In most cases, it is easy for us to find brands who are doing campaign for the purpose of their sales booster, or enhancing their product and brand awareness. Regardless of the industry sector, it is common for corporates and brands to set these 2 aspects as their main objective to aim for, when it comes to planning a campaign to be done. However, sometimes, there are some brands who are willing and even wanting to take a step further in their reason and purpose behind a movement that they do. Every once in a while, we come across with a campaign that it’s purpose of existence is not centered in the common factors (sales and market awareness). A campaign that brings up such noble values and speaks about good moral, is a campaign that is on another level, that is worth supporting for. And when you are able to make a campaign that could somehow reflect people’s belief or value, they will most likely find your campaign in such a personal level, as it speaks about a cause or principles that lay close to their hearts.

What Kind of Positive Aspiration Campaign That There Is Out There?

Well, if we take a look around, there are two different approach that a brand can do in pursuing this type of campaign. In most cases, a brand would associate their product or service with the campaign itself. Say, if your brand is about skin care product, then you could make a campaign about skin acceptance while promoting your product along the way. Or if your brand sells clothes, then you could make a campaign about body positivity while promoting your new release edition along the way.

But apart from having this approach, sometimes, brands can go on making this kind of campaign, without any association with their product or service in a sense. As for this case, the campaign is most likely to be done out of the brand owner’s initiative, which shows and represents what kind of morality and value that are adopted by your leader. Regardless of your sector of industry, you could be carrying out a campaign with such a positive aspiration, though it might seem quite irrelevant to your business. Your brand could be in an Food & Beverage sector, or even FMCG, yet doing a campaign about unity, or self-acceptance, or even love.

How Does This Kind of Campaign Affect Your Branding?

When a brand is doing this kind of positivity-movement campaign, it creates such strong impression of branding from the society. This type of movement somehow allows people to feel connected and find your brand relatable, in such a personal and deeper way. If your brand were a person, people would perceive you as someone who is passionate about moral, caring, and noble. You can even leave them inspired! You know how easy it is for us to respect people who has such noble value, and caring nature? Well, same goes for your brand! Having your audience perceiving you in such ways, will easily lead them to appreciate and respect your brand in a whole new level!

With that being said, then it means the more people who is made aware of your campaign movement, the stronger your branding is going to be. And in order to do that, you are going to need to be thinking about the suitable and proper way to promote, publish and expose your movement towards your audience.

How Can You Twibbonize-Up Your Campaign? And Why Should You Anyway?

If you ask us why, well, it’s easy… Our key value lies on our ability to make any campaign go viral, in such convenience. We have prepared our platform, supported with just the right features, that shall enable you to easily distribute your campaign and have people joining and participating in your movement. Which we will get into those details in a bit..

Okay.. So how to do this in Twibbonize way?

You can easily distribute and showcase your campaign access, by utilizing the Shortened URL that is displayed within your campaign page.


For online platform, you might want to feature your shortened URL in the bio section of your social media account, so people can notice your on-going campaign movement right away, and access your campaign page easily!

As a brand, you might want to create and prepare a marketing content about your campaign, as a way of letting your audience and followers be informed, about your movement. In doing so, you can feature the Shortened URL details within your marketing content, and having it displayed by the right bottom side of your content. As for your further details of reason and purpose behind your movement, you may elaborate it in the caption section of your social media account, for your followers to be able to read and understand your motive behind the movement you are making.

Apart from utilizing your social media platform, you could also display your on-going campaign in your website. This would be a wise thing to do that could boost people’s awareness towards your movement. In doing so, you can showcase your Shortened URL on your own website page, as to make it convenient for your customer and website visitors to support and join in your movement when they pay a visit to your website.

Shall your brand has your own offline presence, in other words, a store of your own, then you may want to consider socializing your on going movement towards your end customer. In doing so, you can display the shortened URL nearby the cashier side, so people can take a look at it when they are about to pay their purchase. As an alternative idea and more simplified convenience, you can also display QR Code there instead, using the QR Code Generator website that is available on the internet.

Of course, it would be most effective if your cashier is advised to verbally inform your end customer about your on-going movement, and let them know how to participate in your campaign by using Twibbonize. Try putting yourself in your customer’s shoe… Say, you’re paying some clothes at the store, and the cashier mentioned to you something like this:

“Anyway Miss, just would like to inform you here that at the moment we are doing a campaign to support body-positivity movement, as it is a social concern that we are currently working on. Shall you find this movement as something you want to support for, you can join and participate along in the movement by accessing the link (or QR Code) as displayed here, and upload the Twibbonize frame in your social media!”

If it goes that way, the chance of your end customer to be aware of your campaign and joining along in the movement, is much higher than shall you don’t advise your team on the ground (who directly encounter your end customer) to verbally-inform your customers about your movement.

Twibbonize All The Way

Starting from your own ‘Home’

Home is where your story begins - Annie Danielson

Like the good old quote says, every story out there is started from home, as the kick-off place. Instead referring to family members, as for this case, we refer to your workers as the substitution. So, when making a campaign in Twibbonize, you could implement the “Twibbonize All The Way” rules to your workers. Have all your corporate employee and store staff participate and join in the movement, and viral up your campaign in their own social media platform. It will give your campaign an effective and instant exposure, while strengthen your branding in the society along the way.

To make a multiplication and snow-globe effect, you might want to ask your employee to tag their 3 other friends or family member while uploading the Twibbonize frame, as a challenge gesture for those people to follow along your worker’s footstep and do the same. If your brand happens to have branches or representative office all over the city or even the world, this will be a good strategy to do for getting your campaign nation-wide or world-wide recognized.

Brand Ambassador, To The Rescue!

If your brand happens to have Brand Ambassador of your own, you can utilize the advantage of having your Brand Ambassador representative to promote and expose your on-going campaign. Having them publish your Twibbonize frame in their own social media platform and encourage their followers to join along in your movement, will give such enthusiasm for more people to participate.

When we take a look from branding-aspect, doing this is not going to only benefit your branding positively, but will also enhance your Brand Ambassador’s image in a way. As what you’re doing is considered as “a good cause-campaign”, therefore, it’s only natural for anything and anyone who is associated with your campaign to be perceived positively by the society.

Okay, now that we have gone through about all the good sides and benefits of you using Twibbonize for your good-cause campaign, now we are going to run you through some tips and tricks you need to note, when preparing your campaign.

  • Your campaign title, has to be showcased within your frame. As it will make it easier for people to understand what your campaign is about, when they come across with your Twibbonize frame in the social media. And make sure it’s written properly, not too small so people can read it easily, and to be placed somewhere that is central enough for people to notice it easily.
  • Tagline, tagline, tagline – Think and come up with few words that would suitably describe what your movement is about. Then, put those wordings (if not too long) within your frame. Again, this will help people to get a better understanding about your campaign, even when they take a glance at your frame.
  • Incorporate your brand guideline, within your frame. It could be anything from your corporate color, font for writing, corporate logo, and many more elements or character that represent your identity.
  • Hashtag to the rescue! — Similar with our previous point above, you will need to think of the right and suitable hashtag that you are going to set for your campaign. You can highlight it in the campaign description section, for people to use your chosen hashtag when they upload your Twibbonize frame in their social media. This will be convenient for you later on, as you can utilize your hashtag to keep track of market’s enthusiasm towards your campaign.
  • Heart touching caption – take your time to think and write some proper sentences, that could be heart touching enough for people to feel driven in participating and joining along in your campaign movement. Highlighting your reasons and purpose behind your movement, could be a good start.