Awards shows and the shiny never-ending ceremonies are a dynamic way of rewarding the hardworking artists, actresses, actors, producers–, heck, basically it’s an event where everyone that is involved in the production process of any entertainment form gets the chance to get awarded and gain even more recognition from audiences. It’s filled with exciting things and occasions, where everyone online talks and shares their excitement about anything involved with the events from the fashion, the wins, the blunders, to celebrities’ spontaneous selfies.

C’mon, just be honest. I bet all of you readers have watched at least ONE awards show even though sometimes we don’t get their inside jokes and drool at the celebrities with their elegant outfits.

Even from the time the nominations are announced, whether it’s fans or the public in general, people just can’t stop talking about the upcoming awards shows via social. Besides, we all can agree that social media is a great way to share your anticipation and all of the anxious feeling about whether your favorite ones will take home an award or two, simply just because you believe that they deserve it.

Speaking of the whole fans and public’s exciting talks about the events, social media, indeed, played an ever-important role whether it’s in creating the ‘buzz’ or impacting how the voting system will decide who goes home a winner. In this age of anything becoming digitally possible and engaging, there are tons of awards shows that are fan and public-voted.

But sometimes, the voting process can be pretty expensive and boring for audiences to take part. I mean, aren’t you’d get tired of scrolling through tons of voting texts blocks on Twitter, or getting a hole in your wallet because of the cost of voting with SMS?

This is where Twibbonize comes to the rescue! We can help you in making the awarding events to be more personalized, fun, and the best part is it’s completely free and easy to use for all! Let’s get into it, shall we? 🍷✨

But, why are we so excited for awards shows?

To think about it, why are we so excited and watch awards shows in the first place?

Well, it’s simple. Awards shows, such as the Oscars or the Grammys, let us as ordinary people, have a glimpse of the stars and celebrities’ other side. We can separate them from the roles they play in films, we can see them actually interacting with other stars, and we like to think that they accept the awards genuinely with their own crafted speeches. Like, wow, they are truly like us, interacting and socializing in real life.

And all of those awards have one thing in common, social media played a major role. It gives people the ability and freedom to voice their thoughts and opinions to hundreds, thousands, even millions of people, even before the ceremony starts.

Awards shows are one of the most anticipated occasions by fans and the artists themselves. And as we mentioned earlier, awards shows nowadays go virtual with even more fans and the public in general’s involvement in deciding the winners by casting their votes. And for some and maybe almost all artists out there, getting the recognition and pay off from your hard work sounds nice.

I mean, aren’t we all would feel the same?

And just like a cherry on top of a cake, receiving an award on top of your hard work just feels right.

Meanwhile for the fans, seeing their favorite stars on the stage and shedding tears of joy for their achievement would make them feel heartwarming, right? Hence, they’d want to give their best effort for their favorite stars to be able to achieve their awards through casting votes.

But sometimes, as we said earlier, voting could cost a lot for them. And at some times it could feel tiring and repetitive with texting or tweeting the same texts over and over again.

Here, Twibbonize could enhance your awards shows’ voting experience by using our features!

How Twibbonize could work perfectly for you

Before we get started, here’s how Twibbonize works for you in a brief, short way:


The voting buzz

Besides all the experienced and well-respected juries in deciding the winners on awards shows, social media, too, can help deciding in who deserves song of the year, or best cinematography. Simply because if one person is praising said project that could influence the others (we’re talking about social media here where the number could be hundreds, thousands, even millions of people) and sway the nominations and voting.

And for some awards shows, once the nominations is out, it takes no time for the voting to get started, where fans and the public in general can participate and cast their own vote. This is where the fun begins!

Let me raise a toast, to the platform we love the most… Twibbonize!

Have you ever thought of using frames as a new way to cast votes?

Instead of making audiences cast their votes from SMS and tweeting texts only, you can make it more personalized and fun by using Twibbonize! Now let’s dig in into our guide. Ready to upgrade?

Build the euphoria using images

There’s nothing better than visual proof that your awards are a ‘must’ to attend and watch. As almost all social platforms become more visual and essential, you need to build anticipation around what’s about to come in a variety of interesting and engaging ways.

Say no more, with Twibbonize, you could enhance the audience’s experiences before, during, and after the big ceremony with Twibbonize’s features.

Before the event starts, you can create some throwback content about what happened at last year’s show by using a frame on Twibbonize! You can start by showcasing previous moments to winners and get people to interact.


To create even more hype and anticipation for the ceremony, share your own shortened URL link to the campaign on your awards show’s social media platforms for people to join the throwback. After all, people love to be a part of something and be able to put their faces and names!


To add some fun, you can also turn this throwback content into a contest where the participant who has the best throwback content and caption wins a free ticket to the award show!

Besides, setting up and running a competition to win tickets and sponsored prizes is a great way to get people involved and feel part of something big and exciting.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Just like we said before, social media is likely impacting how the voting goes in fan-voted awards, take the AMAs for example.

The pros?  Allowing audiences to get involved in the voting process is a great way to get organizations like each of the nominees’ companies and the fanbases who have a huge amount of followers who want to win to share your event details.

And the feel to be able to participate and make the decision whether your favorite stars will win or not in our own hands feels exciting, no? Even though we believe that all of the nominees are winners, after all.

Once the voting period starts, fans typically will cast their votes and talk about it almost 24/7 on social media with updates of how the voting goes per day, or even per few hours for some artists with huge fanbases. But the thing is, sometimes the voting process might be confusing for some people and feels boring and repetitive with the same block of texts and hashtags on socials. Here’s how you can make the voting process to be more engaging and personal with Twibbonize!

A-frame for a nominee

You can prepare a frame for each nominee and category for people to cast their votes! Besides that it’s easier for people, it’s also more personalized for the nominees themselves!

Cast votes via images in the frame!

Let people choose their choice with your frame. It could be done in two ways:

#1: Voting via your chosen platform

Whether you want to use your own website or application, you still can build buzz among the audiences with Twibbonize

Rather than give only a couple sentences of “Thank you for participating in our Awards”, you can give them a token and sign of participation by providing them a frame to upload on socials! Plus it will push more people to be aware of your show and take their chance to vote.

You can also send an email of the frame or the shortened URL link of the frame for them to upload to social media.

#2: The simple way: 1 post = 1 vote

It’s pretty self-explained, no?

You can make a rule where one single post of the frame counts as a single vote.

Or, if you happen to choose Twitter for people to cast their votes through tweets, you can make a rule where retweets of a tweet with the frame still count. It’s up to you to choose!

Well, if you have another much cooler way to utilize Twibbonize for your voting process outside of this guide, we gladly encourage you to go for it!

Newsflash: It’s free!

Yup. Our features are free to use and you can swift from a paid voting system like sending an SMS to count a single vote. It would make the audiences engage and participate more!

Exclusivity is the key

As you would like all of your invited stars and celebrities to attend your show, some exclusive and personalized touch for them wouldn’t hurt. They would likely appreciate your effort to go the extra mile instead!

You can send them an invitation using Twibbonize! Rather than using blocks of texts only, you can level up your invitation email with a frame that they can use and upload on socials to show and announce to audiences that they will attend the show and keep it engaging!

The biggest winner: the show itself!

Not gonna lie, we long for those awards show moments where we can become a ‘judge’ for a day.

Do I agree with the selected winner? Do I like Taylor Swift’s dress? Do this performance deserves the hypes?

From as the red carpet rolls out to after the show, the conversation is just endless. Typically, people will go live reporting their own opinions to their reactions as the show goes on, and you can also utilize Twibbonize during the shows to keep your show engaging and increase your overall brand value.

You can provide a frame for people to use and share their excitement during your show with pics, whether it’s discussing the performances, the elegant outfits, the better deserved winners, or even sharing recipes for food and cocktails to feast during the watch party.

Not only during the show, but Twibbonize also come in hand after the show ended as a tool of celebration. You can also provide a frame for the award-winning stars for people to use and celebrate along!

The final step: preparing a frame

As this guide comes to the end, here are some tips and tricks on how to create a frame for your show!

1. Use your awards shows’ theme colors

2. Put your brand or company identity too, such as your company logo.

3. You can also put a call to action line.

4. You can also put the URL link to your voting website if you’re using a website for people to cast their vote.

5. Give some space for participants to use, don’t take too much space for the line and pictures.

6. You can also put a congratulatory message on the frame for the award winners!

7. You can also use our “Campaign Description” and “Campaign Tag” features to add a caption and hashtags!


Well, this is the end of our guide for entertainment event awards! We love awards ceremonies as much as celebrities do because they are entertaining and honour individuals. We also love them as a business because they provide an opportunity to increase brand value through great marketing, since there’s no denying that a strong social media presence is important in award shows and entertainment.

So if you’re planning on holding an award ceremony with Twibbonize, let us know and let’s get started!