Gaming isn’t always a solitary activity. Even if a game is designed for a single player, we can share love of the game through online discussions, forums, ad communication with studios or developers through social media. You can also form communities through watching others stream games you might be interested in, and by helping those who are debating buying a new release but want to check it out for themselves before dropping quite a few bucks on an addition to their collection.

Community is where you find someone to game with, and sometimes inspiration to try games outside of your comfort zones — one big and happy family, who embrace difference and champion inclusivity. The incredible community that allows you to connect with each other and talk about the things you enjoy! Being part of a community is amazing for your sense of wellbeing and a great way to enrich your confidence.

Like the games and gamers you love, online gaming communities come in different shapes and sizes—some are focused on reviewing games, some on specific games and franchises, some on news or guides, and many with different facets and discussion threads for every gaming topic you could want. They’re also full of other gamers who also want to connect and dive in while playing at home.

Gaming communities have come a long way since their inception. Now there’s something for everyone online, as long as you’re willing to look hard enough. Every Game Community has friendly and rude members, but some games are designed for newcomers and have more inviting fanbases. You did the hard work of trawling forums, chats, and streams to find the communities that will welcome you with open arms, even if you are a bit of an offbeat eccentric or a super competitive trigger-happy blaster.

Making Real World Connection

In general, getting involved in communities is a great way to build your network and get more in tune with both the industry at large as well as more specific segments within it. Community engagement can help you improve your game, whether by learning from other players, picking up tips and tricks through discussion threads, or simply by amping up your excitement and sense of connection. And on top of all that, it can also help grow and establish your audience.

The strength of community found in gaming proves that what we love is not just a passing fancy, not just something for kids that doesn’t matter at the end of the day. It’s love of the story, the characters, and settings that pulls so many of us into electronic playgrounds where you find others on a swing set, or skipping e–rocks, which forms friendships that last a long, long time. You game for the sheer joy of it—the love of a high score, a once–in–a–lifetime skin–of–your–teeth victory online, or seeing that one scene that always makes you tear up. Getting to share that love is what makes it worth it for so many of you.

There is no magical solution for you to grow a community in no time. You will see articles about guerrilla marketing or growth hacking, tricks to get noticed fast. Sure, you can come up with creative ways to grow your following faster. But it’ll still take a lot of work, unless you’re very lucky. Especially if you’re working on a niche game, you can’t expect thousands of players to subscribe to your channels overnight.

It’s going to take more time and more patience than you may anticipate, plus initially, it can feel pointless. So, why spend time and money doing something that will take months, if not years, to pay off? The answer: it’s easy to leave a game, but it is hard to leave a community. So how’s it done? Well, be sure to check out how to build an online community for a much more concise step-by-step approach, but Twibbonize will give you different ways of what you need to do.

You Love the Game? Let’s Play with Twibbonize!

We live in a digital age where the gaming industry is booming. There are more and more people starting their own online communities every day. The great thing about this is that you can make your community anything you want it to be, whether for gamers who like to play games together or share their opinions on new releases.

Community management is key for any gaming brand that wants to connect, support and grow their community (aka target audience). If you’re wondering where to start it can be tricky without the right approach and expertise to implement this successfully.

The aim is to bring people together and nurture their passion for gaming by not only talking about things they’re interested in, but mirroring how they talk too. Don’t waste time by rushing into things; it’s important to do your research first. Some people prefer to play with those who are loud and expressive. Others prefer those who are quiet and well-mannered. Whoever you prefer, it’s important you find a community for your type of people.

But it sometimes becomes challenging to know how to get started with building an online gaming community from scratch, which is why you must put a way that utilizes Twibbonize for your game community.

Where Everyone Knows Your Name, Welcome!

“Welcome new members immediately and provide an environment to get to know each other and find friends that can help you in your game.”

A welcoming environment is key to making a community thrive. One of the most common responses as to why your game community is such a great place to join is because the community is friendly and non-judgmental towards new members. Being a cozy streamer is not just about aesthetics — it’s about having a safe space that her community can come home to, embrace genuine conversation, and form emotional bonds. Comfy streamer is a must; welcoming for all people and showing an interest in their viewers’ lives.

One area that needs to be revisited every so often, is the “welcome” to new streamers. The early days when someone first joins are when habits, tone and value of your community culture, loyalty and stickiness are going to be set. So don’t miss an opportunity to welcome your new streamers, give them positive values to adhere to and things to do. If you want to take advantage of the fantastic opportunities, then it’s imperative that you treat your streaming like a business. A great way to get started with this approach is by setting yourself goals, and developing a strategy on how you will achieve those goals.

Since you’re trying to grow your game community, your goals should be focused on gaining more views or subscribers, and remember, the more well-thought-out your goals are, the more likely you are to follow through on them. We recommend you set your goals in a different way. It’s a simple and memorable goal-setting tool that will help you craft meaningful goals that produce real outcomes.

A great way to welcome new members is to dedicate a feature to them on your website or in your social media. This not only helps your most recent associates feel welcome, it also gives current members a chance to get to know the new people and forge new connections. It’s the perfect way to discover welcoming voices who put kindness at the heart of your content. We hope this way helps you refine your welcome process!

Game on : Blow Up Your Community!

A fantastic way to get your gaming community to engage with your game again is to run and win every game. This is particularly great at re-igniting that spark in members of the community who might have lost interest over time.

❓ If you could win every game, would you?

Many gamers would probably say yes. After all, winning feels good! In fact, in some cases, everyone’s allowed to win—though that’s another story. If winning’s so great, does that make losing a terrible experience? Not necessarily. Losing actually provides some lessons that winning cannot, particularly for newbies.

Though winning might not be everything, it still feels pretty darn good! A win is an easy self-confidence boost, which is a big deal for gamers. Furthermore, winning is validation. A win says that the game has been played the right way and that practice paid off. Winning motivates one to continue playing and continue winning. Also, winning connects good feelings with the game, which can give gamers the drive to keep going. Constant losing, on the other hand, might easily lead to early quitting.

When the people in your community complete accomplishments and achieve success, it’s kind to send them a nice message praising them and celebrating the positive news. There are many ways to share your excitement when your members achieve a goal. Knowing how to write a good “congratulation on the achievement” message is a great way to leave a positive impression on others and help contribute to their happy memory. Twibbonize can help you to make your special congratulation message for the winner through a photo frame!

Time to Kickoff : Work Closely with The Others

A tournament is much more than the matches alone. There’s nothing like a little friendly tournament to bring everyone together in the name of a good cause — whether it’s charity, team bonding, or simply the competition itself. But organizing a tournament event is a whole different ball game, full of unique considerations and tricky logistics that can get a little out of hand if you let them. That’s why you must have different ways to organize your event; including promotion.

Partnerships with individuals within the community can be a scary proposition. Collaborations often involve sharing private information or even game assets before they go public which runs the risk of enabling a leak — however your community can be your greatest resource and developers are increasingly turning to it for help for game development and promotion. Getting the word out to both fans and participants means meeting them where they already are. Partner with these sorts of other establishments to put yourself on everyone’s radar. Some of these businesses may even be willing to share promotions with participants or sponsor the event.

Social media is still the most powerful way to engage with your audience and promote your tournament. But your account need to exist all-year long, or you will not gather enough followers and contacts to share your projects, so be aware of all the efforts you’ll have to engage each time you enter a new social network

The End : Complete The Mission

  • Create your frame design for every stage you need. Give enough space for participants to show themselves. Balance between a lot of information that needs to be conveyed with photo frames and other elements on your frame.
  • You can also add your website address and your community logo as your brand identity as a small part on your frame.
  • Your frame must be shared with many people. We definitely like ease and convenience, right? Utilize short URLs from twibbonize, you can customize your short URL that looks so good. You can use it to access your campaign site, so you don’t have to create your own links.
  • Social media is just that – social. Just like in real life, not everyone is going to be friends. You want to connect with other people who share your vision and values. Using social media correctly gives you the chance to promote your nonprofit and find people to help with your mission. So how do you know who these people are and how to reach them? Let your audiences upload your frame campaign to their social media and let’s see the power of social media.