School represents an important learning experience that taught students a lot of things – self-confidence, motivation, and the will to always give the best. School blesses us with lifetime treasure – knowledge, experience, and friends, many of whom remain with us for the rest of our life. Despite the excitement which abundantly fills the high school days, it is also the time where youngsters transform into mature selves. No wonder there’s a popular saying: School life is the best life. Anyone who has been a student knows what school life is all about – the golden period of learning that shapes students’ lives. The importance of school life cannot be negated and it is a vital formative experience for children and adult students alike.

High school life is a wonderful chapter that will remain in one’s memories for decades to come – a time where one learned dedication, hard work, motivation, and self-actualization – and proceed their life into a whole new stage of maturity. As an institution that facilitates the process of learning, schools must be able to facilitate those. Not knowledge alone, but also a supportive community where one could fully grow and find support in this world. Simply because, human love and need to communicate – to have a genuine connection that would accompany us in this lifelong journey of finding who we are.

Naturally, such bonds are built through the time spent together by students in the school; during all the high and low of student’s life; during exams and celebrations; during formal and informal meetings. Although now the world has been thoroughly different, thanks to the pandemic and all the changes it brings, the essence of this bonding remain the same – meeting and spending time with schoolmates. The difference lies in the platform. If in the past we are used to facing to face meetings, now students are bonding through the digital world – messaging services, video calls, and social media.

Now that the communication landscape has changed, the old ways of nurturing the strong bond between students are no longer effective. Many have realized and started to adapt the facilities offered by digital technologies to maintain students’ bonds – through virtual community activities, virtual study groups, and essentially, virtual school events. Through sometimes, the process can be burdening and cost you a lot of effort.

This is where Twibbonize come to the rescue! We can help you in building student’s social connections easily through various personal platform. Twibbonize allows creation of content that is personalized, fun, and the best part is it’s completely free and easy to use for all! Let’s get down to it, shall we?

The Little Things That Matters

Have you ever wondered why do students love to talk and communicate through social media?

As mentioned before, school is one of the most exciting and memorable stages of one life, where youths socialize and learn more about life. It is the stage where students would often look for an opportunity to know and bond with each other. With digitalization, this naturally moves into the digital space, mostly on social media because of the interactivity it offers. There, we talk and share lots of things – a daily occurrence, a special occasion, a personal story – basically everything. And just like that, it feels nice to interact and be able to know what other people are doing, even without physically meeting them.

Simply put, students love to talk about themselves, interact with others, and grasp their peer’s recent condition, now through social media, during every occasion. It might seem like we are grasping at straws, but all those things actually have one thing in common: they are all carried out with the students’ willingness, guided by their initiative and need for social interaction.

Now you might be wondering, what does school management need to do with this information, then?

As a matter of fact, having a supportive and conducive community would help your students to reach the best academic (and other) performance they can give. Little things – having a support system, getting recognized for their achievement, and even having a short but enjoyable moment between all the stress might very well be the cure from all the complications and bad times in a student’s life – it just hits different when received personally.

Should you care about students’ wellbeing, it’d be good to accommodate their wellness through those mundane but joyful little things. And speaking about social media and student’s willingness to share those moments for social satisfaction, you do not need to worry, because that’s where Twibbonize is very good at!

Using Twibbonize frame, you only need to create “prompts” on any occasion you are currently hosting – school anniversary, graduation, competition, election, or even exam period! Put some creativity, and try to utilize the occasion so that students could have social engagement during your planned education program. Worry not though, because we’ve done our share of homework on how you could use Twibbonize to facilitate social engagements on school ocassion.

Presenting you, our List of Twibbonizable School Activities!

A Memento of School Life

There’s something delightful about sharing our life experiences on social media. As they navigate through the journey of learning and accumulate life experience, students often came across a situation memorable enough for them to inscribe it on their online diaries (read: social media) and share it publicly. Because, as they said, a journey well-shared is a journey well enjoyed. Without sharing the experience with those around us, it just feels incomplete.

Ultimately, taking a picture is a way to record and communicate visually what you see to others (and yourself). Cameras can create straightforward recordings of students’ experiences, which in time will turn into an artifact of their school days. Social media act as a vessel for students to communicate, to share those memories, putting them out in the open.

Besides its function as a memento, photographs are powerful proof of your school’s programs and activities. Through it, you can conveniently make all of it visible to the public. After all, experience such as camping, live-in, sports week, independence day is often recorded by the lens and posted on social media. So, why not make a voluntary template for that occasion & utilize it as a source of organic mention then?

With Twibbonize frame, you can turn the urgency of experience sharing into your own craft. Showcase student experience, obtain organic mention, and manage it into a neatly structured digital proof at the same time, all by encouraging students to utilize their personal accounts to post Twibbonized experience.

In the name of Democracy

There are numerous ways you can go through to decide who runs things around the school. By the grace and wisdom of the school’s senior figure; by the performance one has given; by the unity of voice from the whole community – you name it. However, for a decision that concerns the whole school, the opinion of every part of the ecosystem should be considered, as in the future, it is their concern – the whole school – at stake. Alas, such needs birthed election as one of the many ways school management may take in making a decision.

Elections enable students to select their own leaders and hold them accountable for their performance in the future. Besides hosting school elections through paper-polling and text-voting, there is also another approach you may want to consider: a social-media-based election. People’s favoritism to social media user-generated content is not baseless: it is creative, personalized, and convenient. Twibbonize frame, as a product that simplifies the making of user-generated content also offers the same value: it is easy to use, and innovative. Through Twibbonize, you can organize an election effortlessly, through the power of people and with a sprinkle of newness. Say goodbye to the monotonous rite of students election and manually counting the results.

Ready to try out a whole new approach to organize school election?

  • A Different Kind of Introduction

In any kind of election, promotion is one of the key aspects that determine how a candidate will be judged, and in turn, determine the result of the voting. In the context of a school election, such as an election of student council president, the promotional phrase usually involves a class visit (or in some cases, a special campaign event) from each nominee to introduce their vision, mission, and program in turn. Then, the team of each candidate would usually host a set of school campaigns, be it through special programs such as meet-and-greet or simply through verbal peer-to-peer promotion, and earn votes this way. Sadly, that’s just ain’t it.

Although all those steps raise students’ awareness towards the council candidate (and basically, the election too) and give a comprehensive understanding of each candidate’s motive and plans, such promotion tends to be boring for the students. Besides, it is quite exhausting for the candidate to repeat the same explanation over and over again.

Twibbonize could help you with this. As the host of this election, you can use the frame as a tool of promotion to raise awareness in a fun way. Just ask each candidate and their team to post the vision, mission, motto, life value, and other details on social media using a certain Twibbonize frame.

Then, you can also rally their supporters to re-post the frame or create a separate Twibbonize frame for those who want to supports. Easy peasy and massive. Besides, Twibbonize usage is not limited to election promotional material. Basically, you can use our frame to promote any kind of nomination and for any kind of event you host.

  • By the students, for the students

Another take in the context of election: Photo frame could be utilized as a voting tool. Voting gives students an opportunity to have their say and satisfy their need to feel a sense of belonging through expressing support to their preferred group.

With Twibbonize, it’s simple and powerful. You only need to create a photo frame for each candidate. Then, distribute it through your desired social media, and ask your audience to vote through social media engagement tools, such as like and comment. You can also encourage students to support their faves through re-sharing the photo frame.

Alternatively, you can also do the voting through student’s social media posts. The frame function as a representation of students’ votes. One frame equals one vote. Simply count the election result through the unique hashtag you used for the election.

This method could also be utilized to conduct voting for another occasion, such as voting the best entry in a school art competition, voting the winner of a singing contest, or even a fun content like student’s vote for the best teacher of the year or the funniest staff on the school.

Turn on the Competition!

Competition is a common occurrence in school years. Ranging from academic to a casual, and even a silly one, there are many competitions surrounding the life of a student.

Generally, school competition can be distinguished into an internal competition – a place where students could compete against each other, and public competition, which is open for the public. On both occasions, the photo frame can be utilized as a supporting tool to supplement the competition.

Internal Competition

Internal competition took a lot of forms – contests, challenges, and even academic quizzes. Here are our ideas as to how you could utilize photo frame well:

  • A sign of participation

Frame can be used for students who join the competitions as a sign of participation. Simply share the Twibbonize frame to every participant. You can also combine this with a caption that introduces each participant, as well as the personal wishes of each participant.

  • Twibbonized Competition, Why Not?

To make it more playful and fun, you can even utilize the frame as a contest tool. Competitions that rest on the fun side, such as a selfie competition, can easily be done as a social media contest. That is – the only entry to the competition is through social media posts. Anyone who wishes to join must post a social media post in accordance with your requirements. With Twibbonize, you can make it even easier. Simply create a Twibbonize frame that will be used to submit an entry to the contest, share the link to the whole school, and voila! You’d only need to wait for students to join in while serenely sipping your tea.

Interschool Competition

Unlike internal competition, public competition tends to be much more boisterous. It is lively, bustling with contestants from various school and their supporters. This usually heats up the whole competition: supporters rallied to stand up for their champion. Just like on a sports occasion, the spirit of interschool competition is comparable to those supporting their national team at the Olympics.

Bearing this in mind, there is a lot of opportunity for you, as a host, to utilize the power of the masses to promote, and hype up your events. On the venue, it is rather easy to build hype, as it naturally comes together with the thrill of a match. However, as the organizer, you should consider building hype not only on the competition site (or platform, if it is conducted online) but also outside it so that everyone (including those who do not or cannot attend) could feel the spirit of the competition. For this purpose, social media is the best place to do so, and Twibbonize frame could very well simplify your need of creating digital excitement.

As a tool that helps you generate a lot of user-generated content conveniently, Twibbonize allows you to massively promote your event through the audience’s channel. All you need to do is set up a Twibbonize frame dedicated to the competition you hosted, and share it during the competition. If you wish to, you can even use the Twibbonize frame to your advantage even before the event formally start. Photo frame is a very good promotional tool – fast, easy, and potentially massive reach. Setting up a frame as a vessel for students to celebrate their upcoming event might be a good idea.

A special mention: School Olympics

School Olympics come as a special case, because even if it is a public competition, Olympics are usually organized by a third party, that is, either an independent educational institution or government agency. As for Olympics, school management can utilize frame to show completion of in-school training and student’s readiness to join the competition (math Olympics).

This frame would make the effort you had given to train and prepare your students to compete at a specific level visible for everyone. Plus, the frame could double over as a statement of pride for students, having completed a set of training & ready to compete.

School Exam: Big Yikes!

Oh yeah, here the devil comes.

Students see school exams as a big nasty problem – something they’d yeet as far as they could, if possible – and there’s no lies in this. Indeed, school exams bring a whole lot of anxiety. This is why, before the exam starts, students tend to encourage each other and wish their peers good luck – a tradition which sometimes involves lots of sweetness – in the form of food and words. It’s lowkey just as the saying:

There’s always something good in every bad thing

Yeah, exam might be a big bad thing, but it brings warmth and kindness to students. Not only the students, you too – part of school management – could get something from this. Namely, organic student-generated content, by utilizing photo frames during the exam period.

On this occasion, frame can be used to state readiness to join the exam accompanied by students’ wishes and support for their peers. You can make one frame for the whole exam period, or you can also make several frames for each exam day.

A good community is also needed for students to grow. Having students supports each other during troubled times would boost students’ mental state, which in turn would improve the overall performance of the students. With the Twibbonize frame, you can encourage students to support each other via social media, as well as to state their readiness to face the challenge – a form of self-affirmation. Here’s some trick on how to make one!

Exam Participant Card

Speaking of exams, photo frame could also be used as an exam participant card. This might come off as surprising tips to you, but Twibbonize frame is easy to make, and not as complicated as having to print each exam card on your own (and attach your student’s photo one by one, too!). Besides, this could be the saving grace for students who, by all bad luck submitted an ugly pose as a school official ID photo. So, do yourself a favor, and let students handle all the bothersome work of attaching their picture to the exam card template and printing it. For more details on how to use Twibbonize frame as a template for printable materials, kindly visit our Guide to Student Orientation.

A Moment of Great Pride

High school years were also the period in which children started working hard towards their goals, collecting achievements on their way to it. Together with it, rise the needs of recognition. There’s nothing better than recognition for aspiring youths – which is your job, as the institution that “educate” them. Worry not, though, Twibbonize understands the assignment!

Eternal Monument of Fame

Frame can be used to appreciate students’ achievements. The good news is – unlike other forms of appreciation, photo frame does not face the consequence of time. Flowers could wilt, trophy and medal might be broken, but Twibbonize frame last forever – well, that is if you do store it well.

Besides, the achievement frame has many uses, one of them being a digital trace that prove one’s achievement in their youth. Students could easily display the frame to their social platforms (cue future LinkedIn content).

Final Step of The Journey

On the subject of student achievement in getting into a reputable university, school management can make a separate Twibbonize frame for students to boast about their accomplishments. Students may create photo frame themselves to talk about their accomplishments on their social media account.

You can even make a separate campaign before graduation, like giving a challenge for students to post about their future study plans after graduating from high school. Encourage students to share where they’d study next & also somehow bid goodbye to their high school times – reminiscing about their experience during high school.

How to Create the Suitable Twibbonize Frame

Now that we’ve set up all the necessary discussions on how to utilize Twibbonize to its maximum capabilities, there is only one thing left to cover here: How to use Twibbonize itself. Here’s how you can easily set up a Twibbonize Frame for your school needs!

1. Visit our site to Start Creating Twibbonize frame.

2. Shortened URL

Twibbonize facilitates users to create a personalized shortened URL, so users could avoid don’t have to waste time to deal with other third party URL service. With every Twibbonize campaign, you can customize a shortened URL to better reflect your organization identity.

3. Fill out the required information.

4. Utilize the #️⃣hashtag

5. Upload your frame design

  • Visualize the elements symbolizing the school into the design. Make sure the design also fit the occassion.

Don’t forget to include your company’s logo on the frame. Logo is a part of your company identity, as do the color and design used in the frame. If you divide the award into a separate category based on certain condition (for example, best employee based on division, or best manager on the company), you can include visual representation of each division (for example, the division’s logo).

  • You can include the URL to your information or admission page. You can write it in your photo frame or your social media post’s caption.

5. Write suitable caption

After setting up the design, don’t forget to write a suitable caption befitting the occasion.

6. Share the good news!

After the campaign setup has been done, Twibbonize will provide users with the shortened URL they have set up earlier. The user could easily copy-paste or directly share it to their preferred social platform. All you need to easily share a short and memorable URL is within your grasp!


Social engagements are important. Not only does it create a positive atmosphere for your students, having good social engagement would help you obtain a favorable view from external parties, such as potential students. With Twibbonize, you can easily upgrade your planned school program into a creative activity with social (and digital) students involvement. So, if you have any ideas, feel free to make it into a Twibbonize frame!