Nowadays, the political media system has undergone some massive swift over the last decades, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic hits. It has forced many people including Indonesians to rely heavily on the internet for information to an even greater extent than before. Digital platforms such as social media have become the most accessible medium to widespread information and thoughts about anything, from what they eat for dinner to ‘heavy’ topics (well, at least for some people) such as politics talks. In number, social media users in Indonesia was equivalent to 61.8% of the total population by January 2021 (it wasn’t surprising since the amount of time we spent on social media a day is huge).

And like it or not, social media and politics have become impossibly inseparable due to all of the everything-digital phenomenon. Why? Because almost all political discourse from civic discussion to collective empowerment campaigns about politics happens via social media. The evolution of Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook, from platforms that are facilitating networks and entertainment among friends online to a powerful political tool, has been a vital development for us all.

The next question is, how can you maximize the opportunity to reach all of the targeted audiences as possible with the power of social media and the internet? Not to mention that the pandemic situation has a downside where we have to avoid crowds as well.

In this guide, we will guide you in how to include Twibbonize in many ways as your digital support and also a free marketing tool for your campaigns and movement’s virality!

Our features are easy to use for all!

Before we get to the core of this guide, here’s how Twibbonize works in general:

Billboards are so yesterday. Use Twibbonize instead!

As we mentioned before, social media in government and politics overall is a game-changer. If back then we used to see and read anything about politicians on TV and newspaper only, now people can engage directly with politicians, civic officials, even entire government agencies through places like Twitter. It gives everyone the chance to engage with each other online.

“This is not about the age of your constituency” -Pinar Yildirim

Plus, rather than spending a mountain of $$$ to print your campaign posters and billboards here and there (which are kind of outdated and not environmentally friendly), utilizing social media costs way less than any other media.

Another thing is, we also acknowledge how important it is for governments to not only adapt to a rapidly advancing world of social technologies but also how to take advantage of the platforms to the fullest.

And that’s exactly why we are here, to break down the benefits and ideas of practices of using social media with applying Twibbonize for your political campaigns and basically for any possible movement purposes. Below we’ve broken down some of it:

Your gate for campaigns and any movements

As closer we get to the start of the election party, typically partisans of parties will organize various occasions, from social and environmental campaigns to donations for those in need.  And as digital campaigns become more common in gathering collective support from society, the need to ensure credibility and transparency became extremely important to build the much-needed trust amongst the public.

Another reason why we love campaigns is that it’s increasing your value as a brand and image as a “socially aware” party (which are cool), and you can humanize your brand by doing it. I mean, people are too often forget that there are actual people behind political parties and government offices. And by doing it digitally via social media and keeping the public engaged, allows you to show audiences that hey, you’re human too.

So. Without any further explanation, let’s get to the key points:

Twibbonize for online campaigns

Since Twibbonize’s campaigns are also based on social media and are widely used by Indonesians (as we mentioned earlier, 61,8% of the total population), you could reach a huge potential market, which might not be exposed in the usual offline campaigns and movement. Besides, our user age policy is 18 years old that could fit with the minimum age to use their rights to cast a vote in any election!

To talk about it, it is not a surprise anymore that the public is tired of false promises, especially when it’s occurring during the election period. There’s always a controversial talk between the public about a gap between the intent and action – what people say they will do and what they actually do. This is why during the election period, various campaigns for any kind of good causes from social to environment are being held by the supporters and partisans of various parties to show their candidates’ real action.

And this is where Twibbonize can come in handy! You can utilize Twibbonize for your various online-based campaigns, be it in order to celebrate commemoration or national days or anything to showcase the real effort and work done by the partisans and the candidates. Besides, by making it on social media, it could increase your chance of one of the main purposes: inspire the others to do good causes, and also could reach way more audiences to be aware of the campaign and also the candidates’ works.

Not to mention that by using our features, rather than uploading plain pictures with hashtags only, you will have a more even and structured template for your partisans and supporters in public to use! And as there are usually many different branches of parties that are based on regions, you can use Twibbonize as a ‘hub’ to gather the social campaign posted on social media by each branch of supporters! Besides, it shows the public how diverse and scattered around the country your supporters are.

Conventional campaigns: still beneficial, still relevant

When it comes to election campaigning, boots on the ground can sometimes beat, or at least build more trust rather than completely online campaigns on socials for some audience. Especially if we’re talking about the audiences of an entire region or even a country, online campaigns are not the only way to get people’s attention to you.

Campaigns with offline ways and channels are still a fundamental aspect of any company’s marketing strategies, including in politics. But wait, how can you combine Twibbonize, which is an online-based platform with offline, conventional campaigns?

Well, hear us out. You can do both the duties with Twibbonize.

As doing conventional campaigns means you have to go and be present on the location, Twibbonize frame can be used as your marketing and promotion tool for virality about your activities during the campaign to record the campaign and local people’s support to social media. The frame can be used for your supporters, community, and partisans to upload some live pictures about how the campaign goes and reach more audiences via socials.

Or maybe if you happen to go to some areas without sufficient internet connection, you still can save the moments of activities first and post it later!

Not to mention by doing a conventional campaign, you as the candidates could get faster feedbacks by getting an opportunity to interact with the local people. You can immediately come to know what aspects of problems they are currently facing and their inputs for your upcoming work programs. Besides, this also could establish relationships and build trust by ensuring them that you can start working on the improvements of the problem immediately, as you should.

Going limitless with Twibbonize

As we are still facing the Covid-19 pandemic, virtual meetings and campaigns through online conferences became more relevant to use. Well, besides that it’s reducing our health protocol violations by keeping the crowds off, it’s also double the duty in costs less than any other form of election campaigns.

You can also organize a virtual campaign for partisans and the public to join! The best part about a virtual campaign is you can gather up to thousands of participants virtually, which makes it the safest way than any form of election campaigning amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

You can build up the anticipation and awareness of your campaigns for all the potential audiences by providing the registered people a Twibbonize frame for them to upload on social media as a sign of participating.

You can also insert a registration link or QR code for the virtual campaign on the frame for people to access easily!

Everyone is beyond welcome

As we mentioned earlier, a persuasive one-way method to do an election campaign is outdated and now losing its charm. The public tends to prefer informative and educating campaigns where each candidate introduce objectively their visions, missions, and future programs they have.

And instead of offering online actions such as “sharing” or “watching” content to your current and prospective audiences, give your audiences action-oriented activities where they can actually participate—perhaps giving you supports, feedbacks, opinions about your current future programs, or simply some realistic hopes for the future brought by the candidates.

And worry not, to keep the public discussion healthy, you can avoid the false narratives that are usually brought by the paid influencers and buzzers for political or even commercial purposes by providing a Twibbonize frame for people who wants to participate in the “open discussion” campaign to make it more credible and systematic! Also with providing a frame, it gives a personal sense of support that’s more likely to be given by a real user and it’s harder for buzzers to create inorganic multiple buzz posts in the form of a photo frame. With our campaign tag features, you can also make the campaign easier to discover and avoid the campaign being in a disarray with templated content and some specific tags.

Why so serious all the time?

If there’s one thing that we and the public can agree about, is the fact that when it comes to the election period, especially the national-scaled presidential election, the political tension is high and go through the roof.

Also, keep in mind that not everybody is interested in politics. Some people don’t even bother to engage with the government or politics in general on social media. Perhaps they are already too busy caught up in their daily lives, and have no energy left to argue with anyone, or simply aren’t interested at all.

And that’s fine, we don’t blame them. Sometimes all of the heated discussions might be stressful and feels too heavy to keep on track, especially for youngsters. What we’re trying to say is, sometimes not everything has to be partisan, though. Even when we want everyone to be involved in the election and use their rights.

A positive, fun, “just because” campaign can be a much-needed break from all of the debates and heavy discussions! You might consider some types of content for audiences other than your party affiliations such as holiday celebrations in each region’s traditions and local stories for the public to hop in. This casual, stress-free campaign could also be your chance to reach more audiences like the youngsters to be aware and participate!

Some tips for you to build a frame

1. Use your party’s theme colors.

2. Put your brand or company identity too, such as your party logo.

3. You can also put a call to action line.

4. If you are planning to hold a virtual campaign for people and your partisans to join, you can also put the URL link for virtual campaign registration in the frame.

5. Give some space for participants to use, don’t take too much space for the line and pictures.

Ready to take on the world of social media and politics to the fullest?

As political campaigns are becoming increasingly more expensive especially in conventional ones while you need to build support and a sense of community during your candidacy, social media, without a doubt, will play a far more important role in determining the outcomes as it’s limitless! You have the opportunity to reach any audience and we have what you need to take your campaigns to the next level!