It must have been something that we all came to agree and understand, that as time goes by, we are moving towards the digitalization direction. Not to mention, the pandemic factor had left us no choice but to adapt ourselves towards such way. The limitations which are occurred as the aftermath of the still-ongoing pandemic season, have somehow affected and changed our lifestyle and habit pattern, drastically, throughout the entire aspect of our lives.

One of the biggest change we have to embrace, is by getting ourselves used to the idea of meeting people virtually rather than in person. Just like people within their personal lives, businesses and corporations are also required to follow the same pattern. Working from home-policy had left businesses to adapt their meeting and event routines, to be digitized.

Up until today, many businesses are still in the midst of the adjusting-phase, towards this digitalization. We can see many corporates and businesses attempt many different and creative ways to maximizing their potential engagement towards their virtual events.

Why Should You Use Twibbonize For Your Virtual Events?

We believe, as the organizer, you would want your virtual event to run as successful as possible. In order to do that seamlessly, a thorough preparation is required to be done in advance. We understand that this preparation covers from A – Z’s aspect. From finding the right theme, speaker, promotion strategy, event schedule, and many more aspects that needed to be considered, discussed, and prepared.

While there are many way and method that you can do to maximizing your virtual event preparation, promote engagement before your event is an essential factor to be considered. Think about what are the ways you can do to ensure maximum attendance, or how can you enhance our society’s awareness towards your events. If there’s one area where virtual events excel over in-person ones, it’s that their potential reach is practically limitless. And for this matter, many people have acknowledge and are aware already of how social media can add such value in helping you to promote your virtual event. And just like you, we want your virtual events to go as smooth and well, as possible! Therefore, we are writing this article to let you know what Twibbonize can bring to the table, for your virtual events preparation.

Engage Us As Part Of Your Promotion Strategy

One of our main and core strength value lies on our capability to viral-up any campaign, in a convenient and practical way. In your campaign page, we have provided a shortened URL, for you to easily distribute and broadcast around towards your targeted audience. As this the link is easy to remembered, you can feature the link within your content as well, so people can take note and access it. You will be able to describe your virtual event details in the Campaign Description section, which will be showcased and located right above your Twibbon campaign.

Don’t forget to encourage your audience to upload the twibbon in their social media, and tag you in the post. This will give an opportunity to be engaged with your audience or customer, while giving you a direct exposure towards your event.

Here are several tips and tricks to utilize Twibbonize frame for promoting your virtual event:

  • Think about the right tagline, that could deliver the promotional intention you have in mind. You will want your participant to proudly admit the tagline you input. Let’s say, your Twibbonize frame tagline is “I am joining X’s Conference 20XX”, or could be anything else that could show the frame is for an upcoming event, in the near future.
  • Incorporate your corporate identity in the frame. Starting from your corporate color, logo, brand guideline, and many more. You will not want to miss out on the opportunity to having your brand be widely recognized while the Twibbon is being distributed and uploaded around in the social media.

  • Don’t forget to spare a decent size for the picture frame itself. For variation, you may want to consider providing different shape of picture cut-out within the Twibbonize frame itself, so your participants can choose their preferred frames.

Twibbonize For Your Participant. Because Why Not?

So we have gone through the explanation of how Twibbonize can be utilized for raising awareness of the society towards your upcoming virtual events. Now, we move on the our next point.

You know how in offline conferences or events, all participants would be given some kind of ID Card that could either be hung on the neck or hooked on the pocket, as a sign or participation? Unfortunately, implementing such idea upon virtual events can be a little bit tricky, as it could be challenging to convert hardcopy of participation sign, towards the digitized version.

With Twibbonize, you can do it just fine! You can email your participants the shortened URL, upon completing their registration, or few days prior to your virtual event. Then ask them to engage you in their social media, by uploading and tagging you in the post. This gives your the opportunity to be as interactive as you would like to be, with your participants candidate. And not just that, this action should give your candidate participants some kind of sense of “self-belonging” towards your event and your organization, when they upload this participation Twibbon in their social media, cheerfully and proudly!

So now, here goes some tips and tricks you can refer to, as to make the suitable Twibbonize frame for this purpose:

  • Just like the previous Twibbonize frames for promotion, you will need to think about the right tagline for this occasion. Choose a short sentence that would give your participants that proud feeling, of being part of your virtual events! So they can boast it in their social media, with such excitement!
  • You can leave a blank space in the frame, for your participants to fill in their name details or their origin details, or whatever kind of information you would like to have customized.

  • Let your Twibbonize frame represents your event and identity as an organizer. You can incorporate your brand guidelines element, or event your virtual event characteristic, into the frame. As this could help in enhancing your branding while being widely distributed among the social media.

Can all virtual events utilize Twibbonize?

The answer is YES. Definitely so!

We understand the diverse variant of virtual events you or your clients could have. What we presented to you above is something you can do and implement to any cases, regardless of which type of virtual event you’re about to have. From online conference and seminar (Webinar), fundraising purposes, or even hiring, many are the possibilities of reason behind your virtual event occurrence.

While you can refer to what we have stated above as your guide for your virtual event occasion, however, should you wish to explore more ideas in utilizing Twibbonize for such events, you can follow through the links to access our other related Guides, as follows below: