For decades, direct sales business has been labeled as a bogus business opportunity thanks to all the infamous cases of scams in the form of often-unattainable business prospects and implausible-slash-exaggerated product efficacy. Albeit not every business that adopts direct sales as a promotional strategy does the same gig. In fact, there are many businesses with legit business prospects that nurture both their sales representative and buyers without a need for false advertising. Nevertheless, business is still perceived negatively in today’s society.

In the age where reputation matters, this problem should come to the attention of management. As the popular saying goes, “knowing is believing”, your audience won’t believe what they hadn’t known yet. That’s how important introducing the brand to a wide range of prospects is, not only via hard-selling, but also soft-selling.

Thankfully, we are now equipped with the oh-so-convenient social network to fix this problem. Every day, we connect with each other as well as share our perspectives in life on social media, which helps us to learn about each other better. As it does with personal life, social media is the right medium to consider if you are concerned about nurturing your brand presence, reputation, as well as community development. With social media, all these things are as easy as ever.

This guide is dedicated to corporate and team leaders who adopt direct sales methods as business strategy. By the end of this (not-so-long) read, you’ll understand how to:

  • Utilize Twibbonize’s feature to support your direct sales brand presence and day-to-day activities.
  • Find a new way to convey your warm gesture to the vast community.
  • Aaand hopefully, gain a creative insight.

Why Twibbonize?

The manifestation of Convenience

Twibbonize is an easy-to-use platform to create a personalized content template and share it to whoever you want to. For regularly conducted activities (say, welcoming new members or even congratulating a member of the direct sales network), this template would come in handy.

Lots of useful features.

Want to share the Twibbonize frame with many people? We have customized short links. We can fulfill your needs, you just have to utilize them.

Kill two birds with one stone

Twibbonize campaign could be utilized for various needs. From daily needs to more specific, campaign-based needs, Twibbonize frame could be used.

The thing is, Twibbonize frame comes with an often forgotten value – it is an user-generated content shared on personal social media platforms. With how easy sharing is in Twibbonize, you can reach much more people.

For direct sales business that is tightly connected with the network of representatives, this feature could be used to boost brand presence (and reputational value too, if used right) and promote the business in a large number of social platforms. Turn your daily activities like welcoming new members, awarding high-performing representatives, and many others to a marketing opportunity. Brand presence? check. Getting your job done? check.

The guide itself will be divided into two parts, focused on corporate needs and team leader needs.

For Corporate: What could be done?

Original? Or not?

With the rise of online shopping post-pandemic, lots of customer become more concerned of product’s originality. With lots of new sellers, it’s very confusing which one is selling the original equipment manufacturer product.

The fix? Easy, just equip your representatives with something to identify themselves as a member of the network. A badge, for instance. Or a Twibbonize frame.

With a verification badge, you can cut off those copycat easily. Whatever you decide to equip your seller with, it’s your call. But if you ever want to create one with a Twibbonize frame, know that you just need to visit our website!

Don’t forget to say “hi” to your newest community members!

Implementing direct selling for promotion is not enough, and neither does implementing a merit system is for retaining good team performance. To thrive, direct-sales businesses still needs the support of a good brand reputation as well as a supportive community. Hence, it’s also paramount for a direct sales business to make sure all members of the network had a sense of belonging.

When a new recruit joins, you can send them a Twibbonize frame as a welcoming gesture. This warm gesture would make them feel more confident & give a sense of belonging. You could also post the frame on the brand’s social platform to give that strong feeling of affiliation and acceptance to the new representative.

For Team Leaders – What to do?

We’re All in this Together

All brands need a supportive community to thrive. Even more so for brands that utilize a network-based selling approach. Selling is a tedious task to do – no doubt about it. Supports from the existing community would be very valuable for all members. As a team leader, you can appreciate your high-performing members by giving social recognition (plus an award, if you may)

Using Twibbonize, you can do this with a pre-made template. All you need to do is to insert the achieved member’s photo to the pre-made template on Twibbonize.

Invite new members to share their joy in becoming a part of the business!

As an experienced member of the business, new recruits would be likely to look up to you as an inspirational figure. So, you can encourage them to post the Twibbonize frame as an expression of excitement for joining the network (and other members to re-share the content). You can easily do this with Twibbonize – just share the campaign’s short link to the new member and ask them to post.

Sharing this kind of content would be a great opportunity to create more social mentions and promote your network on social media. Plus, there is a power in togetherness – If social movements can change the world, then bringing your community to be prideful as a member of the business can also change the society’s perception!

Some More Tips for You

  • No Empty Promises

Don’t make empty promises, both to potential sales rep and to your consumer. One of the reasons why public questions direct sales business is because of the infamous cases where sales representative and companies made misleading claims about earning potential and product effectiveness.

 ➡️ Always be honest of both the prospect and the challenge, remember to keep it in ground level, don’t lay it on thick!

  • Never Ignore the Hashtag

Pretty sure you’ve already heard this somewhere, but this little tool, namely the “#” is actually pretty useful if utilized right. Indeed, hashtag could be used to improve SEO, brand presence, and yada, yada, yada. But practically, this tool is very useful for customer who wants to look for specific content (or in the context of online shopping – specific seller or even product). So, do help your consumers to find suitable products and seller while also helping your representatives to find a consumer. It’s a win-win solution, really, so what are you waiting for?

  • Brand Value

Just like any other industry, your business needs a value that can differentiate you from competitors. Strong branding could amplify customer’s interest towards the product, as well as representative’s interest to join the network. Of course, building strong reputation would take time, consistency, and efforts to share the vision with all representative (plus facilitate them with required training). But strong brand equity would inspire customer and representatives alike to keep on coming back to you ~

  • Benefit of Joining (other than the obvious – good prospect and side income)

Joining a direct sales network is worrying for some. Not only because the bad stigma causes negative psychological impact (namely, doubt and presumption), to sell a product is not easy, even more so when you have to sell the product and invite new people to the network at the same time.

So, to erase the prospect’s doubt a little bit, do explain what kind of benefit will be given to assist them as a new representative. Training, for example. Knowing how to present well would be a good asset to have for a representative.

Also, here’s a little tip – as much as possible, offer the benefit without string attached. For example, the training will be free for members to join even if they are not performing well enough.

  • Think like your prospect

When listening to a sales pitch, what would you look forward to hearing?

A discount?

Or the product’s usability for you?

Either way, the most important question I’d like to ask is:

Would you buy a product that is not valuable, or lemme rephrase it to, not usable for you?

This question is what drives salespeople today to implement a new approach on their sales techniques, namely the infamous value-based selling. This approach focuses on offering the product’s value to prospects rather than lowering the price (a.k.a discount) or adding quantity (a.k.a alternative title to diiiissscouuuuntttttt). To implement this, sales had to practice listening to consumer’s complaints. The product is then proposed as a way to solve their pains.

Although, if the product doesn’t match consumer’s needs, never force selling it. Forcing a selling window, especially in a cold call would damage the brand’s name. Plus, in the age when people love to rant on social media, such an approach should be avoided.

Whether you are an executive looking for a new approach to supporting your direct sales business, or simply a member of the network, do remember and share this point. Because not gonna lie – the internet is full of complaints about sales representatives forcing disinterested prospects to take their products.

With Twibbonize, you can easily engage with both your network and consumers alike. So, if you ever want to, do not hesitate to contact us!