Over the past decade, social media such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook have had a substantial influence on the entertainment industry. It has been utilized as one of the leading forms of modern entertainment where individuals around the globe are more glued to social media more than ever for their entertainment intake.

And not only it changes how we interact with our favorite celebrities or entertainers, how they get paid, and even how they can get the spotlight in the first place, the merging of social media and the entertainment industry has caused the emergence of a variety of contents and events on those online platforms. From online gaming tournaments, music concerts, or even fans’ celebration of their favorite celebrity’s birthday, they all can be done thanks to social media.

Social media entertainment continues to become more capable and give an incredible impact due to its contribution in adding more value to the consumer experience of entertainment (well, not just in the entertainment industry, but continuously in every industry). And tons of entertainment jobs with its wide variety of media and entertainment events have skyrocketed ever since social media has become an integral part of the entertainment industry. However, in the midst of a ton of social media campaigns and promotions waves in the entertainment industry, how can you stay afloat and bring your well-prepared and well-thought-off entertainment events to the fullest?

Worry not! This guide has you covered in how to utilize Twibbonize to bring the utmost of your entertainment events and campaigns.

A truth: posting about your products alone isn’t enough

In this era, it’s something that we can all agree that social media tests positive for influence. As people can like, comment, and share your social posts, your content is exposed to new audiences and it is a great way to promote your products or services. But it tends to be a crowded landscape. I mean, it’s the internet and social media, where everyone can utilize the platforms to benefit them, right?

In a landscape with more competition, especially when it comes to the entertainment industry, you need the X factor to stay afloat and to get the engagement you expected. We can help you to execute your campaigns and promotions! With Twibbonize, you can optimize your campaign and events, whether you are totally new in the industry and want to increase brand awareness or to build a larger audience and generate sales. And not only that, by utilizing our platform, you can add more value to exquisite the experience to your audience, which is important for you to difference your brand and make it stand out!

How Twibbonize works

Applying Twibbonize for your entertainment events

❓ What’s the big deal about Twibbonize? Is it really practical to use for any entertainment events?

Yup, yup. We hear your questions. To answer it briefly, you can literally use Twibbonize for every entertainment event possible. And in this guide, we’ve prepared some of those entertainment events that you can’t miss from gaming tournaments to music concerts!

#1: Level up your eSport promotion game!

Whether your role is a player or supporter, gaming nowadays is strongly tied to communication technologies. There are tons of in-game communication apps such as Discord, Team Speak, or through chats and in-game mics. Meanwhile, as a supporter, people watch other people play games on platforms like Twitch, Instagram LIVE, or YouTube Gaming and follow their social media channels to keep updated about the games or even the player’s daily life.

What we’re trying to say is, social media plays the role of the most essential part of eSport now. It provides a way of staying up-to-date on the match’s live broadcast schedule, and not only that, but it also provides a way for fans to virtually interact and keep in touch with the other fans and gamers.

With that being said, making people aware of the broadcast schedule via social media is the main key to the success of an event. So the next question is, how to make people aware of it?

A simple yet effective way to beef up your esports promotion game is by utilizing Twibbonize!

Utilizing Twibbonize as a player and a supporter

As a team, gaining support and excitement from lots of people when you’re about to participate and strike in a game or tournament sounds pretty nice, right? Not only you can get moral supports, but you could also increase the chance for brands to reach out to your teams with the buzz it created on social media.

To celebrate the event or tournament, you can create a frame for the fans or supporters to use and show their support to your team! You can build anticipation and hypes about your upcoming game and promote it by sharing a frame across platforms with Twibbonize easily, within a few clicks.

By providing them with a sort of template to use, you could make the supporters or community grow bigger because of the buzz. Besides that, let them know that you want them to be involved by celebrating and supporting the upcoming game! And not only for the supporters, with using Twibbonize to promote your event, you could also build curiosity and brand awareness among the general audience.

Attract your audience through virtual contests

“Hmmm okay, maybe providing a frame for supporters can do for increasing the awareness, but I want something more to excite them!” – Someone, probably you.

You can make some virtual contests and giveaways by utilizing the frame! This engaging activity can increase the engagement from your audience and eSport leagues to create some useful user-generated content where it’s not only best for contests, but it’s also doing a great job in increasing awareness and overall engagement!

Whether it’s some virtual contest in ‘the best supporter’ with the best story of being your team supporter, or a photo contest where the audience can upload their best pose in wearing or using your merchandise, it’s all up to you and Twibbonize makes it easy for you to attract them. You can give the winners some merchant or even hold a meet and greet with the top players for them 😉 You can also hold the contests as an after-party to stay engaged with the attendees to keep up your fanbase and attract new eSport enthusiasts!

Engage more and more

To help you more in engaging with your community, keeping your content fresh and staying active on social media are so important because the majority of your audience uses social media. Not only that, keeping the conversation going with your audience as well as other eSports brands is crucial too since it could help you to build your brand’s persona and reputation

Aside from hosting a virtual contest and giveaway, you can also promote and feature your teams in your social media content! A plus point, you’ll know your audience’s preference and use that as your marketing strategy for the next. And you can make the content with the help of our frame!

Now that we told you about the brief process of using Twibbonize earlier before, we have some tips on how to create a bomb frame on Twibbonize to celebrate the gaming event slash tournament, or simply to create a frame for some fun virtual contests to boost your overall engagement:

1. Use your eSport team or league’s color palette to match the frame.

2. Put your brand or company identity too, such as eSport team logo

3. You can also put your iconic tagline, or call to action line.

4. You can also put the streaming link, time, and place to watch the event/tournament on the frame.

5. Give some space for participants to use, don’t take too much space for the line and pictures.

Celebrity Birthday 🥳

Today, social media has turned into a tool that allows fans to communicate and get in touch with their favorite celebrities in a way that we couldn’t imagine before. Like, speaking in years ago, we can’t even imagine having a chance for getting noticed by celebrities like Britney Spears, Beyonce, or Michael Jackson, right?

And speaking of celebrities, of course, we are also talking about their fans. The community pays a lot of attention and support for their favorites, from their works and creations such as songs, movies, shows, or little things such as their favorite food, hobbies, and even their birthday! Usually, they celebrate their favorite celebrity birthday (pssst, sometimes even weeks before their actual birthday 🥳) on social media with tons of hashtags, changing their profile pictures together, and uploading photos of their favorite celebrity with a photo frame! Not to mention that it often went viral on social media and attracted the general audience to check on the celebrity.

With Twibbonize, you can exactly create a frame for the fans to celebrate their favorite’s once-in-a-year birthday without hassle! It gives them that special feeling of the official celebration, which also gives them a sense of contribution and loyalty for their favorite ones.

Let the fan community know that you want them to be involved on their favorite celebrity’s special days too! And not only for the community, with using Twibbonize to generate celebrity birthday campaigns, you could also build curiosity and increase brand awareness among the general audience by the buzz created by the fan community.

Celebrity birthdays are inspiring more and more people to donate

How did you celebrate your favorite celebrity’s birthday this year?

Maybe excitedly wrote witty birthday wishes in hopes that your wishes will stand out from all of the other fans’ wishes? Or perhaps wrote them a nice appreciation post on social media, blew a candle on top of a cake in their honor, or nothing special and just enjoy the day like usual?

All of them sound nice! But in these past years, a new trend is gaining spotlight among celebrities who want to use their influence to give back and are arousing fans to support charitable events for their birthday celebration. They celebrate their birthday to raise money for various causes and it ranges from education, clean water, and sanitation for underprivileged children, to mental health charities and child cancer treatments. And ain’t it feels warm for being able to cause a good impact for the others on your special day?

And to help their charitable deeds, why not use Twibbonize to spread the charitable campaigns to inspire more people to create positive change? It could be a donation, fundraising, planting trees event, mass street feeding stray cats and dogs, or any good cause in celebrating your entertainment celebration!

Twibbonize can help celebrities to give space for people to express their support in a more personalized way, especially when we’re talking about celebrities who without a doubt, have powers and influence in their hands to inspire other people! They can use Twibbonize as a platform to make the fan community and people to be aware and spread the words and action easily. Besides, it’s easy for everyone to share the frame and campaign with others with our shortened URL link!

To read more about how to utilize Twibbonize for entertainment celebrations from the fan community, you can read our Twibbonize guide for the community here.

Here are some tips on how to create a frame for a donation event in order to celebrate your entertainment celebration such as a celebrity birthday:

1. Put your brand or company identity too, such as your company or entertainment agency logo.

2. You can also put a call to action line.

3. You can also put the charitable event link/QR code on the frame.

4. Give some space for participants to use, don’t take too much space for the line and pictures.

Let’s get into music concerts!

Whether you’re putting together a domestic or international singer music concert, you still need exposure from using social media for promotional purposes. And if you’re anything like the other aspiring artist out there, you might be wondering how to increase the attendance of your concerts.

Putting it into action

For entertainment event creators, increasing awareness and interest in your events is a crucial thing to boost your attendance and your revenue. If your artist has a younger audience, you can build extra anticipation leading up to the show by hyping it up on social media like Instagram or Twitter. There is plenty number of ways in how to build up the much-needed hype, and one of them is with utilizing the attendee’s involvement or excitement to experience the event. Besides, you can grow your audience and attract more people to attend your concert by increasing awareness.

Connect with VIP guests

You could start networking with influencers if you really want to expand your reach to audiences and maximize ticket sales! Be it artists, celebrities, or large audience radio stations and music reviewers.

And to reach out to them, you can definitely utilize Twibbonize to spice up your invitation to the concert event.

I mean, rather than just a block of invitation text, wouldn’t it’ll be better to add some extra personal touch with a frame of your music concert? The effort you gave to do the extra mile surely could make them feel appreciated.

They can use and upload it on social media,  and you’ll much likely find a good deal of audiences, and even better, other musicians that have similar audiences to yours!

More tips and tricks

Weeks before the music concert, you can run and post some photo contests for your audience to join! Photo contests such as users should pose as if they were a musician at the music concert, or submit their photos wearing the artist’s merchandise for a chance to win the prize sounds fun! The prize could be a free ticket for the concert, free food, drinks, or some free exclusive merchandise. This could boost awareness and overall engagement from audiences, and you can execute it with Twibbonize!

During the show, you can also run some fun contest where the audience should take photos of the musicians, hashtag them, and post it with the frame that you’ve provided before with Twibbonize! Some ideas might include tickets for future concerts, or as simple as free vouchers to use by your partnering brands!

Make the most of hashtags

Newsflash: Hashtags are still relevant. They aren’t dead yet.

Yep. They are a great way to improve your brand visibility. But, there’s a but. You need to find and choose the right hashtags to use, and of course, you need to do some research to find out the most relevant and effective hashtags for you and the audience to use. The hashtags should be relevant to your brand and targeted audience so that they can help you in attracting more audience and followers.

With Twibbonize, you can maximize your entertainment event’s campaign with our simple ‘Campaign Description’ and ‘Campaign Tag’ features, where you can write a caption and add some relevant hashtags for your event’s campaign! It will make it easier to identify your key supporters and track your mentions with the help of those hashtags. Not to mention that you can also generate demographic information about the people interacting with your account!

To start the action and drive audience to engage at your event, whether it’s involved with gaming, music concerts, or any entertainment events possible, Twibbonize can help you to showcase your campaigns and events in fun and exciting ways!