When it comes to holidays, there are a lot of things that come to our minds. Good food, quality time with family and friends, lots of sales, warmth, love, excitement, and everything nice. Usually, the dates are fixed and we are fully immersed in the holiday hubbub preparation and everything that comes along with it. Sounds heavenly, huh? And whatever the reason for the season, most will agree that it involves showing compassion for fellow human beings. Whether you celebrate it with your family, employees, customers, or anyone!

But the thing is, how do you celebrate every holiday or festivities with your people through social media in a creative, personalized, yet efficient way? Not to mention that most of the time, sometimes the editing, designing, and distribution process of the campaign can be a hassle, right? We’ve all been there.

Worry not, Twibbonize can help you to make it happen!

Bring the “happy” to “holidays” for customers, and everyone!

As a business owner, you hardly allow yourself to go on holidays because of always working round the clock through the year, and without a doubt, you deserve a good holiday! But keep in mind that your customers are as precious as your long-awaited holidays too since they are the very people who support and help you to be who you are today throughout the year. Show how you don’t just focus on product or service sales, but also focus on your customers and employees by celebrating holidays with them too. You can do it in many different ways, but you need to be aware that appreciation plays a big big role in customer and employees retention. And now, you can use the generous/jolly spirit of the holidays to show how much they mean to you with Twibbonize, where we can spice things up on social media with just a few clicks.

How we get things done for you:


Okay, cool. The process is all easy and neat, but what’s the real deal of using Twibbonize or in general, photo frames for public holidays? Is it gonna make a real change though?

Spoiler alert yes, it is a real deal and we don’t blame you for being skeptical here. We understand why some of you might see photo filters as a boring way to promote things, but on the other hand, isn’t it more practical? You can use the platform to execute fantastic ways to celebrate holidays with your customers in an easy and efficient way. Here, take a look at these ideas that would help you to celebrate with customers:

Tis the season for discount and sales

When we talk about holidays, one of the things that come to mind is discounts and sales. Giving your customers a discount coupon or a special big sale is one of the best ways to show your gratitude towards them,  and you can make the seasonal discount and sales to be more fun with Twibbonize!

You could provide a frame for the customers to use and upload to social media as one of the requirements to get a free discount voucher to your products or services, which could boost your brand awareness and of course, it could bring a bundle of joy to your dearest customers!

Utilizing your usual holiday emails with Twibbbonize

Let’s be honest, sometimes email marketing campaigns are futile unless you are giving the readers something worthy to read, and what’s better than sales and discounts? 😉 Now you can add Twibbonize’s shortened URL link in seasonal email for them to use, and you can also use the opportunity to direct them into your holiday sales and discount!

You can also send the frame through your usual holiday emails for the customers to use during the holiday. By providing them a frame to use, it digitally shows your genuine appreciation and warm gesture during the holiday as a person and company that you’re putting your customers first as a fellow family and not for beneficial purposes only.

Exquisite the holidays with campaigns and seasonal competitions!

Even though you don’t have to wait until the holidays are near to create a campaign, holidays is one of the perfect time to connect with your customers in a fun and festive way. Whether it’s to attract new clients with attractive campaigns, or to show loyal customers that you care, there’s an immense chance to use the holiday as your sales or marketing benefit.

With Twibbonize, you can create any campaign in a much more fun way with just a few clicks! Whether it’s to celebrate your new Christmas season products where customers can share their stories and experience with a picture on social media platforms, or to make it more fun and challenging with your seasonal competitions such as a virtual singing contest or virtual fashion show on August 17th where the winners could get a discount voucher for purchasing holiday goods/essentials such as new clothes, shoes, etc. to celebrate the holiday. Whatever it is, you can create any campaigns effortlessly with no hassle with us.

Host a holiday-themed event

Well, whether it’s an offline or online event, you can utilize Twibbonize by creating a frame for customers to use as one of the requirements to join the event, where the more people to participate in the events, the more tremendous chance for you to use the opportunity to sell your products, raise brand awareness, and connect with customers.

Provide added incentives

We are sure your customers will love any small gifts that you send their way, and that will help your customers feel that they are matter and appreciated! Let your customers know that your brand is willing to do everything it takes to make their holidays better.

People tend to give a testimony or a shout-out for being appreciated by a brand on social media. You can utilize and highlight the stories of your customers on your social media posts by using Twibbonize! Such actions could give your customers a sense of loyalty and belong towards your brand. It also will bring you exposure to a new customer

Run a holiday giveaway!

The holiday season is the perfect time to do give away! Who doesn’t like free stuff, especially during holidays, right? Whether it’s a big discount or completely free stuff to get, it resonates with the enjoyment and excitement of the season, and will also create a buzz around your brand on social media platforms.

Besides, it’s important to make it easy to join. With Twibbonize, you can create a photo filter for the participants to easily use and upload as a requirement to join the giveaway. Not only that it can be done easily by participants, but it also can promote your brand and could be picked up by algorithms to be seen by everyone.

To get more insights about giveaway events, you can read our giveaway guide here.

What if I don’t have any idea about the frame design?

Say no more, we got you! Here are some additional tips that could be useful for you in creating holiday-themed frames:

1. Use related holidays color palettes, for example, if it’s the Christmas season, you can use green-red-white colors for your design. Or if it’s Chinese New Year season, you can use red-yellow-gold colors.

2. Put your brand or company identity too, such as your company logo, website, and social media accounts.


3. Give some space for participants to use, don’t take too much space for your company information. Remember that one of the main purposes is to appreciate and celebrate holidays with customers, so let them express their picture!

All of this sounds so exciting, right? Everyone loves holidays and the best part is, now you get to share the excitement with everyone through Twibbonize. Besides that, we also celebrate differences and we are encouraging you to be inclusive too! If you have customers who celebrate other holidays like Chinese New Year, Ramadhan, or winter holidays out there like Hanukkah or Kwanzaa, they too will likely appreciate your acknowledgment of those.

Don’t miss your opportunity to show some appreciation during the holidays and let your customers, workers, or anyone that you have something worth their time up in your sleeves!