Appreciation and acknowledgment drive better employee performance – this is an open secret. It is simply human nature to want acknowledgment from peers (and even more, from the one sitting in a superior position). Who wouldn’t love to be recognized and appreciated? It’s not surprising that on a Harris Poll survey of a thousand workers, recognition of employee accomplishment was named the #1 communication problem that prevents effective leadership. Well, recognition is clearly the little devil inside today’s society – so mundane that it is often overlooked, yet so important that once given, might bring a huge impact.

Although awards, as a part of recognition programs contribute to employee satisfaction, they also serve as a company communication tool that reinforces and rewards the direction of a company. And this, even though seem like an internal affair, is actually not fully like that. Corporate awarding concern outside party – the external audience of a company. Future employee, for instance, or the press.

Twibbonize can help companies to get the maximum effect from the awarding program, releasing you from the limit of the internal award that is hosted to improve employee performance. Twibbonize could help you shape a favorable public opinion through the very occasion of employee award – improving public awareness towards your company, desirability to choose you as ideal workplace, and all this, in the end, would affect the sustainability of your company, specifically on the people aspect, leaving better reputation and credibility to your company.

How exactly does Twibbonize help you achieve this?

Take a guess, or continue reading to find out more!

How Twibbonize Could Help Supplement Your Corporate Award

As stated earlier, Twibbonize is a tool you can use to attain the maximum impact of one occasion: corporate awarding. How exactly?

Massive organic content

First off, Twibbonize could help you improve the potential reach & impact of the content itself. Not only you can host corporate awarding in a more comfortable manner, but also gain a wider reach of audience through a number of personal social media platforms. Unlike paid ads – that is, copy-paste promotion – Twibbonize frame grant you organic content. Simply put a little sparkle of creativity, like asking or encouraging the awardee to share his side of the story, his journey with the company, what he learned from the company, or a silly game such as 3 words to describe the company and voila! You, dear reader, are set to post non-static, not-boring, original content.

Say no to the clichés

Ever get bored to the seemingly never-ending circle of gathering votes and calculating polls to determine which employees fit the category of community-nominated best worker of the year? With Twibbonize, you can finally say goodbye to this approach! Rather than text-based polls, you can use Twibbonize frame to host a brand-new voting style based on the number of employees’ support.

All you need to do is set up a Twibbonize frame on our website, and you’re all set!

Setting Up Your Twibbonize Frame

1. To start creating a Twibbonize frame, you need to visit Twibbonize and choose “start campaign”

2. Shortened URL

You can create a shortened URL on your own to simplify the process of sharing this campaign to your employees. Shortened URL is important not only to avoid wasting time dealing with other third-party URL services but also to strengthen your corporate institutional identity. With every Twibbonize campaign, you can customize a short URL to better reflect your organization’s identity.

Later on, when the campaign setup has been done, Twibbonize will provide the shortened URL you’ve set up earlier, so you can easily copy and share it to the awardee. You can also directly share it to your preferred platform. All you need to easily share a short and memorable URL is within your grasp!

3. Then, fill out the required information.

Don’t forget to provide relevant information in the description box. As there is no formal guideline as to how you should provide things here, it’s okay to be creative. Put anything you want, from an appreciation and acknowledgment to the intended’s achievement or a funny statement such as an inner joke on your company. Remember though, that the description to your Twibbonize campaign page would be available to the public. So, write according to how you’d like to be perceived by the general public.

4. Utilize the #️⃣hashtag

Hashtag might seem to be an outdated tool for social media and microblogging sites. But the truth is, it’s still the connecting dot to those who look for information and those who share the information – hashtag made it possible to do this process within one click. Like a label, a hashtag allows users to quickly find a specific topic on the internet. As long as the need to find such information from social sites quickly and efficiently persists, hashtags would never be irrelevant.

Using a hashtag means you are involving yourself in a social media conversation related to a specific topic. Thus, hashtags made your post visible to those following the specific content you hashtag-ed. It’s also a good alternative to a long caption, as hashtag could effectively give context to social media content without much typing.

A good hashtag should be unique and memorable. Not too long, but also not too mainstream in favor of making it short, so as to not muddle the search. Make sure this hashtag is unique to a specific occasion, so when users look for information through it they’d find only information relevant to your program. Not only does such a hashtag help users find information promptly, but a memorable branded hashtag will also help enhance your brand awareness, as a catchy hashtag will help users recall your brand.

If you are hosting various awarding programs, for example, a yearly gala and a monthly appreciation, it is advisable to create a unique hashtag for both occasions. The same logic applies to the yearly gala – it is advisable to write the year of the gala (“TwibbonizeAward2021”), or even better to name the gala in order to make it unique.

5. Upload your frame design

Next up, you need to upload your photo frame design. Worry not though, we do have some tips for you to design a suitable photo frame:

  • Give enough space for the awardee (or, whoever you intended this to be) to insert their picture. Make sure to create a balance between the amount of information you want to show and the space for a visual elements.

  • Visualize the elements symbolizing your company into the design. Make sure the design also fit your awarding theme.

  • Don’t forget to include your company’s logo on the frame. Logo is a part of your company identity, as do the color and design used in the frame. If you divide the award into a separate category based on certain conditions (for example, best employee based on division, or best manager on the company), you can include a visual representation of each division (for example, the division’s logo).
  • You can include unique catchphrases only known by your company, or by the intended group that receives awards.
  • Last but not least, make sure to include the URL to your career or corporate information page. You can write it in your photo frame or in your social media post’s caption so that anyone who sees it can easily access it.

6. Write suitable caption

After setting up the design, don’t forget to write a suitable caption befitting the occasion. Give the due compliment, and give pointers for awardee to write out their impression to their achievement. You can also include a snippet of interview with each awardee related to their work experience on your organization to provide their personal impression.

Twibbonize’s Way to Award Your Employees

Speaking of corporate awarding, generally, the event could be distinguished into a periodic appreciation to employees, such as weekly or monthly best employees awards (that comes without a formal celebration), or a formal awarding party with all the glam of a celebration – food, drinks, and glamorously decorated venue – the Oscars to your company. Either way, we narrowed down the usage of photo frame during both occasions into three basic goals: as a substitute to certificate of achievement, as a substitute to traditional voting such as using polling or social media impression, and as an exclusive user-generated content accessible to those performed well enough to boast on their LinkedIn profile. The section below will discuss all these goals, each with its own specific guide & tips on how to utilize Twibbonize frame to the fullest.

Exhibit It in the Hall of Frame

Is it really called an “appreciation” if you keep it under the bed so that no one can see?

Appreciation needs to be visible too. Sending a personal congratulation is okay, including it on the monthly internal newsletter is good, sharing it to the internet, for every person in the world to see is grand.

Photo frame could be used as a substitute for a certificate of achievement. Besides being socially-shared content, photo frame includes a visual sneak-peak of your achieved employee, which translates to both recognition and personal acknowledgment of the achieved professional(s).

To use Twibbonize this way, you just have to create a Twibbonize frame and add the awardee’s photo to the frame. As the host of this occasion, you can send the photo frame to congratulate your accomplished employees! To put it simply, you can use any platform that is comfortable for you – an internal bulletin or newspaper, a workplace communication service, or even on social media. If you want to publish this on social media, you can also utilize a specific hashtag for the occasion. Alternatively, you can just send the photo frame through a private channel, and encourage your accomplished employee to talk about it on their own platform.

You can actually go ahead and make new content every time the moment of awarding arrived. However, if you often host a corporate awarding, using Twibbonize frame could be a lifesaver!

From Photo Frame to Vote-o-Frame

When hosting an award, the organizer often used messaging service or poll to determine the nominee and winner of the award. Not only on entertainment events but this approach is also used in corporate awarding that uses peers support as the main parameter of the award. Although message and polls are fast and easy to use, it often happens privately – through anonymous polling and private calculation process. Thus, give a way to questionable voting credibility.

Twibbonize offers you a different approach: instead of a private voting or message-based approach that might be rigged, why not do publicly conducted voting to ensure 100% trustworthy and community-based voting? Using photo frames to vote, you can achieve this result, while also providing a visual-based approach rather than traditional paper-polling. As photo frame is categorized as user-generated content – which comes in a package with social media content posting – you’d gain social mention and potentially public awareness too.

There’s no denying that using photo frame as a voting mechanism would be more complex than the usual voting, but do remember that Twibbonize offers a ton of simplification to ease the pain of creating and posting photo frame, as explained before. Plus, we do have some tips to further help you set a Twibbonize frame for voting needs:

  • Use the tags!

On any occasion, don’t forget to use all the tools social media provide including hashtags! Not only do hashtags help you compile all the relevant individual content and attribute to your brand presence, but it is also convenient to the voting calculation process later on. You can conveniently track the number of posts through hashtag mentions on social media analytics, or simply just check it directly through the social media platform. Keep in mind, though, in order for this little trick to work, you need to create an absolutely unique hashtag never been used by anyone before. Also, make sure the voters – your employees – are aware and willing to un-private their social media account, so to be able to count all the votes.

  • Utilize caption as a guide

Caption could be utilized to guide voters on the key elements they should express on their content. Don’t leave the caption blank just because you are using photo frame as a voting poll.

  • Attach the specific awarding sites (if any!) and other important information on the frame

The Trophy of Hard Work

What makes an achievement so precious to have?

Is it not because not everyone can own the title of “Best Employee in the year”? In fact, there is usually only one best person to receive such an award – and so, what a glorious and exclusive title it is to have. As it is only you who has such privilege, wouldn’t you be inclined to boast it out for the world to see? In other words, awarding is the right occasion to show off.

People love to talk about themselves. A study from Stanford mentioned that humans spend about 60% of their conversations talking about themselves, which escalate even further to 80% in the context of social media-based communication. Knowing this fact, why not just deliberately facilitate your employee to talk about themselves, and their achievement? Photo frame can be utilized as an exclusive user-generated content to support this need.

You can create a Twibbonize frame specifically for the employee to post on their own platform, independent from the content you shared on your brand’s social media platform regarding the award. The exclusive frame then serves as a tool for the achiever to boast of their achievement – be in the form of receiving a periodic award or being invited to an exclusive corporate awarding (or alternatively, attendance in an exclusive event hosted to congratulate achieved employee – a private concert for example). Since any achievement is considered as a good track record, the achiever would not hesitate to post as proof of their capability. Besides, any achievement, no matter big or small, is always worth being happy about, right?

Utilizing photo frame as user-generated content is also a potent tool of employer branding. Posting on their own platform, the employee has the freedom to share their side of the story, their impression of the workplace, and give the sense of full transparency which might not be obtained from the post on employer’s brand account. Although once again, don’t forget to include the specific award’s hashtag in the “campaign tag” part of your Twibbonize frame.


All kind of relationship, including that between a company and its internal stakeholder – the employees – should be nurtured. It requires effort and sincerity to reach the level where employee would sincerely give the best they had to offer because they feel appreciated. This whole guide, Twibbonize present you an alternative way to nurture your relationship by organizing an award for your employee. Hopefully, you found a piece of inspiration on how you could shape your employee recognition program, in order to nurture the relationship with them. May all of your efforts yield a positive outcome. Cheers!