Whether you liked it or not, and whether it’s occurring in high school or in campus, student orientation week is one of the busiest and most exciting weeks of the academic year. We’ve all been there before at least once in our academic journey, right?

For incoming students, orientation week can be an invaluable, once-in-a-lifetime experience where usually the school or campus is filled with excited and nervous new students that are ready to begin their higher academic journey.

With that being said, how a university handles this exciting week is greatly important as the students need to feel included with the warm welcome. I mean, wouldn’t it be sucks to start your new, long-awaited journey without a memorable start to this exciting new chapter of yours?

So, how exactly do schools and universities create a welcoming atmosphere for the students? Especially in these days where most of everyone wants everything to be done effectively without hassle? Besides, a well thought out of social media utilization is vital as it also provides a unique window of opportunities to reach new audiences, gain new followers, and gain more engagement through the new students on social media platforms.

In this edition of Twibbonize guide series, we will guide you all the way in how to create some stand-out orientation week campaigns by utilizing Twibbonize’s features!

First thing first: how it works

Utilizing Twibbonize for your student orientation week

I don’t know about you, but when someone says orientation week, one word comes to my mind: nervous.

During orientation week, new students will experience a lot of exciting events, and typically all of them start with an introduction to the wider audience where the new students usually wear a big-sized handmade ID card, garlanded on their neck. Which is kinda fun to make, though. But sometimes new students barely have the time to make one because they are too busy caught up in the midst of preparations, and the best thing you can do is to simplify the orientation experience for students.

So how can you help to make it easier for us without removing the activity?

With Twibbonize, you can leave the old-fashioned ID card with our frame that is easy to make, easy to share, and you can also get creative for the ID card designs other than just a plain cardboard with letters! Not to mention that you can use it for both conventional and modern ways, where you can still use it for offline and virtual purposes in student orientation week!

Sometimes, the less the better

During orientation week, the freshers or students will be having loads of information thrown at them throughout the week. Whether it’s classes information, clubs information, campus map, basically anything about university life.

And normally, they pass the much-needed information with lots of papers, which is kinda a waste, remembering that most of the papers ended up in the trash bin because they prefer to access the information easily and digitally.

I mean, aren’t we all? Besides, saving papers and the earth is fun.

By utilizing Twibbonize, you don’t have to worry about going back and forth to pass the information papers. As new students often have many queries and concerns during the event, ensuring there’s a consistent platform to keep them updated without hassle is important! It could be the university’s website or social media platforms.

So, to pile the information and make it less troublesome, you can insert a QR code for students to scan in your Twibbonize frame! By using the frame for their orientation week ID card, they can directly access the information on your website or social media easily within a few clicks. This meant the university and the teams are no longer had to manually pass the information, or contact each department and team to ensure the information papers had been published. All they need to do is scan the QR code on their orientation week ID card. It saves you and them a significant amount of time, effort, and paper!

Orientation week goes virtual, why not?

Just like the other aspects as we are facing a global pandemic, some student orientation weeks in many schools and campuses are facing a shift from offline to moving entirely online. However, just because the format is slightly different, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be an exciting experience!

To welcome the new students, Twibbonize can help you to create a warm, welcoming campaign for the new students to join in right at home! Be it from any classes or faculties, everyone is celebrating and welcoming you into the family.

With our features, you can also add your own caption and hashtags for them to use, and share it easily with our shortened URL link feature!


And not only for welcoming purposes, but you can also use the frame as a new student’s token of completing the orientation week registration process. You can send the shortened URL link via email for them to use!

Also, keep in mind that the use of social media has become extremely important for new students to gain information about the orientation week and university in general. You can use the momentum to increase engagement levels on the university, organizations, to clubs’ social media profiles by providing them a frame to use and upload on social media!

Tag, tag, and tag!

As we can see, social media is a sure-fire way to connect with students, administrators, and faculty. For being able to reach and keep in touch with new audiences through the university’s social media profiles, you can add an extra requirement for students to give a follow and tag your university, organization, or club’s social media profiles in the frame. It can boost your followers and allow you to provide academic and any kind of information to the new students! It’s a win-win solution for all, after all.

Why use hashtags?

While orientation week brings together students from both near and far, it’s really a valuable time for students to make friends and establish ties to their new community. But for some new students, starting the new academic year might be pretty difficult for those living away far from home. They have to find a new residence, adapt to the new environment, and find some new friends, which is kinda challenging especially when it’s virtually done, and we felt that.

As the orientation planner, the sure thing we do is to ensure the orientation week is to be inclusive for all, no matter if it’s virtually done or not. Providing small things such as hashtags for them to use in uploading the frame, could help them in discovering some new friends, whether in the same class, same faculty or just in the same school or university in general!

You can utilize our campaign tag section to add the hashtags into your campaign caption!


Some tips to create your hashtag:

1. Don’t string too many words in one hashtag! The best hashtags tend to be short and easy to keep in mind.

2. Use relevant and specific hashtags. If it’s too blurry, it will be hard to find by the new students and leave your hashtags unused.

3. Limit the number of hashtags you use. As we said earlier, sometimes the less the better. The more you stack your hashtags, the more it looks spammy.

Enhancing student’s experience with social media content

It goes without saying that a social media presence needs to be both active and of benefit or interest, in order to be successful.

Besides that we want to highlight all the great things that go on during orientation week for students, we also want to let them know that we’re not just here to provide information and support, but to also help them have a great time while they are here!

In this guide, we also got you covered in how to enhance students’ experience during orientation week by utilizing social media content and Twibbonize!


You’ll probably continue to share the orientation or welcome week on social media like Instagram and Twitter, which is great to have constant updates on the platforms! But sometimes new students don’t necessarily want to hear from you, they want to hear from other students.

With that in mind, it would be great to make a real push to get UGC (User Generated Content) from new students through fun events such as contests with incentives during the orientation week

You can generate a photo competition with Twibbonize, where new students can take and upload any pictures with a frame about their moments during the orientation week to social media. Besides, you can repost their pictures with frames on your social media to get more live content throughout the week!

Also, don’t forget to provide some hashtags for them to use! We want them to easily tap and explore into these moments and encourage new students to share them on social under the hashtags.


Not just during the orientation week, you can also pump the hypes before the orientation week. To extend a warm social media welcome to the new incoming class, you can create a “throwback to” campaign for all senior students or alumni, where they can join in to build all the excitement before the orientation week, or you can also make it as a countdown to D-day!

With this campaign, senior students or alumni can upload their memories in pictures during their past orientation week with a frame through Twibbonize! They can also tell their memorable stories in the caption section with some hashtags to make it easy for new students to discover.

Tips from us on how to create a frame

1. You can put your school or university identity such as school or university name and logo.

2. You can also put a tagline and some basic information about new students such as faculty, major, and academic year.

3. You can also put a QR code or a link for new students to gain information about orientation week on the frame.

4. Give some space for participants to use, don’t take too much space for the line and pictures.

There’s a million different ways you can use to build excitement in the weeks before, during, and even after orientation week with social media. This guide is just the tip of the iceberg in how you can maximize all the fun for orientation week with social media and Twibbonize. The key is try to create some posts and campaigns that are helpful and sparks interest for students to hop in and have fun! Plus, if you’ve got any ideas you’d like to try out for new students orientation week, why not do it with us?