Brands often host giveaways as a promotional strategy to boost brand awareness, social engagement, and retain loyal customers. From promotional products to shopping vouchers, consumers would always be happy whenever this cheerful occasion arises. After all, who wouldn’t love getting freebies, yes?

Although the trend of using giveaways as promotional tools have been going on for years, brands should always make considerations when hosting such events. Yes, everyone loves getting free benefits, but it could also backfire. For example, when the giveaway prize is too small for the effort required.

So, how to create a customer-friendly giveaway? Simple, lessen their pain, increase their joy. And the good news is, that’s exactly what Twibbonize do!

To Brand owners, Marketers, Managers, or anyone who may need this, we present our humble guide to creative giveaway with Twibbonize. By the end of the read, you’ll understand how to:

  • Understand how Twibbonize frame could be used to simplify and enhance giveaway and competition.
  • Utilize Twibbonize’s feature to boost your giveaway process

Without further ado, here is your guideline:

How Could Twibbonize Assist You in Hosting Giveaways?

  • Making it simple.

Twibbonize offers a ton of features that would help not only you but also your audiences. No need for excessive typing or worrying that your competition hashtags are too long for the audience to type it right. With Twibbonize, your audience would only be required to type their personal opinion that you asked for.

  • Massive Reach

Ever done a giveaway with the help of influencers to multiply your reach? With Twibbonize, you can even take it further!

Think of us as a megaphone you can use to share anything you wanted to, including your newest competition! Place this megaphone in the hands of suitable influencers, and voila! You’re all set to invite the right audience to join in your contest and share their supports. Once again, all you need to do is filling out a form, and we’ll do the rest for you!

  • Customized brand Identity

With Twibbonize, brands would have a bigger room to improvise, as the brand identity can be attached in the form of visual elements (plus in the Twibbonize shortened URL) so the giveaway itself doesn’t have to include brand’s product. For example, a fashion brand doesn’t have to solely focus on encouraging consumers to wear their brand and post it on socials. They could balance this with a more value-based campaign-slash-giveaway whereas they ask audiences to share their insight on what kind of fabric do they like the most? What kind of style do they like the most? Their first impressions with the brand, etc.

This opens a room to host a giveaway that focuses simply on catering consumer’s voice and social engagement with the said company, rather than the review-my-products type of giveaway. So, you can focus solely on nurturing customer loyalty and engaging with your audiences.

Simple, easy, massive, that’s us.

What kind of Giveaway can be done with Twibbonize?

  1. General Competition, duh

First of all, the generic answer is of course to hold a certain kind of competition where anyone can tag along. Ask a large audience to post their Twibbon along with their answers in caption/work submitted. You can either do a giveaway that:

  • Encourage your audience to resound the brand via special challenge

You can encourage your audience to vouch for your brand with a giveaway. Broaden your brand’s reach and increase general awareness.

  • Hype up special occasions (events)

Giveaway could also be held whenever you need to promote a special occasion, be it a new campaign or casual event you hosted.

  • Encourage target audience to voice their personal opinion

Another thing commonly done is doing a giveaway that encourages audiences to convey their say for a specific issue, be it a social issue or just a casual opinion. This would prove the brand’s concern towards that specific topic and willingness to engage with audiences. After all, who wouldn’t love to be asked of their opinion in this mediated age, especially when there’s a chance to win a bonus while voicing it out. Hmmm, sweeet!

  1. Loyalty program

Twibbon, in all its flaws, can be creatively utilized as a substitute for a Certificate of Participation or Appreciation Letter. Imagine getting sent a Twibbon as a loyal customer to a brand, who wouldn’t feel appreciated afterward?

Instead of sending only an appreciation letter e-mail, try sending your loyal customer a Twibbon (add good wishes). Not only visually pleasing, Twibbon also bring a sense of more exclusivity, suggesting that the brand personally knows the customer, which to say, is paramount in building customer loyalty. Plus, when people get appreciated, they’d be inclined to share the happiness.

Here are some ideas of how to utilize Twibbon for loyalty Program:

  1. Making the Twibbonize Frame
  • User Generated Twibbonize Frame (Made by the target audience aka made by your consumer).Can be used for:
    • Hosting a monthly (or weekly, if you prefer) giveaway

    Ever seen a brand hosting a monthly giveaway for their loyal reviewers? Or a simple comment-or-retweet-our-posts-to win something kind of review? With Twibbonize, you can take this to the next level.

    Not only this would boost your brand presence by encouraging more reviews to come, offering bonuses for your loyal customer, especially those who had advocated for your brand would boost your relationship with them (plus your branding value as a customer-friendly brand). After all, who wouldn’t love to feel acknowledged and rewarded, yes? So, if you have created a special identity-slash-hashtag for your user review in social media, why not take it further to a special appreciation for your loyal customers?

    • Adapting a “photobooth concept” for loyal audience that had joined event or special occasion.
  • Twibbon Manually Made by Corporate

You can also make the Twibbonize frame by using data of your loyal consumer stored in the company’s database. Although it might require bigger manpower, customers would feel much appreciated to see that the brand made an effort to appreciate them and that they are acknowledged as loyal customer by the brand

  1. Attaching benefits to the Twibbonize Frame – The frames can be used as:
    • Discount Card.
    • Another Giveaway!

    Encourage audience to post the appreciation Twibbonize frame to social media with some sort of benefit for posting.

Utilizing Twibbonize for Giveaway

  1. Fill the required information (No worries, it’d only be a short ride)
  2. Customize your shortlink

In Twibbonize, you can create a personalized short link, so no need to worry about losing your brand’s identity in the sharing process. This shortlink is powerful, so don’t hesitate to make it catchy and unique, just like your brand.

In addition, here are some ideas that where you place and share your shortened URL:

  • On your social media profile

  • On social media giveaway post (both yours and your influencers)

  • On your product packaging


     3.  Set your Visual Design & Caption Template

Don’t forget to leave room for consumers to answer the giveaway requirements. A good caption should lead consumers to easily express their thoughts, not instruct them to write a specific sentence.

Additional Tips

1. Putting your Hashtag or event name on the frame.

2. Use a design that fit your target audience

Twibbonize frame is a form of user-generated content, shared on personal Instagram feeds. User wouldn’t want to share something that doesn’t align with their personal branding or personal style, so give as much room as possible for them to still post and keep it for as long as possible.

3. Choosing your audience and Relevancy of the reward.Before starting the giveaway, make sure your target audience match your current goal. Take into the consideration that not every audience would want to participate in a giveaway, so make sure you choose wisely. The reward chosen should also be interesting for the target audience (cough unusable discount vouchers cough).

4. Ratio Effort-Reward.

Brands should also be considerate of the reward promised. If the reward is not worth the effort, audiences won’t join the event, resulting in low conversion rate.

5. Timing

Be careful of the timing when you host a giveaway! Make sure you are hosting it at a convenient time for your target audience. For example, don’t host a giveaway during times when your audiences are most likely not checking the phone, as it would mean less chance for them to join.

Aand, that’s all from us!


In Twibbonize, we cater every industry’s need of an easy-to-use platform for ideas and thoughts sharing. See how Twibbonize can boost your giveaway process, offering a room to improvise and a novelty aspect on the traditional ways to host a contest. And the best part is, all of this is provided for free. Because, why not?