We all know that when it comes to Retail Industry, there is no need to question the importance of your new product launch. While there are many important factors that could act as indicator on your company’s performance, product is such an essential key aspect that we believe, most of Retail brands are focusing onto. Product innovation is something that Retails brands are not taking lightly. The amount of time, research, energy and money that are allocated behind every new product innovation, simply shows how much a big deal this aspect is to the company.

Given that story, it leaves no wonder for Retail brands to do a decent celebration out of their new product. Or most of the time, we oftentimes hear the term as “Grand Launching”. The way to hold such event itself can be varied, as each company may have a different level of importance towards holding a proper Product Launch event. However, not little brands really go the extra miles, in preparing the Grand Launching event of their new product launch, as to ensure it can go as awesome as possible. Understanding the advantages and values that a proper and decent Product Launching event could bring to your brand, is what driving companies to simply just go for it.

Here, we believe that there is always a story to tell behind every campaign. As for this particular context about you, we believe that there is always a story to tell behind your every launch of new product. And your intention to share that story through a proper Product Launching event, we get that! We acknowledge ourselves, that Product Launching event, can really help in creating the excitement among your targeted marketing, by communicating it through social media, articles, press release, so that people get to be aware of and look forward towards what’s to come from your end.

Through this article, we wanted to show you how you can engage Twibbonize as a part of your promotional tool towards your Product Launching event and your own very brand. So yes, this is for your own good!

Let Your Event Be Viral With Using Twibbonize Frame

When it comes to event preparation, we understand that it covers from A-Z aspects. There’s got to be a lot of things and aspects, that you need to consider and think through before making the decision, for the importance of your event. From the timing of the event, place factor, the rundown itself, guests, decoration, and the list goes on and on. While every aspect is equally important, promotion factor is a thing that could give people the headache, as the method of your promotion could determine market’s awareness of your event. In a way, this aspect could really affect your possibility of success rate.

One of the effective ways that you can do to raise people’s awareness of your event, is by doing the type of promotion that can somehow could allow others to be actively engaged in the process, while being a part of your promotion cycle as well. Do an interactive promotion, let it be not one sided and just coming from your end. This will increase the potential of your event’s exposure among the society.

Make Twibbonize Frame By Days… or Even Weeks Before Your Event!

So here you are, doing a thorough preparation from A-Z for your big event of product launching. Surely you don’t want to take the risk of pursuing the wrong method in doing your promotion, that could lead to minimum awareness rate from your targeted market. Nobody wants a few number of audience, while you are already prepared for accommodating way bigger number than that! So let’s adopt that interactive promotion-method, and Twibbonize it up!

Before we jump into further details about ways to utilize Twibbonize as your promotional tool, first and foremost, let’s talk about the essential aspect of Twibbonize.. And it is none other than, the frame itself! Here we have few tips and tricks for you to follow and note, while thinking and preparing the right frame for your event. So, let’s jump right into it, shall we?

  • Incorporate your brand guideline, into the Frame

    It is your event! When you have a big event coming up, surely you will want the crowd to be aware that it is you, who’s behind this hype upcoming event. You can do this by adopting your corporate identity into the frame itself. Starting from corporate color, logo, and even your font guideline. Let your frame represent you, as a brand!

  • Date Information

    As this frame will be intentionally released prior to event’s date, in the purpose as promotional tool, putting your event’s date information in the frame is somehow essential. So that people can take note of it easier.

  • Tagline!

    Think about the right tagline, that could somehow show and represent their intention and enthusiasm to come along to your event.

  • Your event’s name title

    Last but not the least, don’t forget to input your event’s name in the frame as well. Use a decent size and locate it by the place that would be easily noticeable for other people.

So now that you already know how to make a proper and suitable frame for your event promotion, what’s next?

One of our key value and strength point, lay in our ability to bring virality upon your campaign, in a convenient way. And we want you to be able to obtain that result, when you are promoting your Grand Launching event. In doing so, we encourage you to promote your Twibbonize frame in social media way prior to your event. If your event is opened for public, then you can easily ask your followers to access your Twibbonize frame, download, and upload it in their social media, if they intend to come.

  • You can feature your campaign’s shortened URL into your visual marketing content, then elaborate your intention of invitation, within the caption!

  • Besides working on the shortened URL, marketing content, and caption game, another important thing for you to note that can help you out as well, is none other than hashtag utilization! You can highlight your chosen hashtag in the campaign description section, and ask your audience to use the hashtag when they post the Twibbonize frame in their social media. In a way, it can help you to measure your audiences’ enthusiasm towards your upcoming event, in an easy way.

In return, you get the opportunity to be as interactive as you would like (if you wish so), in the process! And the fact that all these advantages and benefits can come to your doorstep at free cost, enables you to carry on an effective promotion method without an expense for you to bear.

Twibbonize is still just right for you, even while your event is ongoing!

Now that you have prepared an effective promotion method for your event, another important aspect that you must be thinking a lot about got to be the event itself. Yeap, there are many tips, tricks and method you can follow, in order to optimize your event to be as lively as possible. After all, who wants to hold a boring event right? We are certain, that as the organizer, it must be one of your hopes and goals for your guests to be able to have great time and fun, when they attend your event!

While taking photographs and videos of your guests during the event is undoubtedly one of the ultimate ways you can do and rely on for publication purposes, you can also engage us in this area. And again, with us, it allows you to be as interactive as possible, with your guests.

Create A Fun Challenge!

We all know that creating a challenge for your event, is one of the ways that most organizations do as they want their audience to be actively involved throughout the event, rather than just being passive. And usually, a prize is presented there as a bait for people to be interested in participating.

You can create a challenge that involve Twibbonize, as to encourage your guests to be active to take action on their end as well. Your part here, is to prepare the frame that is meant for challenge purposes, in our platform.

Then, you can display the shortened URL in a printed version, for your guests to access and participate on the challenge, right on the site! Or shall you want it to be somehow more convenient, you can convert the link to QR Code by utilizing QR Code Generator websites on your browser. This could be considered as more convenience-alternative for your guests.

You can input your challenge instruction in the campaign description section that is provided in your campaign page. Highlight about how your guests can participate, or what are the practical ways they can note to be creative in doing the challenge as to have bigger opportunity in winning it. Then, ask them to post in their social media platform, while using the hashtag you have set for them to follow. In spite of whatever challenge you have in mind, let it be a mandatory thing for them to tag you (or if your event has it’s own social media account, that would be fine too!) while posting the Twibbonize frame in the social media. This would allow an instant exposure to your event and brand, at a real time basis. In a way, it can be seen as a substitute of publication content as well. It’s just that the publication is not done and issue by your end, but through your guests instead. Isn’t that a smart thing to do? Apart from that, you, as the organizer, are gonna get an opportunity to be as interactive as however you wish to be, to your guests.

What happens when the Product Launching events are done virtually?

Reading the articles above, i’m sure some of you are wondering “Okay, that would be applicable for my events when it happened years ago, before the pandemic era. What about when we can only do our product launching events virtually? What happens then?”. Not to worry! We got you covered 😉

In today’s era, we know everything is mostly done virtually. From company meetings, small celebration events, all the way to your celebration of big events, such as your product launch let’s say.

As an organizer, it goes without questions that one of the ultimate benefit that comes along from this virtual-era is that now, you can easily reach unlimited market segmentation as your targeted audience. However, there are many challenging aspects and factors that need to be noted and considered from your end as well, as to ensure your event can be carried out as well as possible.

But before we get to that, let us get to one of the essential aspect that is mandatory to be considered for any type of event, that has to be executed prior to the big day.

Promotion, Promotion, Promotion…..

Yes, similar to what we had gone through earlier, we want to highlight to you in this section as well about the importance of doing a smart promotion strategy for your Virtual Product Launch. With Twibbonize, you can gain your audience’s engagement while promoting your event at the same time. Who doesn’t want their event to be viral, at such a convenience?

One of the smart ways to do it, is to collaborate with figures or influencers that are relevant to your brand and product. This could increase the awareness and enthusiasm of your upcoming product launch virtual event, easily! Have them post the Twibbonize frame in their social media, while encouraging their followers to attend your event and to show their interest in joining by posting the Twibbonize frame in their own account as well.

Virtual Product Launch… What Are The Challenges?

When it comes to virtual event, as an organizer of the event, you need to think of ways to engage your audience. Interaction is important. Let your event have two-way interaction throughout the entire session, as to avoid your audience feeling bored or even loosing focus. You can throw some open questions every now and then, to keep your audience engaged with whatever you present while maintaining the interaction momentum to keep going.

And not just interaction, it is also mandatory to adopt a fun element in your event. As an organizer, you need to think of ways to encourage an active participation of the audience.You can play games or create a challenge with a prize offering in return, or do a free give away of your event ticket to people who can tag along most contacts while using Twibbonize.

Virtual Photo Booth For Your Virtual Event. Because Why Not?

We all know how photo booth is included in a must-have list, when it comes to any event. Besides for the sake of fun, it allows the organizer to utilize the pictures for publication and brand image purposes.

Now, as we are entering a virtual-habit era, you may wonder how could you adjust the usual way of doing photo booth, but in a digital way. The answer is : Let’s Twibbonize it up! 🙂

  • Prepare a proper frame, that has similar characteristic to a proper photo booth frame. You will want to incorporate several essential aspects, into the frame. From the name of your virtual event, your logo, corporate color, brand guideline, and the list goes on.
  • Display the shortened URL link or QR Code, by the last segment of your run down. Let your audience follow through the link or QR Code you display, while sharing your screen, so they can snap a picture and post it in their social media.
  • The power of hashtag. Think and choose the right hashtag for your event. Then do tell your audience to include that hashtag while posting the frame in their social media. It’s doing your event and brand a good boost as well!