Scholarship used to be an exclusive term attainable only to those active, brilliant, or privileged students. Right now though, scholarship is everywhere. You can just type on google (or any other search engines and hell, even in media social) and you’d already get an abundant amount of information regarding the matter. Scholarship is now, a matter of persistence and, a little bit of luck to encounter the ‘right’ information to seize the opportunity. Yes, encountering the information at the right time is also a matter of importance.

As an institution providing scholarship opportunities, it’d be good to consider helping those scholarship-seeking endeavors. This guide is dedicated to every institution that provides scholarship, be it an educational institution, foundation, or private corporation. After reading this, you will understand exactly why and how you should utilize every media available, including social media to share your scholarship opportunity. So, put your thinking cap on, and May the knowledge be with you!

To Live is to Learn

Education itself has been deemed an international problem needing collective assistance to solve. So much that it is included in *UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals – Ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning”. Without proper education, one cannot escape the “prison of situation” they are currently in, which leads to the worst problem of all: poverty.

Providing scholarship – a form of financial support to ensure learning opportunity – means you cared for this cause. This adds a positive value to your organization, as people would tend to support socially-responsible organizations. And you, my friend, have contributed to the collective effort of providing quality education as a scholarship provider. Congratulations!

Don’t let this go to your head, tho. There’s still a little bit of problem here: People, be it your stakeholders (a.k.a scholarship candidate) or the general public needs to know you are providing scholarship – an opportunity for everyone to earn an education, so to say.

All roads lead to Rome

Information is all over the place. There are many available methods you can use to achieve the same result – distributing the information. Although on this guide, we will focus on the one-stop media for all activities – from socializing to educational purposes, from finding entertainment to finding information, social media has it all. Yep, social media indeed covers a lot of ground.

Social media has been a part of human life for more than a decade. From the hype of messaging services to social networks like Facebook and Instagram, and now the new age of video and audio-focused social media. These platform has changed how human behaves, including in searching information. Try to do a quick lookup in your search engine, and you’ll find research confirming the trend of looking out for information in social media.

Perhaps what made social media so special in its endeavor to be an information-sharing platform is its interactivity. Indeed, even websites could be shared. But through what? Wasn’t it shared through social messaging services? And if we talk about the social networks (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), the ease of content-sharing in these platforms is ever-so-imminent that you can easily reshare information through clicking that little ‘reshare button’. This has opened a new way of marketing strategy.

This is where Twibbonize comes in – you can easily share the scholarship program’s information through organic platforms. Plus, you can use Twibbonize to brag about this wonderful scholarship opportunity on your institution, and that everyone has a chance to join. The eager beavers would increase their effort, and the public would view your brand in a positive light – an institution that cares about its stakeholders and the bigger cause of quality education.

This is important, as 21st-century parents always look for the best performing institution for their children with a good social reputation – achieved through contributing to a good cause. The same principle applies to foundations and businesses, as both are also judged based on performance and social responsibility (hence the trio performance indicator of social, financial, and environmental performance of 3P). So, be sure to always strive for sharing your initiatives to a wide range of public.

Cause Baby, to be number one, you’ve got to raise the bar

Twibbonize: As Easy as ABC

With Twibbonize, you can easily make a customizable template for scholarship programs. Not only that, Twibbonize also provides a customizable shortened URL and social media CTA button for ease of use. You can easily reach a wide range of audiences and boost your brand presence only by completing several steps on our website. So, prepare your brainpower and, don’t forget to jot this down!

The Big Question: When to use? and How?

Oh, to be asked this question. It’s actually up to you. Know your wits about yourself, and think of the best occasion you can utilize to boost your brand using Twibbonize frame. Although if you’d like to, we do have some ideas for you:

Hooray, I’m Accepted!

How would you feel when you hear a piece of good news?

Joy? Happy? Pleased? Bet it’d be one of those.

In the case of scholarship grantees, they would be very pleased to hear they successfully attain the scholarship. And when you’re happy (and proud, I bet), wouldn’t you be inclined to share it? Put two and two together, and you’d probably guess what happens next. Yes, they open the social network sites and share the good news with their so-called social circle.

This is the perfect opportunity to exert a free buzzy-woozy social media mention. All you need to do, is give your scholarship grantee a little push to post user-generated content celebrating their achievements!

No Pain, No Gain

Twibbonize frame could also be inserted as a partial requirement to join the scholarship. Especially for foundations, you can reach a wider audience utilizing scholarship candidates’ self-made photo frames posted on social media. To do so, you can insert the photo frame as one of the requirements to apply for the scholarship.

This might seem like a tedious task to do, but if you look at it from the other side, your chosen scholarship grantee should be someone with merit, or at least with effort, right? Then would it be so hard to just post a photo frame with their face in social media to obtain a learning opportunity?

Once again, it’s up to you to choose which one of these methods. If you proceed with photo frame, though, know that it made the content much more organic than a reshared poster, which would often look like an advertising attempt.

The pen is mightier than the sword, the frame is mightier than the word.

Pass the Crown Jewels

Our final idea: Attach a little (but sincere) congratulatory speech for your scholarship grantee, in the form of social media photo frame. Basic, right? But, as Benjamin Disraeli once said, everyone, and by this, he literally means everyone likes flattery.

Let this be the opportunity to send a heartwarming message to your stakeholders, be it your student, your staff, or your community. Not only this would help in nurturing a long-term relationship with select stakeholders (that is, the scholarship grantee), this would also impact public view. With a sincere and personal statement of “We are proud to have these students/employee” you’ll be viewed as a positive and caring brand.

Enhance the proudness of the selected student of scholarship by giving a due compliment, and build your brand’s positive value as a caring brand. Because let’s face it: Who wouldn’t love to be congratulated for their achievements?

Psssttttt, plus you can use the photo frame to brag about this wonderful opportunity to employees and students alike, encouraging them to chime in for the next program (or to your next recruitment period).

Some more tips for you

  • Repetition is the Mother of Learning

Scholarship, no matter why it’s given is still a form of an institution’s goodwill either to its students, its employee, or to the society. As this is a form of contribution to the society, you should consider adding brand identity to every communication attempt associated with it. From choosing a color palette to text style, choose a design that represents you, because this will contribute to your identity. This attempt of building brand identity should be repeated over and over again, because identity is learned, and repetition is the mother of learning.

  • Highlight the important part

Always make it easier for your candidate to find relevant information. Pin it on your Twitter, Put it in Instagram Highlight, contact relevant platforms to share the information.

  • Don’t forget the #hacktag

Last bust not least, don’t forget to utilize this #littletool. Hashtag can be used to compile in-person-review from scholarship grantees. So, when people look for information (or testimony) of your program, they could easily find the information via the hashtag. If ever anyone doubted that your program is a scheme, this hashtag would come in handy!

To conclude, hosting a scholarship program itself is already a part of your contribution to the society. The problem is always at displaying and informing these opportunity, which is why platforms that can easily reach massive audience is needed. If you’re looking for a way to do this via organic social media accounts, then Twibbonize is the right platform to you