As a human being, we all know how essentially important it is for us to have a sense of belonging. We human, are social beings. It is considered a basic and fundamental need for us to be part of community, as it allows us to connect with people who share similar aspiration, to help us in reaching our further goals within a safe environment. Everyone needs to have a healthy support system. That is why our nature is to seek a community that has or adopts the same value and interest as us, so we can be a support towards one another.

By nature, community is usually formed based on a common value or interests that it’s member share among themselves. From certain type of hobby, principle of value that one believes, common politic background, belief, and the list could go on and on. Starting from several people to numerous amount of human being, one community’s size could be varied, depending on the community category itself. Regardless of the category details, it is one of community’s characteristics to have the capacity and ability to make a movement within our society. Depending on the current focus and goal that they have, a community would conduct a movement that is aligned and in accordance with their vision and mission. It could be about raising the awareness of the very issue that they are trying to sort out by their existence, or it could meant to enhance their community’s branding within the society, or even to educate their targeted audience about such relevant matters. Or perhaps, it could be as simple as to accommodate people within our society who share common value or interest as the community’s founder in the first place.

So, What Kind of Events Would A Community Usually Do?

If your events are opened for public, then this one is for you…

Depending on the community’s preference, the kind of activities or events that would be done by a community could be varied. Some events and activities are opened for public. So in this case, even if you are not a member of the community, you would be able to participate in the activities and events that are held by the community. For this type of event, an exposure would be required, as it could help viral up your upcoming activity and event towards your targeted audience effectively.

Some communities hold such casual events like talk show, group discussion, class program, that are opened for public (in other words, are opened for those who are outside of their community) to join in. Whether it is free of charge-event or not, in most cases, your participants would be required to register themselves at the beginning. This action would allow you to keep track of your audience’s enthusiasm towards your upcoming event or activity, while assessing the effectivity rate of your promotion effort along the way.

Twibbonize frame can be utilized as a sign of participation tool, which your participants can use to upload and boast about it in their social media. This would do your community’s branding a favor, as having your Twibbonize frame for your event spread around all over social media, can help raising your brand’s awareness and event’s awareness at the same time!

Okay.. so how does this work?

In your campaign page, we have provided a Shortened URL, that you can utilize, share, and broadcast for your audience to access towards your campaign page.

There are two possible ways of doing this.

  • Send separated email or text, to share your campaign’s link

    Upon completing the registration, assuming you would have your participant’s contact details (email or WhatsApp), you can share your campaign’s shortened URL link for them to access, download, and upload in their social media. Encourage them to boast about their participation proudly!

  • Enclose your campaign’s Shortened URL by the last section or page of your registration page or form.

    Shall you would prefer more convenient, this could be your option as you would not be required to take the time of sending separated notification about the Shortened URL, that could be done via email or even text.

Hashtag to the rescue!

For every event or activity that you plan to have, which you intend to use Twibbonize frame for it’s promotion purposes, don’t forget to choose a hashtag. By having your participants uploading your Twibbonize frame in their social media while including your chosen hashtag, would allow you to keep track your audience’ enthusiasm towards your event. In a way, you could tell easily how viral your event is going among the society, by doing a hashtag-search in the social media platform.

And to tell your audience to include your chosen hashtag when they upload your Twibbonize frame, you can highlight the instruction in the campaign description section.

Relevant Public Figure + Twibbonize = Bombing viral effect!

Yes, you read it right!

Another thing you can do in the efforts of maximizing your event’s viral potential, is by doing a collaboration with a relevant public figure or influencer. This will help a lot in giving your event an instant exposure, and you can easily reach towards bigger segment of market by doing this trick. Besides that, it will boost your value as a brand of community and your event as well.

Once your have chosen the relevant public figures, have them participate in your event promotion campaign and have it uploaded in their social media. This will increase people’s interest in joining along your events as well, as they are being encouraged to download and upload the Twibbonize frame, following the public figures’ footstep. In other words, letting some well known figures to be sort of-leading your Twibbonize-event promotion campaign, would be a great thing to do!

What happens when the events are not opened for public?

We understand that as a community, there may come a time when you would conduct an event or activity that is exclusively dedicated to your community’s members only. You may not want to promote the events to public, as you want the event details to remain private. However, it is not something rare for a community to still publish a content about their internal events, as it affects in building their branding in a way.

If you want to brag about the exclusivity of your community (and your internal activities or events), there are several things that you can do here. You can boast about your event and your participants altogether at once with Twibbonize.

Add Some Fun Element To Your Events, With Twibbonize!

When it comes to events, adding a fun-element is essential. It helps to increase your crowd’s engagement towards whatever it is that going on on the stage, and keeps them interested to stay focused. And of course, you can never go wrong with a little bit of fun right 😉

Creating a game or challenge for your participants to do during your event, is always a good idea to consider. However, instead of doing a regular game or challenge, why not take your fun-game to another level with Twibbonize? So you can have the fun, while getting such benefit in return, which is giving your event an exposure at the same time that will affect your event’s virality in a way.

Don’t know where to start? Here’s an idea for you to consider:

You can create a photo contest challenge, and have your participants access your Twibbonize frame on the site. The photo challenge can be about anything really. From a creative and fun self-photo contest, to anything that is somehow related with your community or event’s topic. In doing so, you can display the Shortened URL or for more convenience, you can opt for QR Code (using QR Code generator), for your participants to access towards your Twibbonize frame. Then, ask them to upload it in their social media while tagging your community’s account while doing so.

If your photo contest challenge might require such an effort and time to be prepared and completed, you can consider to give a deadline for it. Maybe few days after the event, or a week. That will buy them more time to prepare and come up with the best possible photo they can think of.

Following to our previous Twibbonize frame examples above, say, you are about to hold a Barista Training Workshop. You can challenge your participants to upload their funniest photo with coffee. This will encourage them to be creative while having such a fun time preparing their photo.

Or if you are coming from a car community, you can challenge your participants or members to be as creative and funny while uploading their most-LOL activity in the car that represents your community itself.