Anniversary is a joyous occasion. It allows us to be grateful for all the journey of the past year, all the bittersweet moments shared by all stakeholders, and all the accomplishments up until this moment. Putting together a company anniversary event can be a daunting task, but with a sprinkle of creativity and planning, celebrating your company’s special milestone can be fun for all involved.

Before ordering your wine and balloon, hear us out:

Anniversaries are more than opportunities to celebrate significant milestones or past year’s accomplishments—if properly taken advantage of, this little event can be the medium for all employees to pause and reflect on their journey with the organization and recognize their role in the development. Not only that, the anniversary would be the perfect opportunity of saying how successful and professional your business is, without saying it bluntly! After all, your company’s milestone is a result of years of dedication and hard work. This is the right time to take a look at all the accomplishments, celebrate what your community has achieved, and of course, show it off to everyone who missed the party!

Twibboniversary: Twibbonize’s Way of Celebrating Anniversary

As mentioned in the previous section, anniversaries in a business context aren’t the same ones as a child’s eagerness to celebrate their birthday. Business anniversary, in a way, is an opportunity to send a compelling message of professionalism and belongingness in your business’s environment – which, by the way, includes both internal and external parties concerned. The only problem is how far, and how wide of a reach you can send this message to.

And this is exactly where Twibbonize comes into the picture! No matter if you are a company celebrating birthday or an educational institution with Dies Natalis approaching, Twibbonize with its magnifying power can support you in sending a massive message to the public. In the form of user-generated content, Twibbonize helps you creating massive social mentions easily.

In this guide, we will focus on the engagement part of the party, to inspire you how to engage your community who stands with you through this year as well as interested external parties. This guide will be divided into 3 parts, each tailored specially to inspire companies, universities, and a general section usable to any organization celebrating their birthday. So, without further ado, here is Twibbonize’s encyclopedia of celebrating a-n-n-i-v-e-r-s-a-r-y.

The Recipe of a Happy A-n-n-i-v-e-r-s-a-r-y

Part 1: A General Idea for Every Organizations

A – All your hard work calls for a party!

What is an anniversary without parties and celebrations all around?

A party is – of course – the must-have(s) of every anniversary celebration, be it in the form of an exclusive gala dinner, conference, or just a simple virtual celebration to mark the accomplishment of the company and all stakeholders alike. One thing to note though, for any business anniversary event to be proper, it is essential to create an anniversary invitation that can tempt every personality in the industry to come and celebrate the success. After all, you’d want as many people as you can to join this big event (which happens to be the perfect moment to show off), right? You can, of course, do it the traditional way by sending an e-mail invitation or letter of invitation. Or, you can try something new using Twibbonize.

With Twibbonize, you can leave the old boring ways of inviting people via formal invitation, and choose a more personalized approach to the problem. As you utilize a photo frame of every invitee as an invitation, you indirectly tell them that you do recognize them as a part of your organization. Plus, if you choose to prompt your invitee to post this invitation on social media, you’d gain a social mention. This is what we call – killing two three birds with one stone – and here’s how you could do it:

N – Normal is Boring

Would a celebration be called a celebration without fun and games? Aside of throwing a formal anniversary party, it’d be great to have multiple other informal occasions! Activities such as games, competitions, or even a simple talent show help you relieve stress and provide a high amount of team activities at the same time!

There is a wide range of fun informal activities you can host, all depending on your industry and the theme of celebration you are hosting. Silly trivia, talent show, photo competition, color run, virtual scavenger hut – you name it. Whatever kind of event you have in your mind, you can use Twibbonize to bring this fun into social media.

With Twibbonize, you can massively share your hosted activities with a wide range of audiences. Think of us as a megaphone you can use to let a lot of people know how exciting your anniversary festivities are, and get them to perceive you as a fun place to be in. For a more detailed inspiration of how to utilize Twibbonize to host a giveaway, please refer to the giveaway guide.

N – Never forget to engrave your memories into the frame

Life is short but full of sweet moments. Moments like this, although transient, leave a joyful impression in our souls. We keep on missing these moments, as those moments give our soul peace and strength while we walk into the unknown future.

The longingness of those past moments is what makes some people love to record their life stories in the form of photographs. A photograph is like a pause button of life. It captures those small but precious moments in life, so you can reminisce about them whenever you wanted to.

Over the course of centuries, photography has evolved from just a traditional “click and print” into a craft enhanced digitally. This improvement offers us various approaches to capture moments not available to traditional photographs.

In the context of today’s anniversary, it is possible to celebrate it without having to meet physically. In this kind of situation, Twibbonize’s photo frame can be an efficient alternative to a photo booth and give the sense of “being in the same venue” often missing in virtual ceremonies, just like what a virtual background gives to virtual meetings.

I – Invitation to walk down the memory lane

What comes next right after you take a pic? Yep, scrolling through your gallery, making sure your face is acceptable. If you scrolled a bit more, though, you’d probably see those memories from the year behind engraved in the form of photographs, which brings you nostalgic feelings and re-live those memories.

Each year, organizations always look back at the performance of the previous years to measure success and make decisions about what to focus on next. However, it’s just as valuable to take the time to recall the meaningful history of your organization. Just like our self-reflection during birthdays and anniversaries, encourage employees to look back on what has worked well for your organization (and what didn’t), and incorporate those experiences and lessons learned into the plans for the future. Every organization had its own unique story behind today’s successes, and anniversary is the greatest timing to reflect back on the moments that shaped those accomplishments.

You can utilize Twibbonize Frame to encourage your community to post the most memorable thing on their journey with you. Alternatively, you can also ask them to post the silliest thing they have ever encountered as a part of your educational or business environment. After all, the best time to mortify our friend is right on their birthday, no?

Part 2: Company Anniversary

V – Very Glad to Have You

Anniversary, in a way, is also a celebration of past successes brought by all the hard work of every part of your company. Awarding employees means you acknowledge their hard work and value to your company. In addition, it’s important to also recognize them as the people who have made your success possible.

Awarding employees during anniversary period means you acknowledged that your business wouldn’t be where you are today without the hard-working, dedicated, and innovative people who work for your organization. Recognizing employee efforts signals to them that they are valued members of the organization and that the work they do makes an impact. This acknowledgment, in turn, has the power to yield positive benefits to the organization such as increased morale, satisfaction, and loyalty.

E – En Route to a Better Employer Branding

Celebrating your corporate anniversary is one of the better ways to communicate your experience and credibility without having to say “look how experienced and trustworthy we are”. So, be sure to talk about your anniversary event on various brand platforms, including on social media.

R – Raise Your Champagne

Aside from reminiscing about the past journey with the company, you can also encourage your employees to voice out their hope for the company’s future. Not only does this kind of question encourage employees to voice out their feedback and future aspiration, but it would also attribute to your transparency and openness to critics as an employer. Plus, who wouldn’t love to share their thoughts?

With Twibbonize, you can do this massively and easily. All you have to do is share the shortened URL with your employees and encourage them to post, and voila! You’d be able to prompt socially accessible employee feedback to your company which would attribute to both brand presence and employer branding.

Be warned tho, that there is always a possibility of things going south. To utilize Twibbonize frame this way, you need to have a tight-knitted business community, as user-generated content is not fully controllable content (a.k.a your community ends up talking of you in a bad light). Although, as Twibbonize Frame is shared in social media with all those hashtags and mentions, the chance of backlash is smaller as bad-mouthing their workplace publicly would affect the employee’s personal brand too. So, if you think it would be a good opportunity to engage your community this way, do visit our website and use Twibbonize to your heart’s content. Raise your champagne, and cheers for a better future!

S – Send a Little Commemorative Trinket

As this moment celebrates all the high and low of the past year, make sure to show your appreciation to every employee and partners for all their contributions. There are a number of ways to give recognition to supporting parties during an anniversary celebration. One of those is, giving away special merchandise to celebrate the company anniversary.

You might ask: How is this idea connected to utilizing Photo Frame?

Photo frame is one of the approaches you can take in sending appreciation gifts to your stakeholders. To prompt independent social mentions by your community, you can attach Twibbonize frame link in the thank you card sent to stakeholders.

This way, you could encourage your employees to vouch for you, while still giving freedom of choice to them whether they’d want to advocate for you or not. An organic social mention would boost your employer branding and help your brand to be perceived as an authentic brand.

Part 3 – University Anniversary

A – A celebration meant for every part of the institution

Who says Dies Natalis doesn’t include the institution’s staff? Educational institution could only perform well through the collective effort of all parties concerned, which includes lecturers, administrators, and every supporting party in the company. So, be sure to include them in the celebration, be it in the form of giving a specific commemorative event, special placard, or a simple statement of gratitude for having them as a part of your family.

You can use Twibbonize to create a personalized photo frame as a thank-you card. Sending a photo frame as a thank-you card would make your staff feel known and recognized as a part of your family.

Although this seems like a really painful endeavor with lots of workarounds, do remember that having your staff feel recognized will contribute to their sense of belonging, which in turn would contribute to their work efficiency too! Just as the saying goes: No pain, No Gain

R – Re-assert your community member’s identity

An educational institution is a home for various interests and goals, as it caters to a lot of different educational focuses and interests. Its only natural that such a diverse place would breed a lot of different groups and communities for the protégé to identify themselves as – whether it be as a part of certain major or certain student club activities.

During anniversary, you can cater to this need of self-identification in the form of community activity. Encourage students to express their identity in social media with a pre-made Twibbonize frame template. You can also use this as an occasion to promote your student club’s activities.

Y – You can also use it the traditional way

Aside from all the glitter and glam of anniversary party and all activities associated with it, you can also use photo frame to simply celebrate the “big day”. Simply create an anniversary-themed Twibbonize frame, and share it toevery part of the university. Below we provide a list of things to help you set up a perfect anniversary Twibbonize frame:


There’s always more than one approach to plan your perfect celebration. Hopefully, this guide would inspire you to create the right one for you. Happy planning and, happy anniversary!