These days, the internet is packed with tons of social media campaigns. From A-Z industries, there’s no limit on how many campaigns from the industries have been made. From product launch to testimonies from customers, social media campaigns have been used as one of an effective strategy to build awareness and pushes products up as a steep growth curve.

In the Food and Beverage industry, we understand that products are the main key in the industry. But besides that, providing valuable service and experience to customers are also important factors that can’t be missed in the industry, so that the customers could be more involved with your brand through real actions other than transactions.

Celebrate it with customers

Show how you’re embracing brand values, and how you’re putting the interests of your customers first. Customers loved food and beverages with more added value than just ‘to satiate hunger’, and Twibbonize can help you to do that! We’re here to help your brand to get the new formula where they don’t just fall in love at first bite with your product, but where they also go on dates with your brand by creating a special bond with them. Here, we provide a space for you to engage and encourage customers through frames on social media.

By you and for the love of your costumer

Just like a bowl for salad, here Twibbonize helps you in gathering the people – your customer, effortlessly! You can value your customer’s precious moments and stories, and capture them through photo frames for any occasion such as:

Product Launching Events. When launching new products, of course, the launch process should build hype and anticipation and speak to your target audience’s needs and desires. With Twibbonize, you can set your launching events to be more fun by using a special frame for your customers! Besides that, it also builds awareness for your products.

Competitions! Excite your customers with competitions! Whether it’s free discount coupons or free unlimited ice cream cones for the winner, everyone loves it. You can make the process easier with Twibbonize, where customers could easily join the competition by uploading their picture with a special frame on social media.

Special Day Events. Your brand’s anniversary, Christmas, Ramadhan special menus or events, etc. No matter what day of celebration, celebrate it with your customers! Let your customers express their special moments through pictures, and we can help your brand in rejoicing the festivities.

Product Reviews. Customers tend to trust reviews from food bloggers on social media or any other online platform that they use. Each and every customer needs to be convinced before they decide to buy a food or beverages product online, especially through social media. The food and beverages business can work together with the food bloggers or influencers with a huge following that aligns with the market target of its business.

Campaigns and Movement. Create consistent campaigns! It makes your brand feels more dependable and remain top of mind for customers.

Or anything, you choose!

Aaand the best part is, it’s on social media, where customers are discovering and researching new products, new campaigns, or anything via social. And it’s no secret why social media is growing as a movement and product discovery channel.

Cost-effective? Check.

Boost awareness? Double-check.

Not only that, instead of using the same old way of uploading user-generated content on social media, you can make it more fun by using frames! We can help you get noticed and become a ‘go-to’ brand with an effective and creative way to reach customers!

So, why Twibbonize?

You can do things the old way:

Announcing your campaign on social media without any sort of format or template for customers to use, causing you to have some pain and difficulties in sorting the campaign responses, and also causes confusion for customers.

Or with Twibbonize, you can do it this way:

Okay, got it. So where to begin?

Worry not, here we will guide you all the way from scratch in how to make a campaign on Twibbonize for your customer (pssst, including tips on how to create a good and proper frame).

Some tips on designing your frame:

1. Give space for the customer to express their moments and selves through pictures. Pay attention to the amount of information about your product or campaign that you want to convey. Don’t let the template ornaments cover up the picture of your customers.

2. Add your campaign’s tagline and insert a strong call-to-action, this might encourage your customers to participate in your campaign!

3. You can also add some pictures that are relevant to your product or campaign. But remember, don’t overdo it! Let your customers express their precious moments through pictures. Besides that, you can add your website URL link or your brand’s social media in the frame.

Shortened URL? Why?

With Twibbonize, you can customize your URL to match your brand or campaign name. So you don’t have to bother creating one, we got your back!

Through the shortened URL, customers can easily remember and type down the link on their phones. Not only that, but you can also convert the URL link to a QR code which customers can directly scan through their phones. Both are efficient!

In addition, here are some placement ideas that you can use to place and share your shortened URL:

  • On your website
  • On your social media platform’s bio or information such as Instagram
  • On restaurant displays (in a banner near the cashier, in your brand’s voucher/coupon, etc.)
  • On your brand’s social media posts
  • On your product/campaign banner

So, if you’ve got a fantastic idea in creating campaigns for your brand and customer, why not co-creating it with us?