It’s not surprising that the mighty social and digital media has taken a huge blow to every aspect of the industry, including sport. It changes the way in how sports stars, clubs, fans, and the general public are interacting with each other, from live-tweeting games, teams news, sarcastic memes to trash talks, it’s all happening online and now sports are more than just watching the games and tournaments.

The interactive, personal, and instant nature of social media and its technologies make social media and sports a match made in heaven.

And the takeaway? Sports fans are using social media to share their love for their favorite teams and athletes meanwhile the athletes could gain some recognition, even bigger from left and right. Nowadays it’s kinda hard to find an athlete that isn’t engaging with fans or the general public via social in some sort of way, right?

But even with the power of social media, sports teams don’t just trend or score engagement in accidents. It needs the involvement of appealing campaigns and content to attract audiences. Besides, the practice of social media is dynamic and changing in the current social climate, where you need to utilize it in the right and engaging way to boost the sports occasion or teams and athletes.

In this guide, we will help you all the way in how you can utilize Twibbonize for your social media and what sports organizations can do to adapt!

How Twibbonize works

Getting sporty with Twibbonize

No surprises here: the success of a sports team’s social media campaigns (well, not for sports but also almost in every campaign ever), depends on how compelling the content is and how it can connect with not fans only, but also with the public in general.

With Twibbonize, we can help you to connect and engage with everyone through your events, games, and campaigns easily, from offline sports events to E-Sport events, we got your back!

Official tournaments? Bring it on!

The thing about social media is, it provides a new path for distributing information about sports organizations with their teams and athletes. Not to mention that the other perks of social media in sports is fans have the opportunity to engage directly with the games and it has no limits! This means that it can reach the public in general and new audiences all around the world.

Besides, social media can help sports organizations to boost their sales by promoting the event, especially in huge-scale tournaments like National Sports Week Games and any other large competitions. Not only that, but it can also build relationships and engagement with fans!

And here’s our role! Twibbonize provides you a space for fans and public to use for showing their supports towards their favorite teams or athletes, and the best thing is it can be done easily with just a few clicks.

For athletes to use

Social media provides athletes with a powerful platform for communicating with their fans, especially the younger ones. Even athletes represent some of the most followed accounts on social media, Cristiano Ronaldo for example. His account alone has 367M followers per November 2021.

To celebrate the event or tournament, you can create a frame for athletes to use as a supporting gesture before the event starts. Besides, with the amount of audience they have, they have the potential to create even a bigger buzz and reach new audiences via social. Keep in mind that the key for an event to succeed is in how people are aware of it!

For an official and national scaled event or tournaments such as National Sports Week Games, you can provide each athlete a frame that matches and represents their region!

You can also maximize your branding by using a special frame that fits with your clubs, teams, or athletes’ colors to use for teams who will get in a match with Twibbonize! Teams can spur interest in upcoming games by uploading a special frame that highlights recent team and player performance.

Involve fans to build the hype train!

Yes. Of course, we can’t forget the fans.

To celebrate the event or tournament, even more, you can provide an official frame for fans and the general public to use and show their supports. Besides that it can build hype and anticipation towards the event, it also provides a personal touch to the experience and provides an opportunity for fans to engage with their favorites.

For huge competitions like National Sports Week Games, you can provide a frame for the supporters to use based on their own region, just like the athletes!

And the great thing is, you can use Twibbonize to provide themed, customized frames for people to use in anytime. You can provide the frames even weeks or days before the event started for fans to use and show their undying support for their favorite athletes!

Meanwhile during the game, you can also create a competition where the audience can upload a picture using the frame! Whether it’s a virtual contest where the supporters can upload their picture where they act as if you were an athlete on the event or tournament, or a simple photo and caption contest! This engaging activity is an excellent way to boost brand awareness and Twibbonize can help you execute them! To attract more people to participate, you can give the winners some exclusive merchants

And as sports fans can now go to any social platforms or any online forums to express their support, undivided opinions of joy, or disgust of a player’s performance, it makes the after-event become an important thing that you can’t miss too!

“The fan experience doesn’t stop at the turnstile, it now continues after the match on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube”

With Twibbonize, you can also provide and distribute a frame for the audience to use as a way of celebrating victory once the game is over. Celebrating with everyone on social media just feels right for well-deserved victories, right? 🥳 Plus, it’s waaay more convenient when you distribute it with Twibbonize’s features.

Supporting your athletes to do good causes with Twibbonize!

Increasingly, some major sports organizations and teams have aligned with social justice, charitable, and any good causes to give back to our communities, and social media is now a great way to keep up the audience with the good you and your athletes are doing in the community. From a local to the national level, sports teams and athletes are notably using their platforms to take a stand for those in need and let the public connect with your brand and its values.

Not from the teams only, the fan community can also create campaigns to support other people on behalf of their favorite athlete, considering that it’s a pretty trending to do now in sports, which are great!

And I think we all can agree that broadcasting charitable events on social media isn’t virtue signaling, but it is a call to action for the audience to join in. By utilizing Twibbonize, you can create any campaigns including for any good causes like donations for more sustained distribution!

For more insight and information about donation with Twibbonize, you can read our guide for donation here.

We support your small steps

Maybe our dearest readers here are not all sports organizations with athletes and famous players. Maybe you just want to start small with creating a simple—healthy—movement for people to take morning walks or jogs. Well, worry not! We are here even for the smallest sports occasion too.

For example, you can utilize weekly events like Car Free Day (CFD) where people are usually doing some sports activities on the streets without any vehicles. Typically it’s a long-awaited day of the week for sports-addict and the public in general.

Well, if we can give you an idea to utilize the event for something valuable, you can create a simple yet beneficial campaign for people to join in such as  “Jalan Sehat” (morning walks/jogs) where they post a picture with a frame you’ve prepared before on Twibbonize. They can express their precious moments with friends and family in Car Free Day with a picture and fun caption, and post it with the campaign’s hashtags!

Pssst, to attract people to participate, you can provide a merchant, souvenir, or vouchers for the people who participated and a prize for the winner with the best picture and story on caption!

Keep in mind that this kind of activity rarely fails to generate huge audience engagement on social media.

Don’t forget the E-Sports craze!

Well, thanks to the 2020 hiatus of live sports due to the Covid-19 pandemic, E-Sports has soared to incredible growth. It has attracted plenty of companies to take notice because of its popularity and has invested in sponsorships for E-Sports clubs and players.

You can also utilize Twibbonize in taking the advantage of the popularity of E-Sports like any traditional sport by providing content and being interactive with your audience!

  • Provide a frame for the players to use and upload on social media every time they join the game, a tip: you can create a frame based on the team’s colors or even their persona!
  • Upload behind-the-scenes content with a frame regularly! It can attract new audience and keep the conversation going between the fans

For more insight, tips ‘n tricks to utilize Twibbonize for E-Sports occasions, you can read our guide for Entertainment Celebration Events here.

Keeping up with the audience

Sometimes staying connected and relevant with your audience can be challenging. The question is:

How can you use social media to grab the attention of your audience?

And the answer is, intensely, to create content that your audience wants to see too.

No lies, audiences love to connect with their favorite athletes over anything, from their daily workout routine, their favorite protein shakes, to where they like to take a morning jog or walk their dog, the possibilities are just endless!

Depending on the nature of your sports field, you can make any contents that attract and match with their liking, such as:

  • Gathering fans attention with virtual contests/games with incentive

With using Twibbonize, you can create a photo competition where the fans or public can post a picture posing as their favorite player on the match from home or anywhere with your own Twibbonize frame to keep the hype train going after the match!

  • Showcase athletes’ personal tips and tricks about staying in shape or day-to-day workout routine and make a campaign out of it!

With Twibbonize, you can create and distribute the campaign’s shortened URL link where people can participate in the campaign and upload their pictures and story about joining in the campaign on social media! It gives the audience the personal touch to look into the lives of their favorite athletes’ personalities

From match to an anniversary party, we got you!

Besides informing audiences about tournaments and matches, you can also celebrate another occasion related to the club or athletes such as the clubs’ birthday or even each player’s or athletes’ birthday!

Use this once-in-a-year event as an opportunity to capture the club or team culture on social media! With Twibbonize, you can create a frame and encourage your athletes and employees to post it during the event, or even before. Let’s show the audience that they are supporting a club that cares about its employees and athletes.

Besides, you can also share it for your audiences to use and upload a picture with the frame as a supporting and celebrating gesture.

(Another) extra tips just for you

To make your content to be more accessible and easy to explore, using hashtags is worth focusing on in itself. Especially with the number of people posting on social media, you need to make your contents stand out from the crowd.

With Twibbonize’s campaign tag feature, you can add some relevant hashtags to your content and campaigns. It will make it easy for the audiences to find your posts and easier for you to see what people posts and talk about during the event or tournament!

You can utilize Twibbonize’s campaign description to highlight important information like match dates, place/venue information, or match results as people need constant updates about the games.

Tips in how to create a frame

No matter what, social media will continue to play a huge role in sports. Especially after all of the event and match has ended, teams should do everything to keep the buzz and momentum going on social media. We hope our guide above helps you, now let’s take the next steps with us!