We all must have realized and acknowledged at some point of our lives, that we would not be where we are today, if it were not for the great and amazing figures who optimistically and tirelessly fought to complete such transformation, to make our world a better place. Whether it’s nationwide or international-wide, we can see how much has changed since the transformations of women’s right and female education, or even civil rights movement. Like it or not, these movements had led us to change our way to live, as our cultural norms and values shifted accordingly.

With that being said, social movement is not something we shall take lightly. For where our world will be in the next decade, could be determined from the type of social movement and transformation that are currently going on.

We believe that there is a far deeper reason behind every social movement that ever existed and currently exists in our world. Reasons that are more personal, and essentially important to our lives and to our world. And it has to be that important, that your client decided to come to you as an Agency for solution. As they would expect you, the expert of campaign, to be able to run their social campaign as smoothly and effective as possible.

This type of movement is as personal and important to your client, as it is for us.

People’s aspiration, opinion and concern, are something we take seriously, without a doubt. That’s why Twibbonize is there in the first place! But when it comes to social movement campaign that has such fundamental reasons and purposes, for the goodness of our world, it is something we find close to where our hearts stand as well.

As time goes by, we came to learn many are there social movement campaigns that exist and accommodated in Twibbonize. The diverse background of cause and purpose of the campaign, made us realize how widely complex social issues can be, and how many things are still yet to be recovered, fixed, and sorted within our society. While you are reading this, we wanted to take the time to thank you for your trust in us, by letting us be the platform for your social movement campaign. For us, it gives us the feeling of being a part of your positive movement, which we take great pleasure in it! And here, we wanted to let you know, that whatever the reason or purpose of your social movement campaign is, as long as it is for the good of our world, we here do stand by on the same value.

It’s Not Just Your Social Movement Campaign. Let’s Do It Together!

Despite of our differences as human, if there is one thing in common we all agree and live by, it would probably be the desire that we all have, for our world to be a better place. But we’re not gonna get to that result with minimum efforts. We are sure you must have realized by now, that it’s gonna take more efforts to turn any social media-base campaign, into a movement. Or a large movement, should you prefer. And in order to do that, there are several aspect you need to note and consider in advance, to ensure your clients’ campaign of success.

Your campaign needs to be viral enough, for it to be considered as a movement. And oftentimes, it is determined by how successful you are in enabling people to relate and empathise on a personal level. By exposing the reason behind your movement, will drive people who stand on the same value as you, to support your campaign. And for your campaign, to be viral effectively, you need to engage with as many people as possible. With us, you can do it easily!

Let Others Support Your Campaign By Sharing Their Stories, Using Twibbonize!

If you want to make a movement, a way you can do to engage your campaign supporters is by letting them be active in participating towards your campaign or movement. Having people share their experiences in regards to the related issue, is a good thing to practice, as to increase the possibility of your supporters feeling connected to one another. With Twibbonize, you can do it, digitally! So it’s going to be even more convenient. Here are some ideas we came up, for you to choose and follow for the importance of your client:

  • Using the power of social media, you can openly ask and encourage people to participate in your movement by downloading and uploading the Twibbon, while sharing their opinion or insight or even experiences, related to the issue you’re bringing up.
  • If you happen to have something you can give to your audience as a reward in return upon their active participation, you can make a challenge instead! This will give people something to look forward to, and drive them to participate in your movement. And the more people do it, the more exposure you get, and the more viral your movement will be! 

  • If you want the snow globe-effect, you can tag several people to start off with, and have them following your footstep. Or even better, you can also put a small section in the Twibbon as a space for you to tag those whom you dare to join in the movement by sharing their experiences or thoughts or insights, towards the relevant issue. That way, it maximizes your Twibbon’s potential of exposure, while giving you a chance to enlarge your audience segmentation as well. And plus, it will be fun! So, why not give it a go?

In doing these examples above, you can encourage your campaign supporters to engage you through social media platform. They can upload the twibbon in IG Story or even IG Feed, while sharing their experiences in the caption section, in writing form.

Why is this important?

As a professional consultant and expert in campaign field, we know how important it is for you to gather as many sample as possible, on the field. Doing this, won’t just allow as many people to participate which results in your campaign going viral, but also will give you some data for your further research in return.

Okay, So How Do I Do This Right?

Let’s start on some simple tips and tricks you can note, to make the proper Twibbon for your clients’ social campaign move.

  1. First and foremost, incorporate your brand guideline characteristic towards the Twibbonize frame. Starting from your corporate color, fonts for the writing, logo, and so on. You don’t want to miss out on the opportunity getting your brand widely recognized while the frame is going viral, right?
  2. Think of the right tagline, that could represent the movement or issue you’re currently working on through your campaign. Letting people understanding your movement at the first glance of the Twibbonize frame, will be the effective way to captivate as many supporters as possible. You don’t want to waste the first few golden seconds when people see your frame in social media, then carry on to something else just because your frame is not as informative. As most of people feel lazy enough to read long words, into your campaign description, therefore you need to let the visual (a.k.a the frame itself) do the talking.

Apart from preparing the right Twibbonize frame, here we want to highlight several important things as well for you to note, as to make your campaign going effectively.

1. Shortened URL

In your campaign page, right at the top of your frame position, we have provided a shortened URL for you to copy and share, that will direct people towards your campaign page. As it is short enough for people to memorize easily, you can also feature in your shortened URL details into your offline or even online content for marketing purposes. Or if you want people to access it easier, have it displayed in your social media bio is also worth to consider.

2. Hashtag, To The Rescue!

We all know that hashtag searching is one of the way you can do to keep track of how well your clients’ campaign are going, while evaluating the virality of the campaign as well. Therefore, think of the proper hashtag that you would like to feature along your campaign, and encourage people to use that chosen words of hashtag while uploading the frame in every social media platform. In doing that, you can utilize the campaign description. We have provided this section for you, so you can highlight anything you want to highlight in regards to the campaign itself. From the general information details of the campaign, how people can participate, what is the purpose or reason of the campaign itself, and so on. On this particular case, you can ask specifically for people to help and support your movement, by uploading the Twibbonize frame with the hashtag you want. It will work wonderfully in helping your campaign getting the exposure you desire.