In today’s era, Influencer Marketing has become something that is widely recognized by our society. It is well-known that by involving the suitable Influencers into your clients’ campaign, can really optimize the effectiveness level of how a campaign could go. Many big brands have achieved great success, using this marketing tactic.

We understand how highly important it is for you to always strive to work towards reaching the desired campaign goals of your clients. While no one can deny the importance of choosing the right and suitable influencers for your client’s campaign is an essential factor for all type of agency, however, it is the way you go about doing the campaign that could differentiate the end result. By combining the value of Influencer Marketing with Twibbonize properly, you could maximize your clients’ campaign distribution even more, in a much more convenient way!

If you happen to provide Influencer Marketing campaign services to your clients, then this article is definitely for you!

Adding Twibbonize Into Your Influencer Marketing Campaigns

One of our key value lies in our capability to make a campaign go more viral. If there is one common value that both Twibbonize and Influencers share, is our capability to move masses. In regards to the masses size and segmentation, we both have the right resource and ability to stir the masses. It’s just Influencers are more focused on carrying on the campaign, while Twibbonize’s focus is to simply provide the right and simple platform to accommodate any kind of campaign you might have.

Whether your clients’ goal is for brand awareness, boosting up sales, corporate branding, it would be a tragedy if you miss out on this wonderful opportunity to maximizing your clients’ campaign, by utilizing Twibbonize!

So, imagine adding Social Media Influencer and Twibbonize into the equation, you’ll be able to maximize your campaign’s potential exposure, in a simple, effective and convenient way! And to make it happen, we have provided several tips and tricks you can refer to as follows below.

What is Shortened URL for?

In your campaign page, we have displayed a shortened URL for you to utilize. You can copy and broadcast the link into your WhatsApp groups, or even have it featured in your Social Media bio. As it is a shortened version of your campaign URL, you can have it displayed within your offline or online marketing promotion content. From social media content feeds, banner, or even billboard, people will easily remember the link when they come across their path with it.

This shortened URL is meant for you to share and distribute to whom it may concern, so people can access and participate into your campaign. When they follow through the link, they will be directed to your campaign page, where there would be your campaign title and campaign description displayed. Within your campaign description, you can highlight on how people can participate and have it showcased in their social media.

Twibbonize For Your Clients’ Campaigns

As mentioned above, we’re pretty certain that by now, you have come to a general understanding about the value and contribution we can bring to you, by utilizing Twibbonize the right way.

It has come to our knowledge as well, that most marketing campaigns have common objective possibility. For brand or product awareness purpose, utilizing Twibbonize into your influencer marketing campaign, will give you the opportunity to maximize your campaign’s exposure, in such an easy way!

One of the factor that can help out your clients’ brand awareness, is by utilizing customers review as your promotion tool. It gives the advantage of this brand getting widely recognized among the targeted market segmentation. For this matter, you can even Twibbonize-up your product or service testimony template. Having it done by your Influencers, will easily attract people to participate in trying out your products or service, as more people take part in the Twibbonize Campaign by uploading your Twibbonize frame in their social media, upon trying out your product or services. This will surely give your brand the opportunity to reach bigger market in a more effective way, while giving you the benefit of gaining trust from your new potential customer.

Through this way, naturally, your clients’ sales would be affected too! We know that sales is a crucial factor of concern, when it comes to marketing campaign objective. While there are many great ways you can do and implement as a solution for your clients’ sales growth, we would not want you to miss out on reaching the advantage of Twibbonize to the fullest.

Want To Show An Appreciation Gesture Towards Your Influencer Partners, Why Not Do It With Us?

As an Agency, we understand that the need of maintaining relationship with your existing partner (Influencers) is something as important, as maintaining such good relationship with your clients.

As a company ourselves, we understand the need and importance of keeping good relationship with business partner is something essential to the business. Hence, it is no wonder for corporates to go a long way in the attempt of making their partners feeling appreciated.

While there are various method of doing it wonderfully, utilizing Twibbonize for this particular purpose can be presented as a convenient and simple alternative of showing your appreciation gesture towards your influencers. In doing this, you can select one or some particular Influencers, whom you want to boast your appreciation towards to. You can personalize the Twibbonize frame in accordance with your influencers’ characteristic and your corporate branding as well, as it allows you to give more personal touch and meaning upon your gesture. In a way, this method would help in boosting and enhancing both of your branding value and the influencers themselves.

Okay, so now how do we make good Twibbonize frame?

Let your frame represent who you are, and what you are, and what you want.

In order for you to experience the outcome of one of Twibbonize campaign key function, which is to help in boosting brand awareness, as a first and foremost step, you will need to prepare the suitable frame template, that would represent your identity as a company. In order for the campaign to be able to speak for itself, you will need to incorporate your corporate color, campaign objective characteristic, and even your corporate identity. And don’t forget to input your logo as well.

You could not do it that way too, but you would lose the opportunity of getting your brand to be widely recognized when the frame is massively distributed and showcased in social media later on.