If you are not living under a rock and are active on the internet and social media in general, I bet you’re more than aware of the popularity of Korean pop bands, more known as K-pop on the platform. Well, not just the bands, any form of productions from Korea such as K-Movies and K-Dramas are also on the rise, whether you are here from the “Boys Before Flowers” era or after “Squid Game” became a huge hit around the world.

One of the reasons for this growing following around the globe is the brilliant community-building techniques K-stars are using to keep their audience engaged and hooked via online social platforms. BTS for example, the worldwide phenomenal musicians has set a record by drawing 101.1B views in a day on a music video. And fair to say that not by BTS’ impact only, the overall popularity of K-pop has led to what we called the Korean Wave.

The fan community itself, also called the fandom, regularly jumps into a range of discussions and hashtags on many social media. And the technology of fandom is changing as we speak, where back then as a teen, we had no chance and hope to get in touch with our favorite idol. But now, we’ve not only spoken with some of our favorite celebrities, but even fought with a few, no? I bet at least one of our dearest readers here has encountered some discourse to defend your favorite ones.

Oh well, not only that, the community has other tons of entertaining activities from sharing random clips, pictures, and GIFs of the K-pop stars to doing tons of projects to support your favorite stars with many purposes from promotional to environmental causes through social media. Unlike back then where sometimes the relationship with our favorites feels one-sided, now with the power of social media, we can actually show our supports to them virtually and globally, no matter what age you are right now.

And this is where Twibbonize can take apart and be your extra hands for your projects! By using our features, you can reach more audiences of your fellow fandom fellas without hassle, and without limit! (means you have the opportunity to gather your own community with international fans)!

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From fans with love

Nearly all famous K-pop groups and their members, or usually called idols, have loyal and dedicated fanbases in several countries, even it’s not surprising if turns out that each country in this whole world has at least a group of people who loves K-pop as much as we are.

From all of their works such as songs, music videos, to TMIs and their birth dates and zodiacs, you just want to know them more both as an idol and a human being. And along with being loyal, you as a fan show your dedication and undying love for your favorite idols in many fun different ways via socials, slightly in hope that your favorite idols will notice it through the worldwide trends, no? 😉

Without any further sayings, let’s get you started in this guide!

Happy birthday _____! : Your #1 guide to idols birthday projects

Even though you can rise on many occasions whenever required, we all can agree that things just get more exciting than ever when it comes to their birthdays!

One of the most popular means of birthday support is fund-raising and donations activities. And to gather the community to be aware and join the project, you can utilize Twibbonize’s features and make the project one step closer to being successful!

Applying Twibbonize for all of your heartfelt birthday projects

To be honest, we didn’t know where to start since there are so many fun projects you all, the fan community did for your favorite idols’ birthday.

But, as we said before, one of the most popular ways to celebrate birthdays is fund-raising projects, whether it’s for promotional purposes or nothing more than showing your gratitude and love towards your idols in a form of sharing with others who are in need.

For promotional fund-raising projects, billboards and advertisements are the most common to celebrate their birthday! These advertisements can be found on billboards in public spaces like malls, stations, and even on streets. Well, we bet that it must be nice and heart-warming to see more people recognize your idols and to show the whole world who the men or women of the hour are!

Not only you can show your dedication by putting on billboards and advertisements, but you can also share the love for others who are in need by undertaking charitable activities, and it’s often being held in the name of your favorite musicians! (It has been a trend in fandom communities and is pretty common in many parts of the world too!)

For being able to celebrate it with billboards and charity campaigns, surely you need to gather some funds and supports from your fellow community members and Twibbonize can help you to promote and reach more audiences via socials! Besides, Twibbonize can help your community to express their support in a more personalized way with templated content. Plus, it’s easy for everyone to use and share the campaign with others with our shortened URL link!

Not only for birthdays, billboards and advertisements projects are often created by fansites for special events such as a group’s anniversary and a new album release! So you definitely can create the frame to match wide variety of occasions!

Double the fun by using Twibbonize as your PFPs!

One thing we’ve noticed as one of the most common traditions in the community is celebrating occasions with the same profile picture on social media, such as Twitter and Instagram, and it’s always trending worldwide! Whether it’s for celebrating birthdays, album releases, anniversaries, basically anything.

And another thing that we’ve noticed too, is most of the time the company didn’t provide an official photo frame for the community to use ((pssst, that’s why we’ve recommended them to provide an official one in this guide right here.))

But no worries! You can always take the movement first since Twibbonize is here for everyone! You can make your own frame, caption, and hashtags to share for others and exquisite the exciting feelings of the celebrations

In addition, not only for celebration purposes, but you can also use our features for inside jokes, just-for-fun occasions such as April Fools day to celebrate with your favorite idols and the community!

Interaction with your favorite celebrities had never been this fun!

It’s all about celebration

In the spirit of cheerfully supporting your stars, maybe some of you realized or had a thought that putting a giant photo of your favorite idols on billboards is a rather passive way to celebrate, and less engaging with other fans.

As a result, there are some new trends to celebrate the fan journey occasions and one of them is coffeeshop projects, where the fans themselves organize and do a partnership with local stores in their area. Well, even though the star of the show, the birthday or award-winning men and women are not actually showing up, but the enormous and exciting sense of satisfaction seeing your idols’ faces filling up an entire space from the decorations, drinks, food, to fan-made goodies are just a top-notch feeling, right?

To host these coffee shop events, also known as cup-sleeve events (since the drinks usually come with custom-made cup sleeves with the idol’s picture in them), you can utilize Twibbonize as your exclusive invitation tool to keep it engaging and exclusive!

Party at cinemas? count Twibbonize in!

For some huge boy groups and girl groups out there, releasing a documentary movie is one of the most awaited releases for the fans. And once the tickets are on sale, it’s a war field for the fans.

And typically, a handful of fan communities will organize a watching party based on their regions in a local cinema. The participants wouldn’t have to go through the ticketing-war hassle since the fan community would organize all of the processes to the D-day! Plus, the event usually includes a goodie bag of fan-made merch for anyone who registered the watch party

To help you organize a watching party at your local cinemas, you can utilize Twibbonize to invite more people to the party by providing the participant a frame to upload on social media! As fellow fans in a fan community tend to follow each other on social media, more people would notice the event and there will be a bigger chance for you to have more people join the party!

You can also use the frame as a token of completing the watch party registration process. You can send the shortened URL link via email for them to use!

Aaand talking about parties, there’s also one party that we haven’t talked about.

Streaming party.

Yup, this one’s pretty common in many fandoms, where the community voluntarily mass-streaming a song or music videos on online platforms such as YouTube and Spotify, and it’s usually held on the band’s group anniversary or members’ birthdays to celebrate the occasion and has a number of streams goal for the fan community to reach.

Well, actually you guys can hold a streaming party whenever you can to support your favorite ones, but again, the anniversary and birthdays vibes are just exciting and exquisite, right?

To gather and assemble the community to join the streaming party project and reach the goal, Twibbonize can help you to spread the message to everyone online! You can also add some basic information about the streaming party on the frame and caption using our campaign tag and campaign description features.

Giveaways and competitions can go a long way

When we’re talking about K-pop, one of the most discussed topics in the fandom besides the idols themselves is the merchandise. From photo cards, albums, posters, to doll figures, everything that resembles them seems to be worth purchasing and that’s what makes K-pop more exciting! Not to mention the generous amount of merchandise that makes the fandom even more hooked.

Whether you want to increase your sales as the community’s online shop, awareness to your favorites, or smash some goals such as streaming goals, running a competition or giveaway is an excellent way to create a buzz to drive new audiences and keep your old ones engaged! We bet the feeling of winning something without a single cost feels more valuable and memorable than sales.

You can host a mini giveaway of K-pop stars’ works such as albums and other special merchants that people are raving about to hop in! By creating a giveaway based on your target audience’s interest, you can spark some brand recognition that encourages more people to buy from you! It can be an answer to the “what makes your business unique?” question.

With our shortened URL link, people can easily join the competition! You can also utilize our “Campaign Description” and “Campaign Tag” features to provide information about the giveaway for further reach that will result in more in the number of participants, as everyone likes the idea of getting something for free, and people in the fandom also love the chance to share potential freebies with their friends.

Get it and let it roll!

As we’ve finally reached the end of this guide, here are some tips and tricks in how to create eye-catching frames! But we also encourage you to create a frame that fits your goal!

1. Use your fandom’s theme colors.

2. Put your brand or company identity too, such as your online shop if you want to hold a giveaway or your fanbase logo.

3. If you are planning to hold a donation or fund-raising campaign for fans to join, you can also put the URL link for donation in the frame.

4. Give some space for participants to use, don’t take too much space for the line and pictures.

K-pop brings people together from around the world, no matter what age you are, and you guys hold immense power when it comes to supporting your favorite ones to the fullest!

For those looking to grow your community via socials, keep in mind that engagement is one of the keys to maximizing your chance to reach new audiences. Creating engaging content that suits the community’s interest helps your community to get discovered by everyone and Twibbonize definitely can help you in that!