibbonize frame as a media partner and tell the public that you are supporting the event or you are in partnership with the event. Anything that can fill the Twibbonize frame, such as the event poster, logo placement of the event accompanied with the media, the article cover with the headline.

Boom! All events name framed in your Twibbonize frame for media partner will become the best event organizers. They succeed to build a relationship with high quality and credible media like you. Have you ever imagined how happy the event organizer is for a publication from a leading media partner like you?

What’s More For Being A Media Partner?

Be more than just a media partner. Present yourself as an exclusive and humble media to the event organizers. What does it mean? What is more for the media can do in being a media partner? Exclusivity of content materials from surveys, researches, pictures, video, interviews for a series of editorial articles? No no.. there is something more. Here we help you to establish your great reputation as a media partner.

Offer A Special Twibbonize

Many media do not have clear objectives for doing media partnership activities, despite the publication. This can make it difficult to judge the value of your media. So, what you can do is tell the event organizer that you can do more than just a publication. When you want to get closer to an event and have more roles but not to be a collaborator, set a condition for the event organizer to present a Twibbonize frame as an agreement to become an exclusive media partner. You can make frame designs in such a way as to combine your media brands with event brands, so you can get exposure from this offer.

Do not forget to provide a caption along with the Twibbonize frame. Set the caption as you are the exclusive media partner for the audiences. It is okay to slightly highlight the media name who has good intentions to support this exciting and useful event. Use the hashtag that represent how is it to have a media like you as an exclusive media partner. When to encourage the audiences to share the Twibbonize frame on social media, also encourage them to follow your media account, event organizer’s account, as well as the Twibbonize as the medium of this form of partnership.

Support The Event Evaluation

The most effective of any activities have clear objectives and measurable performance. Decide on these metrics with Twibbonize for both of you and your event partner before embarking on a partnership. Track the event’s performance along with the Twibbonize frame that you provide as an exclusive media partner. A fresh approach to something by initiating an act to improve your offer to the event organizer. The right partner should also be able to demonstrate how each of event elements are working to meet its goals with exclusive measurement and reporting capabilities.

Here are some key performance indicators that you can use to track the event’s performance through Twibbonize;

  • How many people has been use the Twibbonize frameWith Twibbonize, you can track this indicator easily from the link of Twibbonize frame you share. The amount of supporters represents how many people has used the Twibbonize frame, either they shared it on social media or not.
  • How many people share it on social mediaYou can track this indicator by referring to how many posts use the hashtags mentioned in their post captions, as well as tracking how many followers your media account has increased during the event period.
  • What are they talking about the event on social mediaIn filtering feedback to the event, media can establish access to customer sentiment and important summary information about the tone of voice of the audience regarding the event. To find out the audience’s views about the event, this can refer to the comments on your social media posts regarding media partners with the event, additional captions by the audiences on that Twibbonize posts, as well as the comments on your published article. The data obtained can even be analyzed further.

Partnerships that are willing to re-evaluate each strategy will maximize both opportunities to connect with the audiences. But do not forget that you as the media also have to make sure that you get what is in return from the event organizer. So as you work with your event partner by providing these all, think about what the media are learning about managing a healthy partnership with the event organizer. What offers had an impact and what is not? What processes and structures work well and what doesn’t work well? Once it has arrived at the analysis of a successful media and event partnership, codify and share it within both companies to accelerate the performance of other partnerships across the business.


The bad news is good news? Do you agree with that? Can’t we deny that there must be a problem behind every movement? Not just a problem, a big one that gets a lot of people’s attention and infuriated. Social, Politic, Culture, Environment, Health, and other issues can be more than just a topic with the power of media. Have you ever at least felt indignant with the problem? Because even your audience who is not just the usual academic circles are always given a very noisy response. We are pretty sure that the media always be the one who knows the real truth behind every issue and always have your own opinion towards an issue.

So, have you realized how powerful the media is for an issue? You are a major piece in the society that could be considered as the notion of social influence. In the middle of a unique feature of modern society, media is developing, accompanied by an increase in the magnitude and complexity of societal actions and engagements, rapid social change, technological innovation, the standard of life, and the forms of control and authority. Who can ignore the voice of the media? Sounds impossible and in fact, the voice of the media is sometimes needed to encourage changes.

But this fact is also something you have to consider; The audience is free, they can resist being controlled because they have a choice to consume particular news or not to care about it. But, basically, everyone already has their views and inclinations, that the choice they take will just merely underpin it.

The demand for solution-based journalism is now real. It is time to start to realize a truly committed newsroom. Expose and explain the problems, then inspire the audience. Let’s play a subtle role of impact!

Put Your Power of Influence In Good Faith

Let us tell you something from the public’s point of view. Every word you utter to the public represents who is behind your media name and what kind of connection does this media have. Media ownership has become the public’s concern. That is the basis of the problems that emerged on your public trust matter. This is what the public has started to see about how you present the news for them. In addition, the public now understands that media could be an external force to influence their point of view or even their action as they consume the information daily. Therefore, public trust always be something that you should have and increase, right?

It is necessary as a media to realize how is your impressions and influence in this world of endless connections? So, take advantage when you can do anything with your major power of influence in the community, create a campaignmake a movement, and show that this issue is a concern for your team and you want to take part in creating changes for the better. By doing this you can lend credibility and increase the likelihood that it will strike a chord with your audiences. Your powers are circumstantial and directed, and they can be placed in a framework or model strategically. As a media, you already have the advantages and convenience to make a movement. You have the masses, regardless of any trust issues or other problems that you have to deal with as a media today. As a media, you are also in a position that has the capability to be noisy over an issue as you are the source of information and knowledge for people. However, your voice will be heard. That’s your superpower.

Things To Remember

#1 Becoming the fastest in publishing news is important but is the role of your media limited to spreading the information and reporting the news? Media always can be more impactful. Go beyond your headline and it could be more than just a clickbait. Be bold with your voice on an issue or topic. Environment, social, politic, healthy, cultural, mental, or any issue can be your concern. Don’t worry about the reason behind why this issue is the one that you take possession of. As long as it is truly in a good faith, Twibbonize will always welcome any campaign with a good purpose. One determination of the virality of a movement is whether you can empathise on a human level. You need to tell your audience why they should care about a particular cause and what is the impact it could have on them or someone around them.

#2 By giving people something they can respond to and rally behind, you greatly increase the chances of the campaign going viral. Tell your audiences that you are not just a powerful instrument used by a particular group of people who have a certain interest. Show to your audience that as a media you are not just being loud about the issue, but you are paving the way for solutions and you are in the same position with them. The purpose of this kind of your action is to pressurise the decision makers, to educate the public, and to change behavior for the better. By sharing a solution, your audiences can be inspired and new ideas will rise from the public. That is why Twibbonize comes to you, to take care of providing you with a tool you need to strengthen reader engagement and ensure your activity has an optimal impact in online culture.

  1. Create a news frame template with an interesting headline about the issueYes, it may sound like you are creating your news. You are the one who does it and you make a sound about it. This is the space where you can deliver your message about the issue. Setting up a campaign bringing up the awareness of that issue is a required patent thing. So, draw attention to genetically modified phenomena that have occurred on the issue. If you want the public to kow more about environmental concerns, or human rights violations around the world, or whichever issue you wish to support, Twibbonize can be an infectious medium to mobilizing and involving people.
  2. Create the Twibbonize frame with an attractive design that can attract people to use it for certain pictures. Make it viral curiosities with a social infection phenomenon. Slightly sarcastic, touchy, strong, and a little bit humorous sense of words for the headline on the frame should represent your key message. Make it viral through the awareness spreads about an issue, and it will help to reinforce growing attitudes and prejudices. The outcomes have been immeasurably influenced by how people supported or attacked the issue through your frame and headline wrote, and captions.
  3. Invite the public to support the campaignA fact that the emotion expressed in response to the cause can enables a campaign to gain traction. Have a human touch that people can connect with in your campaign by prompts your audiences to share their experiences with a flexibility to share in a manner that suits them best. Once you did the stage above, dare your audience to use the frame. Your inane frame can become a substantial online cultural phenomenon. Invite your audience to make minor fame with this frame for the sake of better changes. With Twibbonize, you can also suggest your audience a special caption. Do not make them feel the least bit difficult in supporting your campaign, make them feel comfortable to join this campaign as Twibbonize’s feature is convenient and easy to use for everyone.
  4. Utilize multiple platformsUtilize your media conglomeration correctly. Any platform you should use to share the shortened URL provided by Twibbonize. It is easier and convenient for people to find your campaign on Twibbonize. Well, we are a simple platform where everyone can set up and find any campaign. In this way, you can invite your audience to share their opinion, insight, even experiences, related to the issue you are bringing up.

Be Memorable

Seeing just one effort of the campaign is not memorable for the audiences because there is so much out there. But what if they see an Instagram post and later pass by an article on your website, then a Facebook post for the same campaign? Doing it consistently is what makes your campaign stick. You can influence people into certain modes of belief and understanding within society. In a very simplistic and debatable version of the truth, you have the capability to influence the public’s attitude, beliefs, or interpretations in society.

It is even more exciting when we create a new experience with our audiences. Appreciate every action they take in supporting your campaign. Be interactive with them by responding to each of their action on every platform. People will be happy when you notice their participation. That is how your campaign can turn into a movement. Your contribution to the issue development will be at least exist, your strong impact can even be more remembered historically.

In setting up a campaign, you must make sure and believe in the aims and value of your media, must have clear goals, must be well researched, and properly planned with a clear timeline. The aim of the campaign must be clearly defined because the objective will influence everything and the ultimate goal will probably help to create a compelling call to action. The platforms you are using are leveraged to how people engage with the campaign. Get off to a great start as a successful campaign, then it will strengthen your media and motivate people to be involved, do not weaken your media and disillusion your audiences with bad planning of a campaign.

News Cover

If the main purpose of your communication channels is as a media where people can lend on your platform as a source of information, and you want people to visit your website or social media to get the latest news, then what is more important than the appearance of your website and social media with a comfortable view. The aesthetics industry in this digital age is very effective to strengthen brand awareness, increase visitors, and the relationships with audiences. It is a simple step on releasing your news article, but capable to lead to a significant effect on your media engagement. Every second is so much value in competing to be in the first place of releasing news with another media. Therefore, Twibbonize is here to support you by providing an easier way and much effective time.

Before we dive into the different platforms, you can establish each part of your news service. Clarity is important to make each service recognizable to your audience.

News Article

Every news article category has each market-specific writing strategy while operating within the media brand framework. You can create the news cover based on the category or rubric you offer to your audiences. It takes creativity to balance the goals of a category and the overall media company but, armed with the proper display, a successful news rubric or category with a brand strategy can be established.

Create a frame according to your media branding guidelines for each of your news rubric or category, such as Business, Lifestyle, National, Regional, Economic, Politic, Health, Covid-19, Sports, Technology, etc.

You can also share the shortened link of the Twibbonize frame of a specific news category to your editors, so then they could release the news with an identity just by inserting the featured image for certain news. The benefits can be felt both for your internal media team and your audiences.

Social Media

One of the biggest social media platforms in the world, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube has billions of active monthly users which can help you reach diverse audiences. You don’t only need Twibbonize to make your news production easier, but it also gives you an extraordinary advantage for your media brand positioning within the public.

Repost and re-share activities both between users on the same social media platform and between users on different social media platforms are very high. When people re-share a piece of news from one of your platforms it can also increase more visitors if you put a hint that this content is from your Facebook or Instagram or Youtube. It will not only increase the public awareness that you exist on social media, but you can build awareness that you are an innovative media that keep adapting with your audience by being active on Facebook and many other trending platforms. In making news covers on social media, you don’t only need to follow the character of the users of the social media platform and what happens to the users, but you also need to keep updated with the development of the social media platform, such as the existing features, and what role is the news cover can do. On Instagram for instance, there are feed posts, reels, Instagram stories, and Instagram TV features where each of these features has its characteristic and how it works for the user or audience.


One thing to increase the website traffic as your media platform is a comfortable display for your audience’s view. This is not something that should be prioritized, but how important is the appearance of your site? Why are people competing to make their digital display platform as aesthetic as possible? You see, this is to spoil the eyes of your website’s visitors, providing an unforgettable experience to surf your site.

Have you ever imagined that people fail to get information from the news that you published on your website and switch to looking for the information on other media websites? Then they become no longer willing to visit your site because your site is labeled in their mind that it is hard for them to get the information due to your website’s appearance. If your website’s visitors are happy with how your site looks, they will back again and spend more time exploring other news on your website.

It’s not just the overall appearance, even the smallest details such as buttons have affected the visitor’s experience in using your website. Therefore, news cover for each news category or cover for each form of your news presentation on your website will get the attention of the audience. Make each of them has its visual characteristics for your audience to recognize. News cover can also strengthen your media branding and accelerate the growth of your media business. So, what are the characteristics of a good website’s interface? and how is the cover news’ role?

  1. Clear: This is an obvious character required for your website. There are even rules in writing the news that you present to provide clear information to your audience, it is same as your website. That is why different news cover for each of your news categories and services help to make the content of your media website is clear for your audiences.
  2. Concise: In making a news cover, not only your media brand guideline that you have to pay attention to, but the design and what is contained in it, from color to words, such as the news headlines too. Make it as short as possible so that people can immediately understand where the news cover is going.
  3. Familiar: Make it look intuitive means that it can be easily understood naturally and only by using instinct by the audience. You can use the same news cover for each of your news categories and services on other digital platforms so that people become familiar with the news cover.
  4. Consistent: It is highly recommended to use the same news cover for each news category and news service on all of your digital media platforms, because in this consistent way, the more people will see your news cover, the more they will know your media. This is a good start to build a good relationship between the media and their audience.
  5. Attractive: Attractive is a subjective characteristic. However, you have to consider that the news covers can be made according to your media brand guidelines and according to your media audience development.
  6. Efficient: Make sure that the news cover that you create is displayed efficiently on your website. After your news cover is applied, make sure that it is working for the purpose for which it was created, and that its functionality and usability is working properly for your audience.

Paying attention to the appearance of the website is one thing that is always recommended for the advancement of your digital platform. Have some time to try to be a visitor to your website, and see what you should be doing and consider whether a news cover is worth making.

News Video


You can also build an identity for each of your news products since the article is no longer be the only product that the media can release to distribute information. According to the Reuters Institute report on The Future of Online News Video, the most successful off-site and social videos tend to be short or under one-minute duration, work with subtitles rather than sound, focus on soft news, and a strong emotional element is needed. The report also said that this very different format is arguably already affecting the content and tone of news coverage in general due to given the growing importance of social media as a source of news.

If you have already made your editor produce a video to release news or you are just planning to create it, we might suggest you keep bringing the identity for your video content. It is as important as the branding of your media. However, within the news production, don’t make the news video cover on your digital platforms become a burden for your editorial team. Presenting more new products certainly requires more effort, isn’t it? That is how Twibbonize will help your editorial team to create the news coverage for your news media display.

Other Form of News

Besides presenting news in the form of articles and videos, other forms of news presentation that you may have can also apply this very useful news cover, because if you have other news presentations, it is important to do uniformity. So that all the news services that you provide to the audience can experience equal development, got the same portion of attention, and has no discrimination in achieving its goals and targets.

Innovative Publication

Innovations will lead to the development where we all should go. As if the monotone is forbidden. It is time to be innovative in this digital era even though your origin is as a traditional media, but this time you need to be adaptive to the market for the sake of your media business. Here let Twibbonize help you come up with some ideas. You need to understand how is this digital era of public works and what they want.

Being more interactive and making the audience happy to be viral are the answers. Social media and other online platforms are a world of unlimited information. There, people are free to express themselves to get what they want. You can create a new category of your content on social media or websites. Launch innovations content with such concepts as Editor’s Pick, Quote of The Day, Best Comment, Scientific Research, etc.

As like the purpose of news cover, consider this as a new category or service of your media. So, create a specific Twibbonize for each of your new form of new publication category or service.

How it can works?

In running the example of those new content, your editor just has to select content or comment, or quote that is worth to be viral. Make it as content or even news. Yes, it is like you create your news. What is worth to be viral for the editor, put it on a frame by doing it easily on Twibbonize, then publish it as content, just like an award. People will feel very appreciated for being your audience and participating in your interactive activities. Don’t make this a special occasion at a certain time, but be innovative henceforward. Other audiences will see this very cool can get media attention like yours, as well as the other media that will see you as a media very cool to be able to get that much attention from the audiences just through a simple form of publication.


How do you get people to subscribe to your digital news? Even though a media business does not have exactly tangible products to offer, but it does not mean that you cannot use the sales promotion tools which commonly used in other businesses with certain products. With a pull strategy, a free sample is a consumer-oriented promotion tool, which aimed at increasing sales to existing consumers and to attract new consumers you can let your audiences can take the benefit from you. Free sample is one of the commonly used consumer-oriented promotion tools. Something given to you for free was always the greatest thing, right? That is the power of free samples, to effectively promote a product by letting your audience feel the experience and sensation of enjoying your news articles.

Now you are wondering how to implement this promotion tool into your media business. How can you form a strategy for a free news article promotion? The idea of a free sample promotion is to get in touch with your target audience base and have them try to enjoy your news article in subscription, and now you can utilize Twibbonize to maximize the benefits you get through this promotion tool.

What you can do?

You can give a chance to your audience to enjoy your media’s news service. In this case, small parts of your product which is your published news articles that should be served to your news subscriber are given free to certain audiences. This requires a very focused mailing list with your target audience. However, with the right list of recipients, this method can work very well to promote your news subscription. Here is the idea that a proven to work.

  • Let people know that your news subscription is now free. You can do this through social media publication, website updates, email marketing, or through other publications on the platform you are using.
  • Then, direct them to subscribe to your media to get the latest news and get the best deal.
  • Make the terms and conditions where you will only offer them a free trial or a free subscription for the first month or week. The range of time is up to you on how would you pamper your audience by offering this method.
  • Another term and condition are where you can utilize Twibbonize. Create a frame for news subscribers of your media and share it on Twibbonize. Make those who want free time to enjoy the news subscription use the frame for their photo and share or post it to their social media. You can allow any social media platform for this method, like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Provide the caption along with certain hashtags which show that they believe in becoming a consumer of your news article. Make it required for them to get a free subscription. Your media will not only get the exposure from them, sooner or later will increase the public trust towards your media as their statements on social media said that they subscribe and trust your media’s news article. Frame design that is made guided by your media brand guidelines will also strengthen your media brand positioning to be more stick on people’s minds.
  • You can get other terms and conditions to operate this promotional tool.

Do not ever think that by distributing your product without any compensation, you may as well be giving away money. Consider this way from a different perspective, it is fiscally proper to mark the cost of a free promotion under a marketing expense. With a free sample to test, the possibility of people’s willingness to purchase your news subscription in the future will be increased, because they then know whether to subscribe to your news portal satisfies their need or want.

Event Management

How do you do in managing an event? or do you even manage an event for other organizations? Don’t say that you just let your media create coverage for other events by providing publications or just being a media partner. From a business perspective, creating events occasionally contribute to an incredible opportunity to promote one’s business. It is also happening in the media business. Therefore, event management is great of importance.

It is undeniable that time has brought us to a digital world that has been transformed over the years. Traditional media are adapting to the new media industry. Newspapers and magazines are now going digital, television enters a world of intense competition with movie streaming platforms. Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic, which is happening worldwide, creates changes that restrict human activities, and it makes the use of technology is a way out for all. Offline activities become online. Event management will always involve digital media because your market is in the digital world. Anything digital is the subsistence of life now.

Whether your media have been doing the event management or not, and whether your media even already have a special event team for proficient event management today, or even if you have other services besides providing news for people, such as event organizers, then your media becomes only as an event organizer (EO) for other organizations or companies, whether the media will get exposure or not from the event. Above all the difficulties and objections that emerge in your event management, we would like to tell you that managing an event is now extremely easy and simple with Twibbonize. Twibbonize has a super-easy way to set up an event. Twibbonize can even be utilized for raising awareness of society towards your upcoming events.

Why & How To Utilize Twibbonize In Your Event?

Any event you are working on whether there is a collaboration with other organizations / companies or it is just your own event. Exactly, any event for both online or offline! Webinar, Awarding, Virtual Run, Giveaway, Exhibition, Gathering, Challenge, Launching, etc you can always utilize Twibbonize to make it big. It is our main and core strength value lies on our capability to viral-up any campaign, in a convenient and practical way. It is so much budget effective way with Twibbonize as our features are free, efficient for time with an easy way to operate.

Encourage your audience to upload the Twibbonize frame of the event on their social media, and tag you in the post. Don’t forget that you can also provide a caption for their post. This will give an opportunity to be engaged with your audience while giving you direct exposure to your event. The more popular your media brand is, the lesser hesitant people are to read your article news.

A shortened URL for your frame is provided on your campaign page. As this link is easy to remember, you can easily distribute and broadcast around towards your targeted audience, and you can feature the link within your content as well, so it is convenient for people to take note and access it. You also be able to describe your virtual event details in the Campaign Description section, which will be showcased and located right above your frame campaign.

With Twibbonize, you can even measure the public enthusiasm towards the event using the support amount measurement. It can be considered in your event evaluation. Monitor the increase in the number of support and see the public’s enthusiasm towards the event you are managing.

Internal Story


Imagine people living without any values guiding their lives. Be undirected and often lost. As well as a company without values, vision, and mission. Company values definitely work to ensure that all of the employees are working towards the same goals. The core values contribute to the company’s vision and shape the company’s culture. That is why every single step to take in the business decision should be aligned with the company values. You cannot make any decision without considering the company’s values. The point is that your company values are the beliefs, philosophies, and principles that determine the direction of your business. It is the DNA of your company that can make your company truly honored.

Therefore, the owner of an organization is the key to the future of the organization. A business without core values isn’t even really a business. How can there is a great team, doing an excellent job, delivering the customer’s satisfaction, and fostering innovation if the leader hasn’t defined and shared the company values with the employees?

The core values of a company will create the business strategy with a purpose, to improve team cohesion, and create a sense of commitment in the workplace. This will reflect how the company presents itself to the public. The values that are instilled inside the company will be carried by the people in building relationships with outside parties, such as the customers, partners, and shareholders.

You cannot just ask people to see your company values, you have to integrate the values into the people inside of the company’s daily work in the first place. People outside of your media company will then realize your true identity as a media, and that is okay to let the public know who is this media inside and out as long as you have truly sincere and good values, vision, and mission. Do not doubt to introduce the team or even the ownership of your media to the public. You can just embrace your inside and people will see it.

As we all know, there is a trust issue in public due to the media ownership and conglomeration. All media today is considered unbalanced and neutral in presenting information because the media tend to take sides for the benefit of certain groups. Yes, it is closely related to political issues. Moreover, the media has a very powerful impact on people’s lives. So, to build public trust and improve your good media image, you can shape a good work culture with good corporate values and show it to outsiders. Just take it easy, because Twibbonize is here to help you do that. There are two things you can do with Twibbonize, such;

Introduce Your People To Public

You can introduce the commissioner, editor, marketing, or any other team from the leader to the staff with the Twibbonize frame. You can apply this to each people inside your media, from top leadership to entry-level. This is a huge step towards realizing the company’s vision by simply revealing the names of real owners and people inside your media. Creating different frames for each division will make everyone feel special to be a part of this media. The frames also have to follow your media brand guidelines for a strong media brand positioning. With Twibbonize, the frames for each of them are very easy to distribute with shortened links and convenient to share on various other social media platforms. Utilize any of your digital media platforms such as website and social media like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter to introduce the people inside of your media. The appearance of your digital platform will also be aesthetic because of its uniformity using the Twibbonize frames. It would also be great if the people inside of your media willing to share a little story about their passion for being a part of this media.

Build A Sense of Pride

Require all people inside your media to use the Twibbonize Frame as their digital identity as they are a part of this media. This can make them proud to do that as you are a truly honorable media. It will boost employee motivation, morale, employee advocacy, from the beginning they are working for this media. A good environment and culture in the workplace will be established. Yes, it becomes closely related to corporate culture. The media also will not only get exposure from your people, but it can increase the sense of transparency and easy to get closer to the public and your media audience.

As you can see, this far is the advantage of company values. Start to engage the inside for the good results of attraction and retention on the outside. Reputation is the most valuable thing for your media should at least have to compete today. After this has been sustainably run, it will be very easy for your media to face any kinds of things that will happen to your media in the future.

Research Center

Research may be already is your regular activity. By doing scientific research, the media can increase awareness of certain issues, increase media credibility, and increase public trust. The power of media as a source of public information makes credibility and trust are very valuable things to have. For this reason, conducting scientific research can show that as a media you are not just disseminating the information, but you are also taking the chance for doing something about certain issues. Having a research center is very recommended for media today. The Indonesian Press Council even carries out research in collaboration with various institutions for certain purposes.

But don’t just do research, you need to pay attention to the aspects of how scientific research should be carried out. and make sure people are realizing and will appreciate what your media is doing. Here Twibbonize helps you come up with some ideas to maximize the benefits of scientific research that your media is doing.

Introduce Who Are Involved


Introduce The FGD participant, research team, interviewee, any other supporter of the research activity with Twibbonize frame. Create the frames following your media brand guidelines for a strong media brand positioning. Let The public know whoever involved in is credible to do the research activity is important. You can do it through the caption feature that is available on Twibbonize. Publish it to any of your digital media platform like website and social media. Don’t worry about the appearance of your digital media platform, because the appearance of your digital platform will also be aesthetic because of its uniformity using the Twibbonize frames. You can call it creating your news. You can encourage the people involved in the research activity to use and share the Twibbonize frame as well. Your media can get more exposure from this and a new media reputation about credibility and trust.

More Variations

You can variates the introduction content with another innovative idea, such as fun facts about the interviewee, the novelty of your research, and the surprising research results. You can a bit differentiate each of those variety frames and share or publish It as a news. The news that you present will always have the newsworthy because you are a media that often conducts scientific research, so that newsworthy is one of the values held by your media.

Have Us On Your Media Program


If you have arranged such event or program like talkshow, seminar, webinar, discussion, or any occasion about business, technology, start-up, campaign, digital platform, or any related things that you think Twibbonize is suitable to speak about something, please feel free to reach us, and let us know who you are looking for from Twibbonize. A special person from Twibbonize will be happy to be in your program as best as we can.