Nowadays, customers tend to lean heavily on product reviews when deciding whether they’d buy a product or not. Thanks to the internet, customers are now provided with a very wide range of selection for their needs, which means that customers do have a second, third, or even fourth option. Which product they’d end up buying? It’s up to them to decide and the not-so-secret-reviews-also-circulating-freely-on-the-internet.

The emergence of various aggregators and reviews site has accelerated this even more. This trend has been a headache for marketers and brand owners alike, as reviews are a batch of paragraphs-long sentences and may be hard for us to control (uh correction, reviews are actually not something controllable.)

Why online reviews?

Imagine you are a clueless man trying to decide which skincare to buy. How will you decide?

Usually, people would ask for a personal recommendation from known friend and families. Though if you can’t find any, wouldn’t you be inclined to ask Google (or his other search engine friends) instead?

Online reviews act as a fast and easily accessible reference for customers. In a world where social proof matters, online reviews becomes the believable truth. A survey from Qualtrics even mentioned that 93% of the consumers look for online reviews before buying a product. From sharing to retweets, then e-words-of-mouth and online mentions (cue Tiktok), that’s where customer’s entry point is mostly made.

So, what’s the catch?

To whom it may concern,

The thing is, displaying review in brand’s owned platform alone sometimes would backfire. Imagine watching re-shared review in a brand socials every week. Yes, the brand need it for credibility and promotional reason, especially when launching a new, unknown product to the market. But, seeing the same sorts of content would make you bored, wouldn’t it?

If you’ve ever got criticized for reposting too many customer review on your brand platform, or are currently in the verge of breakdown trying to figure out how to make a creative content that encourage user to post review by themselves, this is the sort of inspiration you are looking for.

This article is dedicated to you, no matter whether you are offering a niche-targeted to a generally everyone can use type of brand. By the end of this (not-so-long) read, you’ll understand how to:

  • Utilize Twibbonize’s feature to support your product’s launching.
  • Find a new and creative way to cater your user’s aspirations.
  • Aaand hopefully, gain a creative insight.

Okay, let’s move to the guideline now

Uh-kay, but first of all, why Twibbonize?

Well, isn’t this the most important question of all?

After all, why’d anyone want to use a benefit-less platform, right? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Twibbonize offers you:

A painless way to quickly disseminate your ideas.

Big claims, right? But really, tho, Twibbonize is here for the sole purpose of speeding up the pace of ideas-sharing.

With Twibbonize, it’s possible reach massive amount of audiences and prompt them to share their ideas straight to their socials. Think of us as a megaphone you can use to share any of your ideas, be it the ideas of how your product can be helpful to consumers to how your brand might contribute to the society. Place this megaphone in the hands of suitable influencers, and voila! You’re all set to invite the right audience to join in and share their supports.

Visualizes redundant words & save unwanted space

Social media mostly provide an audiovisual (well, save for Clubhouse and Twitter Space) space to share user’s thoughts, ideas, or information. Since it is audio-visual, it’d be great to pay attention on the audio and visual aspect of the content, too. Especially when expert had highlight the importance of visual (or nonverbal) communication for a long-time now.


Rather than showcasing a text-based review, it’d be more effective to visualize them using a predesigned template instead. You can still put an in-depth review on the caption, of course, but it is paramount to supplement with a good visual design of the product. Moreover, in an industry where everything is judged by the visuals, it is more important than ever to always show, don’t tell. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, right?


UGC-based shareable content that can be used to cater consumer’s personal insight

Catering your consumer’s thoughts is pretty important for a brand to be perceived authentic. Influencers marketing may spread awareness, but consumer’s feedback is what build a brand’s reputation. However, to prompt consumer’s feedback is not easy.

Although there is a tips – consumer would be more likely to talk about something they really like or something they really despise. Hence, skincare brand often provide various characters on their product’s line, to create something that would fit select customer’s characteristic.


This is where Twibbonize comes in – you can easily make a bunch of template for different product line. Not only that, Twibbonize also provide a customizable shortlink and social media CTA button for ease of use. Encourage your audiences to express themselves while boosting your brand presence.

Utilizing Twibbonize Frame for Product Launching

  1. Fill the required information (No worries, it’d only be a short ride)
  2. Customize your shortlink

In Twibbonize, you can create a personalized short link, so no need to worry about losing your brand’s identity in the sharing process. This shortlink is powerful, so don’t hesitate to make it catchy and unique, just like your brand.

In addition, here are some placement ideas that you can use to place and share your shortened URL:

  • On your website
  • On your social media platform

On your product packaging as a “Thank You Card”.


3. Set your Visual Design & Caption Template

Don’t forget to leave a room for consumer to express their thoughts on the caption. Good caption should lead consumer to easily express their thoughts, not instruct them to write specific sentence.


What could be done with Twibbonize?

  • Resounding and build hype on specific product by using Twibbonize as a template of mass review.

Twibbonize could be used to prompt customer’s review & resounding specific product or cosmetic line.

  1. Put the product that they want to resound or hype up in the Twibbonize frame template,
  2. Reserve the caption for customer to give their review
  3. Share the shortlink on brand’s platform (social media, website, or via influencer’s platform for influencer marketing)
  4. Encourage consumer to review the product by promising a competition, giveaway, or loyalty program.

You can also utilize Twibbonize frame to share the brand’s aspiration or simply to channel your community’s voice.

With Twibbonize, the process is painless and the possibility are endless.

Hooold on, it’s all fun and games until someone figures out we’re missing the inspiration !

Worry not, dear readers. The inspiration is here for you.

  1. AR-ish Twibbonize frame for anything you want to do

    The trend of AR & creative Illustrations on social media filters seems to stay high. After all, who wouldn’t love a cute and inspired set of filters.You can also do this with your Twibbonize frame. Design a cute, representative, and AR-inspired frames to increase the chance of your consumer participating in your campaign.
  2. It is the season of personalization

    Who doesn’t love a product that is made just for them? Personalized skin products (cue Bespoke and Curology) are on trend since last year, marking consumers’ desire to have products tailored to their specific skin type and concerns. Not only personalized skincare is a breath of fresh air, it also shows the brand commitment to inclusivity, in other words the brand caters all their consumer’s uniqueness. As long as the product is safe and effective, who won’t say no to personalized skincare?

Now, how to validate your product’s quality? By review, of course. However, you can take an extra mile to create a variation of frames with Twibbonize to cater your audience’s preference and uniqueness.

You might ask, why are we suddenly talking about product?

Yes, we are distracted from the main point, but there is something here – personalization. Used correctly, Twibbonize frame could also be like those “Personalized skin product”, as it is a tool for consumer to speak their mind. With a little inspiration from this trend, you could prompt consumer to share their “Holy grail” or “Most favourite product” from your brand, in the form of easily made & shareable UGC with Twibbonize.

In Twibbonize, we cater every industry’s need of an easy-to-use platform for ideas and thoughts sharing. And the best part is, all of this is provided for free. Because, why not?