When a company is about to launch a new product, there are two essential things that need to be prepared thoroughly and carefully, internally. First is the event of the launching (which we have discussed in another Product Launching Guide. If that is what you are looking for, click here). The second essence, is the ultimate reason behind all the fuss that occurs in your hand, which is none other than the Product itself!

So now that you have a new product to be launched soon, we are certain that there must be a lot of things to cover from your end. From the promotion strategy, product production, press, and the list goes on. As a brand, we know how you must be aiming to do anything in order to gain the attention of your audience, towards your upcoming product.

The Power of Collaboration

In today’s era, many big or even small brands choose to take a collaboration-step, in order to unlock bigger potential of their brand or even product, getting widely recognized. Collaborating with the suitable and relevant public figures, for your new product launch, will most likely drive public’s enthusiasm and expectation towards your about-to-be-launched product. This method will allow you to reach bigger segmentation, than you could reach on your own. Public figures, have the capacity to influence a certain segmentation of our society, in an easy way. By doing this, is not just gonna benefit your product to be widely known by your targeted audience, but will also help in enhancing people’s trust towards your brand and product.

When it comes to new product launch, trust factor plays a quite essential role in it. There may be many who are interested and curious about your new product, but it will less likely to be converted into a purchase without trust from your consumers’ end, towards your brand. In order to gain your consumers’ trust towards your newly launched product, there are several things you may need to note.

“Word of Mouth” To The Rescue!

Yep. It’s the ultimate way to gain trust from your consumers. People will tend to have more confident in your newly launched product, when there’s someone they know who can validate their interest and intention in purchasing your product. The method to do word-of-mouth can be done in variant ways.

One of the common thing we see all around the internet when there’s a new product that was launched, is the hype of that product’s review. Starting the product review snow-globe by the suitable and relevant public figure or influencers, will naturally increase their followers’ interest to join in the hype and trying out your product. This gives your product an effective exposure that could make it’s new existence to be viral. For this matter, you can Twibbonize up your product review aspect, to make it more effective and convenient.

Twibbonize For Your Product Review. Why Not?

First thing first, you will need to prepare the design template of the Twibbonize frame. This frame is the very frame that your consumers will use (download and upload), when they want to participate in the product review movement that was created by your side in the first place.

Here’s some tips or tricks for you to note, in making and preparing the suitable frame:

  • Corporate identity!You will want this frame to be able to represent your identity as a company. In order to do that, you need to incorporate your corporate color, brand guideline, writing font, and even your corporate logo, into your frame.
  • Your new product elementWell, as we are talking about the occasion of your newly launched product, you will surely want adopt your product’s element in the frame as well. If you crate a particular tagline or slogan to your new product, you can include that. And the most important thing, is your product’s picture. You will want to showcase it in the frame in a decent size, and placed in a decent location, that could be easily noticeable.

  • Tagline to the rescue!As for the tagline, try putting yourself in the shoe of your customer who just tried out your product. And come up with something simple, that could represent their angle in a way, such as “I have tried (your brand name)’s new (your newly launched product name)!” or “I have purchased (your newly launched product name), and it looks good on me!”. You will want the tagline to have that positive-vibe, to encourage your customer to review your products in a well manner-state as well.
  • Hashtag, hashtag, hashtagSimilar to the tagline above, you need to think of the right and suitable hashtag for your new product as well. Then you can ask those who participate in this product review campaign, to include the hashtag in their social media. In doing so, you can highlight such information in the campaign description section that is displayed in your campaign page. Hashtag can be utilized for you to keep track of people’s enthusiasm towards your new product easier, and you can overview your product’s virality in convenience.

Let’s Twibbonize Up Your Product Testimonial Template!

Quite similar with product review, customer testimonial is functioned to highlight deeper explanation of your product’s value to them. Your customers tend to elaborate the reasons behind their decision on choosing your product, and how or what kind of changes your product has brought to their lives. The significance and importance of your product, could be seen by what kind of testimonials you receive in return from your customer.

Apart from that, we understand that your customers’ testimonials are something you perceive as valuable. As this can be utilized as your reference for your further product development and improvement. However, it is something we acknowledge as well that there has never been an official template that is provided by brand for it’s customers to utilize, as and when they want to give testimonials. Thus far, the form of testimonial can be done in variant ways. From writing in blogs, relevant website, or even social media, or perhaps your customer record themselves explaining about their testimonials then have it uploaded in their social media platform. While no one denies that these ways are somehow working out just fine, we wanted to help you to deal with your products’ customer testimonial in a much effective and convenient way.

The tips and tricks you need to bear in mind when preparing to make the suitable frame, has been mentioned as stated above (kindly refer to the previous section in this article, as stated within “Twibbonize for your product review. Why not?” section). Now, let’s jump into the part where we can show you the advantages of using Twibbonize for your product testimonials.

  • Boosting your brand valueYep, you read it right. By providing the official template that your customers can use as and when they wish to give your product a testimonial, will somehow affect the value of your branding in away. That is why you would want your frame to represent your corporate or brand identity, in the first place. Then, imagine your Twibbonize frame spreading across social media and the internet. It will give your branding and your product an instant exposure effect.
  • Can easily keep track and measure people’s thought of your productThis is one of the reasons why hashtag utilization, is essential. You will want to officially highlight it in your campaign description, for your customer to use and include the hashtag when they post their Testimonial Twibbonize frame, in their social media.
  • Sort and select which Twibbonize frame you want to boast about!By doing collaboration with the suitable public figures or influencers, we can only imagine how viral your Twibbonize frame is going to be. Many people will be driven to try out your product and joining the hype. From there, you can sort and choose if there is any figure whom you wish to boast about (who has tried your product). Then, you can showcase that person’s Twibbonize in your website, if you want to (and if that person allows, of course 😉 ). It will help your prospect customer to gain trust towards your brand easier.

Let Us Make A Fun campaign Out of Your Product Launch, Shall We?

Besides doing collaboration, a fun element is always something that is essential for every brand to consider doing, especially if their businesses have a close and direct interaction with their end customer.

If you want your product launch to be remembered, or if you want your customers to be eager enough to participate, you might want to input some fun element, into your product launch. And to do that, you can throw some kind of challenge out of your new product launch, for your customers to participate by using Twibbonize frame. As your brand is considered as retail business, it is most likely that your customers are going to use your product by themselves, rather than re-selling it later on. Of course, like any proper challenge there is out there, it would be nice to offer an interesting prize in return, for the chosen winner of the challenge.

Here, we have an idea for you!

With that consideration in mind, you can make a fun challenge campaign out of your product launch, that will encourage your customer to explore their creativity in striking a pose while wearing or being surrounded by your product.

Depending on your sector of industry, imagine looking at your Twibbonize challenge-frame all over the internet, with your customers’ picture in it, as funny and creative as it could go. It would be a fun way to make your challenge, your product, and your brand, viral in such convenience!

How does it work then?

Whether you want to use Twibbonize frame for the purpose of your customers’ product review, testimonial, challenge game, or as simple as for boasting about their purchase upon your product, you can do it with us easily.

In your campaign page, you will find your campaign’s shortened URL that is located right above your frame. You can feature your shortened URL in your marketing content, or even in the website section of your social media profile.

As it is the shortened version link, people will easily remember it. Therefore, featuring or displaying it in your content, would be very much okay to do! In doing so, your public figure partners can share your campaign’s shortened URL, so their followers can access and participate in the movement of your whichever kind of campaign you are doing for your new product launch.

Your customers or anyone then can join in your campaign by uploading the Twibbonize frame in their social media feeds, while have the product review or testimonial details written separately in the caption section.

Display Your Campaign Link or QR Code In Your Offline Store As Well!

Yes, you can display your campaign’s shortened URL or QR Code, by the cashier side as well. And for that, there are various QR Code generator websites that you can find in the internet. This would be suitable for a kind of campaign that could be participated right after the purchase. Say, if you make a fun challenge (such as as we mentioned before) out of your new product launch, it would be the right timing to inform your customer about the existence of the challenge for them to participate, by the time they pay at the cashier. Therefore, it would make so much sense to display the shortened URL or QR Code details by your cashier’s desk as well.