It’s not something new and I’m sure that we all are aware that the entertainment industry is in a transformation phase as interactivity and multiple social media platforms have drastically changed the entertainment industry at least over the last decade. And talking about entertainment, it is a very wide industry indeed, where it has multiple segments such as Movies/Cinema, Music, Publishing, even Gaming. Nonetheless, they have one thing in common: they are attached to social media and are using it as one of their main weapon to do promotion and marketing, and they need something which can be used easily and effectively to promote their products or events to social media.

Like, what would’ve happened if we didn’t have social media to release all the music videos and movie teasers ahead of the release? Or how would artists and music labels reach out to an international audience without social media? In this age, we can’t even imagine the entertainment industry without the perks of social media.

And as often as you heard about it, you can’t deny that social media is the perfect medium for the entertainment industry, especially in Music and Movie segments to promote and target the audience. It allows you to generate buzz in a cost-effective way, and the best part is you have no limitation in how far the scope is gonna be. I mean, it’s social media and the internet that we are talking about, right? And there are many ways in which you can use social media to market your brand.

One of those ways is by creating a frame for your events! By creating a frame, you aren’t just building a buzz and awareness, you can also use it as an invitation tool for your event.

But wait a minute, that’s one of our music and movie entertainment secret formulas that we’ll spill later on! Now before we jump further, let’s start with what’s the deal in Twibbonize anyway?

How Twibbonize works without hassle


Alright, all of this sounds practical, but how are this photo frame could build the much-needed excitement and anticipation among the general audience and among the fanbase? 🤔

How Twibbonize can help you to level up your new releases:

It all starts with a song

From releasing a new single to a new album, social media is one of the most ideal platforms that you can rely on for generating a buzz about anything amongst the audiences online. Be it a solo singer, boy-group, girl-group, or any band with any genre, I’m sure them as the artist wants their song to move the world, or to put it simply, wants their song to be heard. And once the music is available on many platforms, anything could happen. The music could be a big hit, could amaze a few people, or even be completely ignored.

Without a doubt, the factor of luck and chance for the song to be viral exists, but let’s be real, the outcome is partially in your own hands, and in this age, utilizing social media has become the most vital thing to do. The good news is–there are tons of different ways to promote your music. But because there are tons of other artists releasing songs and albums here and there, you can’t just drop a song into every platform and finger crossing to expect it to reach people without some extra effort.

And talking about gaining excitement and attention in the industry, of course, we can’t leave out the fanbase or fandom. They are the very people who can go any mile to show their undying love and support for their favorite artist in major ways, whether it’s purchasing songs, albums, merchandise, attending concerts, or even holding a streaming party for their faves! And once again, social media became a huge platform for artists to interact with their fans, and even some of them gave their fanbase a name, which gives them a sense of belonging and it helps them to come together as a community.

So, with the power of social media, how can you build some planning to reach the general audience and the fanbase’s attention?

Well, hear us out. In Twibbonize, we provide a free space where fans can express their supports and engage with other fans too, and it can be done across the world virtually.

You can build anticipation and hypes about your upcoming release and promote it by sharing a frame across platforms with Twibbonize easily, within a few clicks.

Experience is the trendsetter

When we’re talking about the entertainment industry, it’s not a secret anymore that the competition is tremendous. In terms of gaining people’s attention, you as the company or artist are competing with tons of other artists and content creators. People tend to want a relatively immersed experience, and usually, that type of content really sucks them in. With that being said, everything that involves them and feels like an “event” even while you’re listening, or watching from home or from anywhere has a bigger chance of gaining and increasing more listens, views, likes, or any type of engagement.

There are a number of different kinds of ways to bring the experience to the table for them, and creating a Twibbonize frame for fans to use is one of the most effective and easiest ways! By creating a frame for fans to use, it gives them a sense of contribution and loyalty to celebrate and support the upcoming release from their favorite musicians!

By providing them with a sort of template to use, you could make the community or the fanbase grow bigger because of the buzz. Let the fan community know that you want them to be involved by celebrating and supporting the upcoming release together as a community, not as users.

And not only for the community but of course, it also works for everyone on the internet. By using Twibbonize to generate your new release campaign, you aren’t just building curiosity and brand awareness among the general audience. You can add a link that people can click to take them right to the product of music you want to promote and what’s better than knowing that your hard work is getting some anticipation and recognition as it deserves?

Now that we told you about the brief process of using Twibbonize earlier before, we have some tips in our sleeves on how to create a superb Twibbonize frame to celebrate your new song or album release:

1. Use your upcoming release color palette. You can use the color of your song/album cover design to match the Twibbonize frame.

2. Put your brand or company identity too, such as your singer/band and company logo.

3. You can also put your upcoming release line, your iconic brand line, or call to action line.

4. You can also put the URL link or the QR code to pre-save/stream in the Twibbonize frame.

Don’t forget the streaming party!

We all might agree that a song or an album release kinda feels off without a Music Video release, no?

“Even if everything is now digital, who doesn’t want to have more than just the track? I would say the track is the burger, and the music video is the full meal deal with fries and coke” – Simon Cahn

Somehow music videos have become just as important and sometimes even more exciting than the artwork due to the new way we consume music now. Back in the good ole’ days, we used to buy a physical album with a cool cover design, but now we listen to it through many online platforms.

Music video is the artist’s visual language. It connects them with the listener, as well as connecting a listener to an audience. And it often becomes a trending topic online! Usually, because it’s a long-awaited release, many fans, fanbases, or even the general public or audience are excited to watch and listen to it, even when you just showcased a teaser with a few seconds of the MV, it will always excite people.

Why not celebrate it with Twibbonize?

Many times, fans celebrate the upcoming MV release with tons of hashtags, mass-changing their profile pictures, and post their moments with a frame! And once it’s out and available to watch, the fans hold a streaming party where they aim for a goal with a certain number of views as a way to support the artist.

And with Twibbonize, you can utilize the momentum of their excitement to boost the engagement, whether it’s likes, views, or shares.

You can make the MV premiere event to be more fun by distributing a Twibbonize frame to create even a bigger buzz, rather than just dropping a link to Music Video for them to watch and the fans would appreciate the celebrating gesture from you too. Besides, it will attract some new listeners to check on your music!

Every time they reach the goal of the streaming party, they celebrate it even more! The feel of reaching a goal must be something so joyful to celebrate, right?

Now, you can create a frame where they can post their picture during the streaming party, or use it as their profile picture as a gesture of celebrating and participating in the streaming party. Remember, experience is the key. Make them feel included with an immersive yet memorable experience of the streaming party!

Twibbonize for movie release, trailer release, and so on

Okay. Now for the movie segment. There’s a lot to unpack here.

The entertainment industry too is going waaay beyond than just sharing videos on online platforms like YouTube. Movies, series, variety shows, sitcoms, are also utilizing the power of social media and social media marketing has become an integral part of movie marketing.

And we don’t want to exaggerate things here, but the arrival of social media is indeed a boon for the entertainment industry. You don’t have to rely on the power of word-of-mouth anymore for marketing strategies. Social media works faster and it allows you to reach more people and can be done from anywhere.

As we mentioned before in the previous segment, experience is the pacemaker; the trendsetter to market your product. And the same thing goes for the Movie segment.

Whenever there’s an option to involve your audience to take action and enjoy the experience, it’s worth doing.

Here with Twibbonize, you can create any campaign to build excitement about an upcoming movie release across platforms, and it involves the audience in the experience. And one more cool thing in Twibbonize, it’s customizable and personalized for your brand identity!

Utilizing hashtag never goes out of style

Once your campaign of music and movie release is out, share it on social media for the audience to use with hashtags in the caption. This will allow you to reach out to a larger audience segment.

Twibbonize and chill

Not just movies, you can also utilize the hashtags for shows and series releases. As they are streaming from home or anywhere, let the audience share their moments and experience the event

Not only it can bring real event experience to the audience, by utilizing the hashtags, you can also find out how to set a strategy, how to measure success, and what strategies drive the biggest returns.

Using celebrity and brand partnerships!

Yep, whether you are an independent film or a well-financed production house in Hollywood, you will likely have some affiliation with celebrities and brands. And if you are utilizing both of their audiences with the right strategy, it could drive a huge amount of engagement towards your new release.

With Twibbonize, you can distribute a frame for your new release or along with some special greetings to the celebrities/influencers for them to use and boost up your new release promotion. You can also send a walkthrough guide or tutorial on how to use the frame via email for them to write and upload some reviews about your new release, and it can be done virtually from anywhere to every online platform!

You can also utilize the frame as an invitation tool for your movie, series, or any premiere event! Forget about the old-fashioned email with a block of texts, it’s time to spruce up your invitation email to keep it engaging.

With providing a frame for key opinion leaders to use, it gives them the feel of personalization, that you made it just for them. And it could increase your value as a brand.

And the best part is, you can customize your own frame to match your brand identity! Let us guide you in how to make one:

1. Use your upcoming release color palette, for example, if your movie has a dystopian theme, you can use a darker grey to brown color palette. Or if your movie has a cyberpunk theme, you can use even brighter neon colors.

2. Put your brand or company identity too, such as your company logo.

3. You can also put your iconic or infamous movie line and call to action line.

4. You can also put the URL link to watch or stream the movie inside the frame.

Make it more fun! 🤩🍿

Use social competitions and quizzes to increase your promotion and engagements! Besides that they are the definition of a good balance in low risk and high reward, they also never virtually fail in creating some buzz, and providing some right rewards can work wonders in getting people to know more about your shows or movie.

With Twibbonize, you can create any campaign in a much more fun way with just a few clicks! You can create an online competition where customers can share their moments, thoughts, and stories about your movie with a frame on social media platforms, where the winner could get a special or limited edition merchandise and it can gather more people to share your content!

Well, that’s quite a lot of info about how to utilizing Twibbonize in your planning, releasing, and promoting Music and Movie! If you’ve got an interesting way and idea to do it, why not do it with us?