There are so many ways to organize charity fundraising. With the rise of online crowdfunding platforms, it is easier than ever to organize a fundraising event that can reach millions of people across the globe. And combined with the power of social media, it’s surprisingly powerful how easy it is to spread awareness towards important issues and noble missions that charity organizations are trying to tell to people.

Despite all that, it is still an important thing for organizations, companies, of all sizes to be able to make their supporters feel like they are a part of the important mission that the act of charity carries. It’s also paramount for institutions that organize fundraising activities for charitable purposes to gain the trust of their donors and ensure them that they can make real changes by joining this.

One way to earn that trust is to make donors feel directly involved in the mission you are working on. Twibbonize can help you give them a space to express their support with a personal touch.

What you will learn from this guide:

  • Create a Twibbonize campaign that can be instantly used and shared by your donors.
  • Designing an effective Twibbonize frame for every charity event you organize.
  • Utilizing all Twibbonize element(s) to your advantage.
  • Get inspiration on how to utilize user-generated photo frame for various occasions.

This guide will be divided into two parts. The first part will discuss how Twibbonize works as a megaphone and how to utilize it to the fullest. The second part will cover the topic of various ways in which Twibbonize can be applied in the context of charity fundraising.

Twibbonize: More than a Picture Frame

Twibbonize frame is so much more than just a decorative element. Because it is easy to share and personalize, you can make use of Twibbonize campaign to spread awareness towards issues that you are currently working on. As it brings simplicity to the otherwise complex process of sending and re-editing content, Twibbonize is the right tool to use if you are looking to resound the cause through a massive number of people without a fuss.

1. To start creating a Twibbonize frame, visit Twibbonize and choose “start campaign”

2. Then, fill out the required information on the campaign page.

Don’t forget to provide relevant information in the description box. Use persuasive message style, lay your arguments, explain why this cause is worth the effort and support of many, and don’t forget to add statistics into the play to strengthen your argument. As everything in the internet is interrelated, there’s a connection between the information you provide on Twibbonize and your actual campaign website. In short, what you write on Twibbonize would have an effect on your campaign’s SEO on the internet.

Then, create a shortened URL on your own to simplify the process of sharing this campaign to your supporters. Shortened URL is important not only to avoid wasting time dealing with other third-party URL services but also to strengthen your campaign’s (or institutional) identity. With every Twibbonize campaign, you can customize a short URL to better reflect your campaign or your organization’s identity.

After the campaign’s setup has been done, Twibbonize will provide a short URL for you to easily copy and share it to your intended audience. You can also directly share it with your preferred social platform. All you need to easily share a short and memorable URL is within your grasp!

3. Utilize the #️⃣hashtag

Hashtag might seem to be an outdated tool to social media and microblogging sites. But the truth is, it’s still the connecting dot to those who look for information and those who share the information – hashtag made it possible to do this process within one click. Like a label, a hashtag allows users to quickly find a specific topic on the internet. As long as the need to find such information from social sites quickly and efficiently persists, hashtags would never be irrelevant.

A good hashtag should be unique and memorable. Not too long, but also not too mainstream in the favor of making it short, so to not muddle the search. Make sure this hashtag is unique to your fundraising program, so when users look for information through it they’d find only information relevant to your program.

4. Upload your frame design

Next up, you need to upload your photo frame design. Worry not though, we do have some tips for you to design a suitable photo frame:

  • Give enough space for your supporters to show their pictures. Make sure to create a balance between the amount of information you want to show and the white space on the picture frame.

  • Include awe-inspiring and persuasive slogans that might invite other people to participate in your charity.

  • You can also include a snippet from data or reports regarding your organization or the matter that your charity is working on. This kind of factual number might be able to attract new supporters.

  • Last but not least, make sure to include the URL of your fundraising page. You can insert them into your photo frame or social media post caption so that anyone who sees it can easily access them.

It is also possible to include several designs for your campaign, so your audiences could pick which frame is the most suitable for themselves.

5. Write a suitable caption

Don’t forget to write a suitable caption befitting your campaign afterward. Although most of the time caption would be reserved for the supporter to express their opinion towards the cause in the context of photo frame for fundraising, it would still be advisable to leave a guideline as to what they should really write about in their own social media post.

Utilizing Twibbonize for Charity Fundraising

Now that the rough idea of how Twibbonize could help on organizing charity fundraising had been explained, let’s move to the inspiration of how exactly you can utilize photo frame on this specific occasion. On the broad outline, this part could be separated into 3 different fundraising occasions – online fundraising, on-field fundraising, and charity gala – each with their own characteristic and tips on utilizing Twibbonize frame.

Sizing Up Your Online Campaign with Twibbonize

The best things in life are done together

Collaboration – although often not seemingly important – is an important key to success on this matter. So much that the United Nations (UN) included it as the 17th point on their 2030 Sustainable Development Goal, which says “Partnership for the goals”. Although the UN was referring to an inter-country partnership to achieve a global goal, on the micro-level it would still involve collaboration between individuals with the same vision to achieve global development.

The same logic could be applied to charity fundraising. Campaign like this is collective act done by various parties that intend to help bring good to humanity. It is not done by only one party, or to be blunt – the organizer’s only. Rather, it is a collaborative act of community and the organizer to garner public attention and support towards the specific charity act. It involves the community’s effort to talk about the cause, to share information related to the fundraising, to persuade their own environment to participate, and share the same vision as them. And this, dear reader, is precisely what Twibbonize could help you with – simplifying the process of generating personalized content in a massive number.

By creating a campaign on our site, you can utilize Twibbonize frame as a medium to enlighten people about important issues that might inspire others to join your fundraising activities. Turn Twibbonize frame into a medium for your supporters to voice their support through their personal social media and in return, they might inspire others to support your charity project as well. All you need to do is create a Twibbonize frame befitting your specific fundraising activity, and share the shortened URL with your supporters.

Where to put the shortened URL for this purpose?

There are various places on the whole internet where you could actually put the shortened URL of Twibbonize frame. Here are a few ideas of where it could be put to effectively reach your supporters:

  • On the donation platform

First, you can put the Twibbonize frame’s shortened URL directly on the donation platform. Although there is no pressure in posting photo frame to voice out their support towards the activity, supporters would still be inclined to speak up on this matter as a statement of identity that they cared for this very cause. Plus, they would be inclined to help building public awareness towards the issue, so that more people would join the online fundraising.

To put it simply, people who cared about your cause and have supported the fundraising activity would also be inclined to give further support in the form of social media posts, as a means of self-expression and continuous support. Hence, it’d be a good idea to put the shortened URL directly on the campaign platform, in case your supporters feel inclined to give extra support to your cause!

As this is a collective action, there’s nothing wrong to encourage your supporters to share why they support this cause. Who knows, they might inspire others to join in too!

  • On social media

Aside from putting the link directly on the campaign platform, you can also share it through social media. You can utilize any type of social media and any form of content to share the shortened URL, but keep in mind that you need to deliver a compelling story together with the shortened URL in order to persuade your supporter to voice their opinion towards your cause, which ultimately will bring more attention to your fundraising activity. This is because people need to connect to your cause on a personal level. Thus, as an institution that organizes fundraising activities, you need to create a story about your work that shows them that your cause relates to their life. For example, if you are helping children, it needs to be clear that children all over the world need the same things. Additionally, if you use social media to put the shortened URL, you can consider:

  • Borrowing the voice of influencers to reach a wider audience & gather attention to your project.
  • Use the social media post caption (or IG story’s text) to lay off the cause, arguing why people must join your campaign.
  • Use data to support your argument.
  • Encourage supporters to engage in the discussion.

Even though donation could be done from any platform, it is also important to share the information of the fundraising project and the story behind it. One of the ways to do that is by using social platforms to share peer-to-peer information. This is where Twibbonize comes in – to help you utilize the power of community and encourage your supporter to advocate for your cause by sharing their own thoughts and opinion regarding the matter.

A dream you dream alone is only a dream, but a dream you dream together is reality.

Express Your Gratitude

Aside from the problem with information dissemination, there is a typical problem faced by NGOs & charitable institutions on their way to advocate their cause – the problem of credibility. Before you could gather financial support, you’d need to win your audience’s trust so as to gain supporters. After you have converted them into supporters, you’d still need to prove that you are trustworthy enough to carry their future support. Then again, nurturing a good relationship does not only consist of building trust, but also making supporters feel appreciated and acknowledged as a part of the movement.

You can also utilize Twibbonize frame to nurture relationships. With how easy it is to use and share, after they are done with the donation process, you can easily use the photo frame to appreciate and acknowledge your supporter’s contribution to the case. Although you’d have to input their photo manually to the picture frame, a framed photo would be more meaningful and memorable than a few written words. You can send the framed photo together with the donation’s follow-up email, or you can also send it during your periodic progress report.

Now that we’re done with all the methods and reasonings, let’s move to the tidbits of sending photo frame as a sign of gratitude.

  • Give affirmation for their support and role in achieving the goal

This is the most important thing, as who would like to be excluded or not acknowledged for their support to a cause they believe in. So, make sure you do affirm their role in the movement. Start with addressing them personally, as in “Ms./Mr. Surname”, or maybe first name, if you’d prefer to. Then, make sure you affirm that their donation does help the cause on the confirmation e-mail, together with the plan of how will you spend the funds raised. Your supporters would always be grateful to know whether their donation would really have an impact on the cause, and if yes, where could they see this real impact?

  • Carve a special title to your supporters

To highlight the importance of your supporters to the change you are trying to achieve, you can give a special nickname for them. Special titles, such as “Child Protector” or “Green Warrior” not only affirm their role in the movement but also give a sense of belonging to a certain community that has the same goal, the same vision, the same passion towards the cause. This special title could then be carved into the photo frame you sent as an appreciation gesture!

Seeing is Believing

Donation, as it turns out to be, consist not only in the form of money. If you are an NGO or charitable institution seeking to achieve a specific cause, you might be already familiar with other forms of donation, such as donating time (a.k.a volunteering), effort (a.k.a also volunteering), donating items, or any other form of creative donation. These kinds of activities should also be recorded into your digital platform. This is where Twibbonize comes in. As a platform that allows massive dissemination of information, you can easily share what you are doing through your supporters who joined in the activities.

The key to maintaining a good relationship is good communication. It’s really important to give a continuous update to your supporters, but it is also important to keep updating the rest of the world on your progress. Because reputation, as it turns out to be, is also affected by public perspective, and not only your supporter’s perspective. You can use Twibbonize frame as a photobook, recording various kinds of activities throughout the years as proof of your effort to achieve your goal. If you decide to do so, we have some tips for you:

  • Create a different set of Twibbonize frame for different activities.

  • Ask volunteers or people associated with the activity to express their personal opinion when doing the activities on social media, using photo frame

  • Hashtag usage: Compiling the posts, like a storybook

As mentioned before, you can use the hashtag to archive posts with the same topic over social media. Don’t forget to create a unique and memorable hashtag, and make sure that the hashtag had not been used before, or it would make it more difficult to look for information related to your program.

A Not-So-Traditional Way of Organizing a Charity

Online charity might have gained popularity nowadays, as the world is moving to a virtual era. However, there is always a thousand approach available to organize the fundraising event. For example, there is also the option to do an on-field campaign, too. Fortunately for you, Twibbonize is that versatile tool that you can also use for an on-field campaign.

On that very occasion, photo frame can be used as an optional way to support the charity, just as the usage of it for online fundraising. The difference lies simply on the spot where you put the door to your Twibbonize frame – the shortened URL. On the occasion of an online campaign, you could put it anywhere on the internet, while on the occasion of an on-field fundraising event, you can put the shortened URL anywhere in the event venue. Our suggestion, though, is to put the shortened URL in any event collateral, be it on a small thank you card to a bigger printed media – a banner. You can also put it in a commemorative event like your merchandise – bag, t-shirt, mug.

Get the ball rolling

Charity may begin at home, but it doesn’t have to stay there. Galas for good causes could probably be an even better choice than a trip. After all, a charity gala seemingly has all the good things in life: good food, nice entertainment, and fancy people who have the willingness to support a cause! And besides helping others (which counts as doing a good deed), patrons are likely to indulge in the grandeur of a party – enjoying the efforts of elite entertainers, caterers, and florists while mingling with local luminaries. If lady luck’s smiling down, it’d be even possible to rub elbows with big names – popular celebrity, famous musician, or member of Forbes Billionaires. No wonder these types of events do catch the attention of a lot of philanthropists.

While gala dinner is seemingly an exclusive, private occasion focusing on the need of having a good atmosphere (and food!) to accompany small talk and networking over the same cause, this sort of event tends to be quite the headache to the event planner. Apart from having to prepare and cover a lot of things – which includes food, music, drinks, entertainment, venue, and the list goes on and on – there’s also the question of would the gala be sufficient to raise enough funds and be called successful? Or, would you have to, er.. Host another gala? Well, seems like it is very right to say that although a charity gala is thrown out in one night, the preparation does take forever.

So the question is, what makes a successful gala?

Though it might be cliché to say so, the answer again lies in the planning. Although charity gala is hosted to raise funds, it is akin to a celebration than a mere occasion of crowdfunding. If raising funds is the only case, wouldn’t there be many other platforms having the same function with a lesser headache than a gala? The unique selling point of a gala lies, so to say, in the spirit of the celebration itself! And a good celebration always leaves a pleasant memory.

In this regard, Twibbonize could supplement your event. As Twibbonize frame is easy to share and use, you can use it as a commemorative photo frame exclusive only to those who attend the event. Simply put the shortened URL on the site of the gala for your attendee to use.

However, if using photo frame as an exclusive photo filter doesn’t fit your style when compared to the traditional photo booth, you can alternatively use Twibbonize frame to thank every attendee. Using the photos taken on the photo booth, you can craft a meaningful thank-you letter with the photo frame as a commemorative item.

Additionally, we do have some suggestions that you can consider when planning the event:

  • Choose a design that fit the charity gala’s theme

And alternatively, you should choose a suitable theme for your gala as the cause you are pursuing. Charity gala is not so much about donation as it is about celebration. Charity gala is the right time to tell the world of your story, your progress on achieving the cause, and your plan for the future. And this is not only to be iterated on-site by the keynote speaker but also transformed into all the aspects related to this very event, including dress code, venue décor, and our precious photo frame.

  • Don’t forget to include your sponsors in the frame design

Sponsors are a big part of a charity gala (and all other types of events too, actually). Maintaining good rapport with your partners and sponsors is as important as maintaining the relationship with the community. Moreover, sponsors are usually tied with a clause in the sponsorship proposal, in which they are entitled to be included in all or several forms of publication on the activities hosted. It would be hard to approach another sponsor in the future in the unfortunate case of your sponsors feeling upset with you because of a contract violation. As photo frame is counted as a part of the publication involved in the charity gala, make sure to include it when deliberating over your sponsorship proposal.

Remember, change is not built in one day, just as Rome was not built in a day. For people to be aware and care enough to support a cause both financially and physically, you need to remind them of the importance over and over again. So, if on the first time it doesn’t seem to have any impact, don’t give up yet. Stay calm, and just keep Twibbonizing.